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Caroline Delilah STRANGE4,6,2,3,5

20th Feb 18644,5 - Dec 19021

Life History

Oct 1862

Born in Tennessee.4,5

(less likely)

20th Feb 1864

Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,2,3

(most likely)

27th Aug 1879

Married Hugh C HANCE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1,15,5

22nd Jan 1880

Birth of son James Seaton HANCE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.4,7,5

24th Oct 1881

Birth of daughter Darthula Jane HANCE in Tennessee.8,1,9,10

Aug 1883

Birth of son Charles D HANCE in Tennessee.11

Feb 1887

Birth of daughter Willie C HANCE in Tennessee.4

15th Mar 1889

Birth of son John Calvin HANCE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.4,12,7

Jun 1892

Birth of son Walker H HANCE in Tennessee.4

26th Apr 1894

Birth of son Lemuel HANCE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.4,13,12

May 1896

Birth of daughter Eliza V HANCE in Tennessee.4,13

25th Jul 1898

Birth of son Hugh Taylor HANCE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.13,4,7,3

about 1902

Birth of son Joseph HANCE in Tennessee.13,14

Dec 1902

Died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1


  • The One World Tree which I cite for some facts on the children of thisfamily, has the name Caroline for the first child.  The 1870 censuslists Delila (Delilah) in that position.  This can be understood as achild named Caroline Delila or perhaps Delila Caroline.  But since thechild is listed in the census as Delila (and likely called by thatname by the family), I am putting that name first.  Deliah is listedas Caroline in later sources.

    1870 Census Jefferson County, Tennessee, 23 July, District 3, POTrion, p 7, Hse/Fam #43
    Strange, William 28  M W  Farmer TN [b abt 1842]
    Strange, Edia     24  F W Kpg Hse TN
    Strange, Delila     6  F W                TN

    The OWT had conflicting dates for the first two children.  Where thecensus had age 6 for the first two girls (yielding a rough birth yearof 1864), the OWT reports Dec 1863 for Caroline and 20 Feb 1864 forMartha S!  We know two children cannot be born two months apart to thesame woman.  The more exact birth date for Martha in OWT matches theyear from the census age, 1864.  With this reasoning I decided to usethat date for the birth date of both Caroline Delila and MarthaSusannah.  The 1900 census reports Delilah's birth as Oct 1862.

    1900 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 13 June, CivilDistrict 3, Enumeration District 43, page 9A, Hse/Fam #155
    Hance, Hugh  Head W M May 1859  41 Married 20 yrs TN TN TN FarmerRents
    Hance, Delilah  Wife W F Oct 1862  37 Married 20 yrs 8 children, 8living TN TN TN

    A carefully commented source in World Family Tree (Pedigree # 2932)provides the death date and place for Caroline most of the siblings inthis family, which are missing in many other sources.  This samesource, however, also had the same odd birth date conflict as the OneWorld Tree genealogy.

    The Tennessee Marriage Records report the date Caroline married HughHance on 27 Aug 1879.  With her birthday on 20 Feb 1864, this meansshe was 15.5 years old when she married.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
    Hugh Hance
    Spouse Caroline Strange
    Marriage 27 Aug 1879 Jefferson County, Tennessee


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