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George Bartley CHRISTIAN1,4,6,7,2,3,8

10th Jun 18586 - 8th Jun 19045,2

Life History

about 1855

Born in Mississippi.6

(less likely)

10th Jun 1858

Born in Jackson County, Mississippi.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

1st Feb 1879

Married Mary Frances BELL in Cass County, Texas.8,4

Mar 1880

Birth of son Howard Samuel CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.3,9,2,10,4,11,12

3rd Dec 1883

Birth of daughter Emma J CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.2

27th Dec 1885

Birth of son Clyde Henry CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.13,14,2

22nd May 1888

Death of daughter Emma J CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.2

23rd May 1888

Birth of son George Carl CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.3,13,15,2,16,17

10th Nov 1890

Birth of son J Thomas CHRISTIAN in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.3,15,18,13,19,2,20,21

24th Apr 1893

Birth of son Ruby Lee CHRISTIAN in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.22,23,24,25,18

28th Jul 1896

Birth of daughter Sybil CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.25,13,26,27

22nd Jun 1899

Birth of son John William Clemeit CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.3,9,25,10,18,15

about 1903

Birth of daughter Mary Odessa CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.9,25

8th Jun 1904

Died in Cass County, Texas.5,2

9th Jun 1904

Buried in Bell Cemetery, Cass County, Texas.2


  • Bartley is one of at least three individuals by this name in thisChristian lineage.

    "My great-grandfather was George Bartley Christian; his father wasWilliam Peter Christian. Peter married Susan Turner, who is believedto be Zene Turner's daughter."
    --  Roberta Watson Richardson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 10September 2013

    His name appears as Bartlett in the 1860 census.  Bartlett wasrecorded as age 5 in 1860 (Calhoun Mississippi), but age 11 in 1870(Titus County, Texas)!  The same occurred with his uncle (if a youngbrother of stepmother Polly/Mary Waldon Christian) who is likewise 5years old in 1860 but 11 in 1870!

    Because of this discrepancy I do not know from these two censuswhether the birth year was 1855 (1860 census) or 1859 (1870 census).The 1880 census splits the difference at age 23, making birth about1857.  A similar discrepancy occurs with Polly's son Henry, reportedas 5 years old in 1870 but 13 in 1880.

    It seems a family could not make a mistake of mistaking a 1-year oldfor a 5-year-old!  This leads me to favor the older birth, even thoughages reported in later censuses are more consistent with the laterbirth.  The 1880 age is likely more accurate.  This could be arepeated error that developed from an earlier "decision" about the ageto report for Bart.  This happens a lot in the censuses of this era.

    1860 Federal Census, Calhoun County, Mississippi, 25 September, CherryHill, page 163, Hse #1140, Fam #1156
    Peter Christian 45 M Farmer England
    Mary [Waldon] Christian 25 F  Ala
    Bartey Christian M 5 Miss [mis-write for Bartley?] [b abt 1855]

    1870 Federal Census, Titus County, Texas 6 August, Mt Pleasant, page161, Hse/Fam #1120
    Peter Christian 56 M W Farmer England
    Bartey (mis-write for Bartley?] Christian 11 M W Mississippi [b abt1859]

    In 1880, there is another Christian family 2 houses down from Bart.  AGain (Zene) P Christian is the same age as Bart, 23.  Hischaracteristics are close to those for Daniel in other reports.  Bothhe and Bart were born in Mississippi.  The father of both was born inEngland, which makes it seem that both Gain and Bart are sons ofPeter.

    The mother of Bart was born in Mississippi, and the mother of Gain[Zene] in Alabama, which would match Polly, his step-mother.  Themother's birthplace is reported as Alabama in other censuses forWilliam.  But there is no child in 1860 that would match Gain's age.Consistent with these lively age variations,  between the 1860 and1870 censuses, there is only a 4-year difference in the age reportedfor Daniel, from 8 to 12!

    And it appears on final analysis that Daniel and Bartlett were bornonly one year apart, as recorded in 1870:  Daniel age 11 and Danielage 12.  "Gain" is likely a mis-write for Zene.  This would notexplain the initial P in Gain P.  Are these anomalies just a series ofenumerator errors, like we often find?

    In 1880 Bart is married and maintaining his own household on a farm inCass County, Texas, near brothers Zene and Willie.

    1880 Census, Cass County, Texas, 10 July, Precinct 3, page 59, Hse/Fam#559
    Christian, Bart  W M 23 Farmer MS England MS [b abt 1857]
    Christian, Francis [Frances?]  W F 18 Wife  Keeps House  SC SC SC
    Christian, Samuel  W M 3 months, born in Feb 1880 (census date wasJune) Son TX MS SC
    Christian, Peter  W M 9 Brother TX England MS

    It appears the latter is a brother born to William Peter and Pollyafter Henry.  I had missed this child in earlier summary checks on thecensus, and found him only when going through the family units indetail to enter the census detail for each family.  At age 9 in theJune census report, he has had his 9th birthday in the first 6 monthsof 1880.  This means he would have been born no later than September1870.

    This also indicates that both their parents have died before the 1880census.  Brothers Henry and Peter are living with married brothers.We have a date of death for William Peter, but lacked one up to thispoint for Polly.  I can say that Polly died at some time betweenSeptember 1870 and 1871.  Peter married Elizabeth Long about 1872.

    1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 9 June, Precinct 3, District22, page 8B,  Hse/Fam #135
    Christian, George D [should be B for Bartley] Head  W M July 1853 46Married 22 years MS England Ala Farmer Owns
    Christian, Mary Wife W F Apr 1863 37 Married 22 yrs 9 children/8living GA GA GA
    Christian, Howard Son W M Mch 1880 20 Single Farm Laborer TX MS GA
    Christian, Clyde Son W M Dec 1886 13 Single Farm Laborer TX MS GA
    Christian, Carl Son W M Oct 1888 11 At School TX MS GA
    Christian, Thomas Son W M Oct 1890 9 TX MS GA
    Christian, Reuben Son W M Sept 1892 7 TX MS GA
    Christian, Siver [Sybil] Dau W F May 1895  5 Single TX MS GA
    Christian, John Son W M June 1899  1 Single TX MS GA

    The child reported as "Siver" is reported in the 1910 census as Sybil. Also reported in 1910 is Ruby, who appears in all the genealogies,where Sybil is missing from those I have seen.  Ruby is reported asRuby Lee in the genealogies.  He age of 17 in 1910 indicates she wasborn about 1893.  "Siver" was reported born in May 1895 and 5 yearsold.  But in 1910 Sybil is reported as age 13, which would make birthabout 1897 or 12896.  Not too far off for even year age reports.  Thephonetic similarity of Siver and Sybil indicate that Sybil is thedaughter being reported in the 1900 census.

    Ruby continues showing up as Ruby Watson in 1920 and 1930, when hermother and most siblings are also in the Phoenix area.  In 1930 MaryFrances is in Ruby Watson's household.  It seems clear that Ruby wassimply left out in the enumerator's entries in the 1900 census."Siver" was Sybil as properly named in the 1910 census.

    George Bartley died in 1904.

    George Bartley Christian
    Birth Jun. 10, 1858 Jackson County, Mississippi
    Death Jun. 9, 1904 Cass County, Texas
    Wife: Mary Frances (Bell) Christian
    Daughter Emma J. Christian (1883 - 1888)
    Burial Bell Cemetery, Cass County, Texas
    Created by G B Jul 15, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #93607193,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=93607193


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