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Marinda Jane GAINES1

14th Jan 18131 - 13th Feb 18881

Life History

14th Jan 1813

Born in Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina.1

Feb 1888

Buried in Sharon Methodist Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina.1

13th Feb 1888

Died in Anderson County, South Carolina.1


  • One source reports Marinda Jane and sister Matilda as twins, with thebirth date shown here for Marinda, 14 Jan 1813.  But another sourceshows them with separate birth dates, with the date I have here shownfor Matilda, and only the year 1825 shown for Marinda Jane.  Neitherfurther documents their sources for the dates.  The source for burialinformation reports the church as Sharon Methodist, and the place asAnderson County.  But reports of burial by other sources for othermembers of the family in Sharon Methodist Cemetery, report it as inCentral, Pickens County, South Carolina.  Either this source got thelocation wrong, or there are more than one Sharon Methodist Churchcemeteries.  It appears after searching various sources, with noreference found yet for the actual county line, that the cemetery isactually in Anderson County.  It is a few miles east of Central(supposedly in Pickens County), and about the same distance north ofPendleton (in Anderson County), and about double that distance southof the town of Pickens (also in Pickens County).


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