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Francis Marion BURKE

Francis Marion BURKE1,2,10,11,3,4,9,5,6,7

also known as F M Burke

18431,2,3,4,5,6 - about 19052

Life History


Born in Cocke County, Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5,6

between 1850 and 1870

Residence1: Censuses, home of parents in Cocke County, Tennessee.8,4,1

26th Aug 1873

Married Diannah Quenette GAYLOR in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,9

26th Aug 1873

Residence2: Marriage to Quemette D. Gaylor in Arkansas County, Arkansas.9

27th May 1875

Land Purchase: Warranty Deed, $150 purchase, From D.W. and Nancy J. Scroggins to F.M.Burke; Record Book U, Pages 212 and 213 in Van Zandt County, Texas.7

27th May 1875

Residence3: Land Purchase in Van Zandt County, Texas.7

about 1897

Married Nora WILSON in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas.2,5

before 1897

Divorced from Diannah Quenette GAYLOR in Francis married Nora Wilson about 1897 in Upshur County, Texas; spource 1900 census, married 3 years, one child 1 yr old;  Nora 20 years old.5


Residence4: 1900 census, with new wife, Lena [Wilson], married 3 years. Probablymarried in Upshur Co 1897] in Upshur County, Texas.5

about 1905

Died in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas.2


  • 1850 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 4 September, p 735 (scan368), Hse/Fam #343
    John Burke 35 M Farmer No Real Estate Value Rptd b Tenn [b abt 1815]
    Betsy Burke 31 F b Tenn [b abt 1819]
    - page 736 -
    Francis Burke 7 M b Tenn [b abt 1843]

    1860 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 24 July, P OTaylersburg, District 8, page 146, Hse/Fam #1061
    John Burk [sic] 46 M NO Occup Stated $2000 Real Estate $975 Personalborn SC
    Elizabeth Burk 42 F born TN
    Marion Burk 17 M Laborer born TN

    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
    Francis M. Burke
    Confederate, 60th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry. (Crawford'sRegiment. 79 Tenn. Infantry.),
    Alternate Name F.M.Burke

    Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865
    Confederate Prisoners Held at Alton, Illinois
    Burke, Francis M Private, Compapny I, 60th Tennessee Infantry
    Captured at Big Black Bridge, May 17, 1863
    Received July 7, 1863
    Released July 27 1863 On Call

    After his experiences as a soldier and prisoner in the Civil War, hejoined his parents in Tennessee, then shortly after 1870 they moved toArkansas.  Francis married there in 1873 then went to Texas.

    1870 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 24 August, JudicialDistrict 8, PO Newport, page 11 (scan 443), Hse/Fam #80
    Burk [sic], John 56 M W Farmer $1500 Real Estate $200 Personal  b Tenn
    Burk, Elizabeth 52 F W Keeping House born Tenn
    Burk, Marion 26 M W Farm Laborer born Tenn

    Francis M. Burke
    Bride Quemette D. Gaylor
    Marriage 26 Aug 1873.Arkansas Co., Arkansas
    --  Arkansas, Marriages, 1837-1944, FamilySearch(

    Francis bought land in Van Zandt County, Texas, where they were livingat the time of the 1880 census.

    Land Purchase in Van Zandt County, Texas

    Book U, Pages 212 and 213:
    27 May 1875
    D.W. and Nancy J. Scroggins to F.M. Burke
    Warranty Deed

    State of Texas ]
    Van Zandt County ]
    Know all men by these present that I, D.W. Scroggins of the County ofVan Zandt and State aforesaid and Nancy J. Scroggins, Wife of the SaidD. W. Scroggins, in her own right, in consideration of ($150.00) OneHundred and Fifty Dollars paid by F. M. Burke of Van Zandt CountyState of Texas, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do herebygive, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto F.M. Burke, his heirs andassigns forever; a certain Tract or Parcel of Land described asfollows, being part of Survey No. 106 in the name of Wm. H. McBee andbeing part of the Portion allotted and set apart to Nancy J.Scroggins, (as one of the heirs at law) of Wm. H. McBee, Deceased, byCommissioners appointed by the Probate court of Van Zandt County,State of Texas, to Partition and Divide the Estate of the Said Wm. H.McBee, Deceased, among his Heirs.

    Quenette, or Queen as she was called, died in 1908.  She is buried inElmo, Kaufman County, Texas.  They were apparently divorced after theymoved to Texas, since he was married to Nora Wilson and died in UpshurCounty about three years before Queen died, according to Ed Burke'sestimate of Frnacis' death date (see below).

    1880 Federal Census, Sebastian County, Arkansas, 9 June, MarionTownship, District 179, page 17, Hse/Fam #158
    Burke, F M  W M 37 Head Farmer TN TN TN [b abt 1843]
    Burke, Quenett D  J  W F 36 Wife Keeping House MS TX TX [abt 1844]
    Burke, Bessie  W F 5 Dau Single TX TN MS [b abt 1875]

    The 1900 census indicates he married Nora about 1897.

    1900 Federal Census, Upshur County, Texas, 27 June, Precinct 7,District 122, page 18B, Hse/Fam #347
    Burke, Francis M Head  W M Feb 1843 57 Married 3 years TN TN TN FarmerRents
    Burke, Lena Wife W F Dec 1873 26 Married 3 yrs 1 child/1 living AR ARAR
    Burke, Francis M Son W M July 1898  1 Single TX TN AR

    Frank's memorial on Find a Grave provides some excellent informationon his participation in the battles of the Civil War.

    Francis Marion "F. M." Burke, Sr
    Birth 1843 Cocke County, Tennessee
    Death 1905 Big Sandy, Upshur County, Texas

    F.M. and brothers Willam Newton and Pleasant Joseph joined theconfederacy in Newport, Cocke County TN in October of 1862.Immediately after being mustered into Confederate service they wereordered to Mississippi.

    Their first action of any consequence was at the Battle of ChickasawBayou and Chickaaw Bluffs, outside Vicksburg, December 6-29, 1862.Vaughn's Brigade held the abattis on the left wing of the defenses.Reports state that the Union attack was met with firmness by be EastTennesseans. The regiment suffered only four casualties. In thisbattle the Federals suffered heavy losses.

    The next engagement was at Big Black River, May 17, 1863. Their unitwas holding a hastily thrown-up line of earthworks on the left of thebrigade, when it was attacked in overwhelming strength by GeneralOsterhaus's Division of the Federal Army. The regimental colors wereseized and of about 400 men who responded for duty on the morning ofthe 17th, only 112 were marched back to Vicksburg that evening.

    For the next 48 days and nights "without shelter, and with less thanhalf rations of poor quality, the men literally ate, slept and foughtin the trenches. The mortality from exposure and insufficient food wasgreat-in fact, much greater than the casualties in battle." Along withthe rest of the brigade, the regiment was surrendered on July 4, 1863.Although almost immediately paroled, the men captured at Vicksburgwere not declared exchanged until June 27, 1864, and some of thosecaptured at Big Black were not released until the spring of 1865. F.M.was held as a prisoner in Alton Illinois. W.N. and P.J. were held atFort Delaware.

    Afer the Civil War F.M. moved briefly to Arkansas to be near familyand then settled in Van Zandt County Texas. He was married twice.First, in Arkansas, to Diannah Quenette Gailer of Mississippi andsecondly to Nora Wilson in Big Sandy TX. His death date is anestimate.

    John Burke (1813 - 1894)
    Julia Elizabeth Lloyd Burke (1819 - 1888)

    Francis Marion Burke (1898 - 1984)
    Helen M. Burke Huffman (1900 - 1951)
    William Allen Burke (1903 - 1984)
    Martha Zane McClary (1904 - 1995)

    Pleasant Joseph Burke (1837 - 1885)
    William Newton Burke (1839 - 1906)
    Susan Burke West (1856 - 1925)
    Green W Burke (1856 - 1900)

    Burial Body lost or destroyed
    Created by Ed Burke Sep 06, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #96637170,


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