Emmet Earl COX Mildred Nell COX Mini tree diagram


also known as Napiape

- before 18932,3,1

Life History

about 1883

Married Emmet Earl COX in Comanche Reservation, Unassigned Lands.3,1

13th Dec 1886

Birth of daughter Mildred Nell COX in Lawton, Comanche Reservation, Unassigned Lands.4,5,3,1,6

before 1893

Died in Comanche Reservation, Unassigned Lands.2,3,1

Other facts


Born in Texas.1




  • In the 1900 census, it is reported that Emmet Cox has been married 17years but his wife only 8.  This wife is Cynthia Ann Parker, also knowas Naunocca, and reported here as Nah Mack ir.  This would seem tomean Emmet was married again, and indeed, other family sources reportthat Cynthia Ann was Emmet's second wife.  Cynthia Ann and Emmetmarried in January 1893, which would mean that Nellie and Mary are notchildren of this marriage.

    Nellie is the daughter of Emmet's first wife, reported to be namedNapiape, or Nahkiape.  Mary seems to be the daughter of Cynthia Annfrom a previous marriage to a chief named Quo-hadi (Quohaddy).  In the1900 census, Emmet is reported to have been married 17 years, whileNah mack ir (Cynthia Ann) is reported as married only 8 years.  Thisindicates a first marriage for Emmet.  In 1910, both Emmet and CynthiaAnn are reported to be in their second marriage.  This latter matchesthe scanty reports of Cynthia Ann's first marriage.

    Emmet and Naunocca's first child Norah was born in 1894 (though thiscensus and her grave report 1895 due perhaps to errors of some kind).She was reported as 2 years old in the 1896 census, and as 5 years oldin the June 1900 census.

    1900 Federal Census, Oklahoma Territory, 7 June, Apache, Kiowa &Comanche Reservation, District 252, page 74A, Hse #793, Fam #798
    Cox, Emmet Head Ind M Oct 1852 47 Married 17 yrs MO KY VA Farmer OwnsComanche Father White Mother White 1/2 White Not Polygamous
    Cox, Nah mack ir  Wife Ind F Feb 1873 27 Married 8 yrs 5 children/3living Okla Terr [should be Texas] OklaTerr [Comancheria] OklaTerr[Comancheria]  Comanche Comanche Comanche 1/4 White
    Cox, Nillie Dau Ind F Dec 1883 14 Single Okla Terr MO Okla TerrStudent Comanche White Comanche 1/2 [sic]
    Cox, Nan nio nina Dau Ind F June 1890 10 Single Okla Terr MO Okla TerrComanche White Comanche 5/8 White
    Cox, Noera Dau W F Dec 1895 5 Single Okla Terr MO Okla Terr ComancheWhite Comanche 5/8 White
    Cox, Joseph Son W M Nov 1899 1mo Single Okla Terr MO Okla TerrComanche White Comanche 5/8 White

    A search turned up a genealogy reporting some very basic informationon Emmet's first wife, including the name and birth and death dates ofher father, as well as Emmet's picture.  More details on theirdaughter Nell were also found there.

    Birth in Texas
    Death Before 1893 in Comanche Reservation, Oklahoma
    Father Quirts-Quip 1827 - 1880
    Mother Unknown
    Marriage to Emmett Edward Cox Abt 1881
    --  Earl Family Tree,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7168359/person/24028384232

    Mildred Nell Cox
    Birth 13 Dec 1886 in Lawton, Oklahoma
    Death 20 Apr 1926 in Lawton, Oklahoma
    Emmett Edward Cox 1852 - 1927
    Nahkiape d 1893
    Marriage to Edward Bennett Wilson 29 Nov 1919 New York, New York
    --  Earl Family Tree,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7168359/person/-1118595791


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