Richard Lord Of Arundel FITZALAN Eleanor FITZALAN Alice FITZALAN Richard 9th Lord Of Arundel & Warenne and 7th Earl of Surrey FITZALAN Aleyne FITZALAN Alice DE WARREN Margaret FITZALAN Alisona DE SALUZZA Mini tree diagram

Edmund 8th Lord of Arundel FITZALAN5,2,6

also known as Edmund FITZALAN4

also known as 8th Earl Of Arundel Edmund FITZALAN3

also known as Earl Of Arundel Edmund FITZALAN2

1st May 12852 - 17th Nov 13262

Life History

about 1270

Born in Arundel, Sussex, England.3

(less likely)

1st May 1273

Born in Castle, Marlborough, Sussex, England.4

(less likely)

1st May 1285

Born in Arundel, West Sussex, England.1

(most likely)

1st May 1285

Born in Surrey, England.2

(less likely)


Married Alice DE WARREN in Arundel, Sussex, England

about 1310

Birth of daughter Alice FITZALAN in Arundel, West Sussex, England.4

about 1313

Birth of son Richard 9th Lord Of Arundel & Warenne and 7th Earl of Surrey FITZALAN in Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, England.4,3


Birth of daughter Aleyne FITZALAN in Arundel, West Sussex, England.4

17th Nov 1326

Died in Hereford, Worcestershire, England.2


Other facts


CauseOfDeath: Beheading


  • There are some uncertainties about the father of Edmund.  Some genealogies report that he is the son of John b 1246 and Isabella Mortimer.  Others report his parents to be Richard b 1266/67 and Alisona/Alasia De Saluzza.

    Richard's birth date of 1266/67 is only 7 years before Edmund's reported birth date of 1273.  While dates vary, sources I have seen agree on the birth date for Richard.  But there is a difference of 12 years on the birth of Edmund.  Years of birth and death vary between the sources in the families of this era, even those quite well-known.

    Oddly, the source that shows him born 1273, this is the source that shows Richard as the father of Edmund.  One source showing Edmund as the son of John, on the other hand, has Edmund's birth in 1285.  This would put his born 37 years after the birth of John, which is possible, and 18 years after Richard, which is also possible.  If Edmund was born in 1285, Alisona/Alasia would be about 13 at marriage and 14 at his birth.  This is young, but possible.

    One genealogy shows Eleanor as a daughter of this Richard, while others show her as a brother of Richard, a daughter of John.  It seems that more of the dates and relationships are accounted for if we consider the birth date for Edmund as 1285, and the son of Richard and Alasia/Alisona.

    Worcestershire Country became Hereford and Worcester County in 1974.  Hereford and Worcester are the two main cities, and are considered districts of the modern county.


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