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Po-bish-e-quasho IRON-JACKET1,2

17901 - 12th May 18581

Life History


Born in Comancheria, Texas, New Spain.1


Birth of son Peta Wanderer Peautachnoconne NOCONA in Llano Estacado, Comancheria, Texas, New Spain.1,1,3

12th May 1858

Died in Little Robe Creek, Unassigned Lands, USA.1

Gunshot from .58 caliber Henry rifle in battle

12th May 1858

Buried in Unassigned Lands, USA

Other facts


Married Iron Jacket UXOR


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    Iron Jacket
    Noconi Comanche War Chief 1820-1850
    Born 1790 Edward's Plateau, Texas, Mexico
    Died May 12, 1858 Little Robe Creek, Unassigned Lands, USA (later tobecome Roger Mills County, Oklahoma)
    Native name Po-bish-e-quasho [also known in other phonetic forms]

    Known for
    Comanche leader who wore a Spanish coat of mail into battle
    Medicine man whom the Comanches considered as having the power to blowbullets aside with his breath
    1820-1850 led the Noconi Comanche tribe during the Texas-Indian wars
    Grandfather of the last Comanche chief, Quanah Parker

    Cause of death Gunshot from .58 caliber Henry rifle

    Children Peta Nocona
    --  Wikipedia, "Iron Jacket,"

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