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Martha Brissell WILLIAMS1,4,5,2,3,3

also known as Martha B Williams

17261,2,3 - 18081,4

Life History


Born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.1,2,3

9th Jan 1746

Married Abraham HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.2,4

A public record compilation reports that Martha married Abraham Hortonon 9 January 1745.  The date I have commonly seen in genealogies is 9January 1746.

Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Martha B Williams
Spouse: Abraham Horton
Parents: James Williams, Priscilla Roberts
Birth 1726 Bucks County, PA
Marriage 9 Jan 1745 Bucks County, PA Chester Co
Death 1808 Tom S Creek, Surry Co, NC

about 1748

Birth of son John Brissell HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.6,3

about 1750

Birth of son Daniel Brissell HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.7,8

3rd Sep 1752

Birth of son William Brissell HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.9

about 1754

Birth of son Isaac HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.10,11

27th Mar 1755

Birth of son James Brissell HORTON in Stokes County, North Carolina.12,8

9th May 1759

Birth of son Abraham Brissell HORTON in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.4,13,3,8

about 1760

Birth of daughter Priscilla HORTON in Surry County, North Carolina.4

about 1762

Birth of son Joseph HORTON in Surry County, North Carolina.8

Feb 1782

Death of son James Brissell HORTON in Chillicothe, Ohio.12


Death of daughter Priscilla HORTON.4


Died in Tom's Creek, Surry, North Carolina.1,4


  • Family Data Collection - Births
    Martha B Williams
    Father James Williams
    Mother Priscilla Roberts
    Birth 1726 Bucks, PA

    Martha Brissell
    Birth 1726 in Bucks County, Pa, Death Unknown
    Marriage 9 Jan 1746 Bucks County, Pa to Abraham Horton
    Birth 1722 in Bucks County, Pa
    Death 1816-01-01 in Bucks County, Pa
    Son John Brissell Horton 1748 - 1827
    --  Bob McIvor,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5766647/person/-1398858343

    In the marriage record of her son Abraham, his mother is referred toas Martha B Williams.  This is the only information I have that Marthawas married before marrying Abraham Horton.  I later found onegenealogy reporting her as Martha Williams Brissell, which mightindicate her maiden name was Williams and her first married nameBrissell.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Abraham Horton
    Spouse Adythia Clark
    Parents Abraham Horton, Martha B Williams
    Birth 9 May 1759 Bucks Co, PA
    Marriage 28 Dec 1777 Chatham Co, NC
    Death 11 Dec 1842 Lawrence Co, AL

    Some records report her last name as Williams.  Rather than a marriedname, this is a maiden name, with the names of her parents given.This B may be for an unrelated middle name, but best fits with Brisellas the middle name. I have found no evidence no time frame that shemarried a Brissell first before marrying Abraham Horton.  Genealogiesthat have her parents Martha name them James Williams and PriscillaRoberts.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Martha B Williams
    Spouse Abraham Horton
    Parents James Williams, Priscilla Roberts
    Birth 1726 Bucks County, PA
    Marriage 9 Jan 1745 Bucks County, PA Chester Co
    Death 1808 Tom S Creek, Surry Co, NC

    Likewise in her daughter Priscilla's information, the mother isidentified as Martha B Williams.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Priscilla Horton
    Spouse: William Beals
    Parents: Abraham Horton, Martha B Williams
    Birth 1760 PA Or Surry Co, Bucks Co, NC
    Marriage 14 May 1777 Surry Co
    Death Date: 1783

    Another genealogy, which draws upon two published books on theHortons, gives Martha's maiden name as Martha Brissell Williams.  Herparents in this compilation match those in the Family Data Collectionreports above.  It would seem from the dates and the facts in thevarious early sources, that Brissell was Martha's middle name, not herlast name or a first married name.  The two sources are Bolt Americanby Nina Leona Bolt Martin, and The Horton Connection by Arnold HortonWilson.  The following records are reproduced from the Grigg-Fuhrimangenealogy at the specific addresses given below each couple.

    Abraham HORTON was born in 1722 in Springfield, Hampden, MA. He diedon 16 Jan 1816 in Westfield, Surry, NC. He was buried in 1816 in Tom'sCreek, Surry, North Carolina. He married Martha Brissell WILLIAMS on 9Jan 1746 in , Bucks, PA.
    Martha Brissell WILLIAMS was born in 1726 in , Bucks, PA. She died in1808 in Tom's Creek, Surry, NC. She was buried in 1808 in Tom's Creek,Surry, North Carolina.
    --  Grigg-Fuhriman,http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~griggandfuhriman/griggandf/pafg16.htm#18573

    James WILLIAMS was born 1 in 1705 in , Philadelphia, PA. He marriedPriscilla ROBERTS about 1725 in Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Spouse:  Priscilla ROBERTS was born about 1707 in Of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
    --  Grigg-Fuhriman,http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~griggandfuhriman/griggandf/pafg22.htm#18574

    James' Parents:
    James WILLIAMS was born about 1675 in Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.He died in 1707 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He married Jane or AnnLEWIS in 1699 in Montgomery, Chester, PA.
    Spouse:  Jane or Ann LEWIS was born 1 about 1680 in Of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
    --  Grigg-Fuhriman,http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~griggandfuhriman/griggandf/pafg30.htm#18576

    Priscilla's Parents:
    Roland or Rowland ROBERTS was born in 1685 in Penllyn, Merion, Wales.He died on 22 Jul 1749 in Gwynedd Twp., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hemarried Ann BENNETT in 1719.
    Spouse:  Ann BENNETT was born about 1688 in Of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
    --  Grigg-Fuhriman,http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~griggandfuhriman/griggandf/pafg30.htm#18578


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