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Daniel G GREEN

Daniel G GREEN6,2,3,7,4,8

also known as Daniel Redric GREEN1

1st Apr 18721,2,3,4 - about 19435

Life History

1st Apr 1872

Born in Indian Territory.1,2,3,4

about 1907

Married Sarah F POWELL in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.8

19th Aug 1913

Birth of son Julius H L GREEN in Oklahoma.3,9,10,11,12

after 1930

Death of Sarah F POWELL in Love County, Oklahoma.3

about 1943

Died in Oklahoma.5


  • Most genealogies of this family lack this person.  He appears underthe name Daniel Redric Green in only in a few genealogies, and they donot document this person from other sources.  Note that this middlename appears to be a form of the first name of Fannie and DanielDavid's first son Reddick (Redie) Jackson Green.  In several sourceshe is David G Green, but no source has been found to explain what namethe G stands for.

    No son named Daniel is reported by the well-documented and detailedChickasaw History I cite in this genealogy for many details of theColbert Chickasaw family.  I do not find any Daniel Redric in anycensuses.  I have listed the person as Daniel G Green, based ondocumentation I discovered in September 2010.  (See further notesbelow.)

    Birth in genealogies reporting two brothers, birth dates are forReddick Jackson as about 1869 and for Daniel Redric as 1 April 1872.The Chickasaw history reports a birth date for Reddick Jackson asabout 1871.  The 1900 census reports Reddick's birthday as February1869.

    One genealogy (Powell family of Reddick's daughter Myrtle Emma GreenPowell) reports Reddick's birth as in 1872, matching the year reportedby a couple of others for the child named Daniel.  The 1900 census forFrances Colbert East reports her son Dan was born in April 1872, whichis close to the birth date on Reddick's grave marker 7 Feb 1872.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 1 June,Township 8, South Range 1 East, District 151, page 1A, Hse #2
    East, Francis J  Head Indian Female Aug 1844  55 Widow  Ind TerritoryMississippi Mississippi Farmer  Owns Farm  Can read and write
    Adams, Oliver L  Son Indian Male Dec 1881  18 Single Ind TerritoryTexas Ind Territory Farm Laborer  Cannot read and write
    Green, Dan  Son Indian Male April 1872  28 Widow  Ind TerritoryGeorgia Ind Territory Farm Laborer  Cannot read and write

    One genealogy reports that Daniel Redric married a Sarah Powell in1907, and they had a son named Julius, born in 1914.  This matches ourDaniel G Green, who did indeed marry Sarah F Powell.

    Daniel Redric Green
    Born 1 Apr 1872 Indian Territory
    Died abt 1943 Indian Territory
    Spouse Sarah F Powell
    Born Jun 1879 in Arkansas
    Died Unknown
    Marriage abt 1907
    Son Julius H Green M born abt 1914 in Oklahoma
    --  http://trees.ancestry.com/owt/person.aspx?pid=89844632

    This genealogy appears to have confused Daniel and his brother ReddickJackson.  Reddick appears to be the older and is reported in somesources to have been born in 1869 (before his parents' marriage).  Thedate of birth on Reddick's grave, however, is 7 Feb 1872.  But thisconflicts with Daniel's reported birth in April 1872.  There isanother conflict, since the reported marriage of Reddick's parents wasin October 1871.  They may have been married in a Chickasaw ceremonyearlier.

    The Powell genealogy reports a Julius (Andrew Julius Powell) as thehusband of Reddick's sister Myrtle.  They had one son named DanielRedrek Powell.  The censuses below indicate that Julius Powell wasSarah Powell's brother, and would explain why Daniel and Sarah namedtheir son Julius.
    --  Powell Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/12163053/family

    These similarities seem to support the idea of confusion of names ofFannie's children. On the other hand, Myrtle's naming one son DanielRedrek could indicate she is naming him after both brothers.

    The Chickasaw History reports the second son as simply Daniel, butestimates a later birth year than that reported by the familygenealogies.  Ages in censuses vary:
    "Daniel Green (#26910) was born in IT circa 1874. Daniel enrolled inMarietta, Pickens Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT for the Dawes ChickasawRoll on 3 OCT 1898 and appears on Dawes card number 1615."
    --  Chickasaw History, Francis Colbert,http://www.chickasawhistory.com/colbert/i0026899.htm#i26899

    Another Powell genealogy I found in September 2010 also hasinformation on Sarah Powell as the wife of Daniel Redric Green.  Butno documentation or sourcing information is provided in thisgenealogy.  Dan's older brother's name was Redrick Green.

    Sarah F. Powell
    Birth JUN 1879 in Arkansas Death ?
    Parents Ambrose Powell 1840-1929
    Minerva R. Foster 1844-1925
    Spouse Daniel Redric Green 1872-1943
    --  Powell, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/14599074/person/131623046

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914, www.ancestry.com
    Chickasaw Nation, Marietta, Census Field #1615, 25 Sep 1898, AllEnrolled 1896 Pickens Co, p 26 (updates through 1902)
    1 Dawes' Roll #4315, Frances East, Age 67, Birth Abt 1831, 1/2Chickasaw, Father David Colbert Dead Chickasaw, Mother Mamie ColbertDead Chickasaw
    No 1 on Chickasaw Roll as Francis East
    Nos 1,2 & 3 origially enrolled on Choctaw card # 336 and transferredot this card Oct 13, 1902
    2 Dawes' Roll #4316, Daniel Green, Age 24, Birth Abt 1874, 1/4Chickasaw, 26 Father Daniel Green Dead Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    3 Dawes' Roll #4317, Charles Adams, Age 18, Birth Abt 1880, 1/4Chickasaw, Father Charles Adams ---- Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    4 Dawes' Roll #648, Theophilus East, Age 50, Birth Abt 1848,Intermarried White, Father Alvis H East Dead Non-Citizen, Mother JaneEast Dead Non-Citizen
    No 4 Enrolled by Department 1907, Transferred from Chickasaw Card NoC-209
    Nos 1,2 & 3 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior Mar 6,1903
    No 4 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior Mar 4, 1907

    Daniel was listed in the 1902 Indian Census, in the household of hismother Frances East.

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914, www.ancestry.com
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4315, Census Card #1615
    Frances East, Age 71, Birth Abt 1831
    Dawes' Roll #4316, Census Card #1615
    Daniel Green, Age 28, Birth Abt 1874
    Dawes' Roll #4317, Census Card #1615
    Charles Adams, Age 22, Birth Abt 1880
    Tribal Affiliation Chickasaw By Blood

    Daniel is in his mother's hosuehold listed on the Chickasaw final rollof citizens by blood.  Next door is his sister Minnie Lee Thompson andnext to her is their half-brother William Hunter Cochran.

    Chickasaw Roll, Citizens By Blood 1903
    Roll #4315  East, Frances 71 F  1/2  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4316  Green, Daniel 26 M  1/4  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4317  Adams, Charles 22 M  1/4  Census Card #1615

    Roll #4318 Thompson, Minnie Lee 28 F  1/4  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4319 Thompson, Mamie Frances 11 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4320 Thompson, Robert Lee 9 M  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4321 Thompson, Emma Augusta 5 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4322 Thompson, Jessie May 3 F  1/8  Census Card #1616

    Roll #4323 Chochran, William Hunter 34 M  1/4  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4324 Chochran, Willie 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4325 Chochran, Vertis 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4326 Chochran, Samuel T 2 M  1/8  Census Card #1617

    Several documents have become available from the ever-growing digitallibrary of Ancestry.com, and these have his name as Daniel G Green.One is a postal registered letter receipt dated in May 1907.  InNovember that year, Indian Territory became part of the new State ofOklahoma.  It was sent from Muskogee, Indian Territory (seat of theCreek Nation with a large white settlement.  He received it at theMarietta, Indian Territory, Post Office.  This is near the Texasborder.  Marietta is in what became Love County, Oklahoma.

    Registry Return Receipt
    From Postmaster at Marietta IT
    Registered Letter  #41944 Issued Muskogee, Indian Territory
    Addressed to Daniel G Green (signed)
    4 May 1907
    Agent M G Norvell
    Chickasaw Roll #4316

    I found some census entries that appear to match Daniel, with a wifename Sarah F.  The 1910 and 1930 census has David G, indicating adifferent name from that of Redric reported by the series ofundocumented genealogies that appear to be copying each other.  Someof these also have mixed various random records for other individualswith the name Green so that they report various members of our familydying in Maine.  One of these careless coompilaitons even reports thisDaniel as born in Maine!  It is ludicrous to think that any of ourGreen family was ever in Maine.  I wrote two or three times to thecompiler of the first such genealogy, and never received anacknowledgment.

    In the 1910 census, Daniel and Sarah are in Washington Township ofLove County, Oklahoma, the right place for this family.  Both Daniel(D G) and his wife Sarah are reported as White.  But in 1930, Danielis an Indian, as well as his son.  Interestingly also, this isreported as the second marriage for both Daniel and Sarah.  To confirmthe identity of the family, we find Sarah Powell's parents in thehousehold.  I find that for Sarah's father, the enumerator says thisis also his 2nd marriage, but Ambrose and Minerva have been married 44years.

    1910 Federal Census, Love County, Oklahoma, 5 May, WashingtonTownship, District 171, page 17A, Hse/Fam #314
    Green, D G Head M W 40 Marriage 2 Married 3 years [mar abt 1907] OK USUS Farmer Owns Farm [b abt 1870]
    Green, Sarah Wife F W 28 Marriage 2 Married 3 years AR AR TN NoOccupation [b abt 1882]
    Powell, A Father-in-Law M W 70 Marriage 2 Married 44 years TN TN TNOwn Account [b abt 1840]
    Powell, Manervia Mother-in-Law F W 67 Marriage 1 Married 44 years [marabt 1866] TN US US No Occupation [b abt 1843]

    Daniel's age here is greater than we expect from the birth datereported in family genealogies, 1 April 1872.  A typical variation incensus ages.

    By the 1930 census, they are living in farther east in McCurtainCounty, near Broken Bow, in the Washita Mountains.  Genealogies tellus that Sarah's father died in this area.

    1930 Federal Census, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, 17 April, EagleTownship, near Broken Bow, District 3, page 15B, Hse #312, Fam #324
    Green, Daniel G  Head Rents $12.50 M Indian 63 First Married at age 20Okla  Mixed Blood  Chickasaw Farmer Owns [b abt 1867]
    Green, Sarah F Wife F W 56 First Married at age 20 AR AR TN
    Green, Julius H Son M Indian 16 Single Okla Father: Mixed BloodMother: Chickasaw  Laborer, Odd Jobs
    Winton, Edith Niece  F W 15 Single Okla Texas Arkansas Washes Dishes,Cafe
    Winton, Ruth Niece  F W 12 Single Okla Texas Arkansas

    Daniel is reported as an Indian.  His father is Mixed Blood and hismother Chickasaw (in place of a place of birth).  This is the firstreport I have seen that reports Daniel David Green as part Indian.This would mean that Talitha and Jackson and other siblings alsopassed on their Chickasaw blood, but I have not heard or seen anyfamily evidence or records of this.  What we know indicates the Greenlineage comes from Cherokee.  But they did not overtly maintain thisidentity; this was not part of the common family oral history.  Ithink this is an enumerator error.

    My research indicated that farther back we have Eastern Cherokee inthe Green line, from Meshack's wife Lucretia, and possibly other Greensources.  This is uncertain.  But in the 1850 and 1960 censuses whereI had records for Daniel David, race was not reported.  Daniel DavidGreen died in 1878, and I have found no census for this family in1870.  No censuses were taken in Indian Territory until 1890 forOklahoma Territory and 1900 for Indian Territory.

    In December 2012 I found the 1940 census for Daniel's niece MyrtleEmma Green and her husband Andrew J Powell. In their household isreported a Daniel Green, age 72 (born about 1868).  We would expectDaniel to be about 68 years old in 1940.  The age of 72 matchesDaniel's older brother, Myrtle's father Reddick Jackson Green, but heis reported as Andy Powell's brother-in-law.  Daniel married AndrewPowell's sister Sarah and he is also Myrtle's uncle.

    1940 Federal Census, Bowie County, Texas, 9 April, Justice Precinct 3,District 19-25, page 5B, Spring Hill & River Rd, Hse #93, Rents $2
    Powell, Andy J  Head M W 50 Grade 2 b Arkansas Rural Bowie County in1935 Farmer
    Powell, Myrtle Wife F W 48 Grade 4 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935
    Powell, William B Son M W 23 Grade 2 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 Farm Laborer
    Powell, Melvin D Son M W 21 Grade 2 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 Farm Laborer
    Powell, Julious Son M W 16 Grade 7 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 No Occup
    Powell, Wanda Sue Dau F W 12 Grade 3 b Oklahoma Rural Bowie County in1935 No Occup
    Green, Daniel Brother-in-Law [also Uncle-in-Law] M W 72 Grade 0 bOklahoma Rural Bowie County in 1935 No Occup [b abt 1968]


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