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Thomas Bry GREGORY

Thomas Bry GREGORY3,1,2,4

17301 - Aug 18182

Life History


Born in Virginia.1

after 1760

Birth of son Harden GREGORY in Chatham County, North Carolina.4


Married Sarah Elizabeth BENTON in Virginia.1

May 1761

Birth of son Benjamin Bry GREGORY in Virginia.5,1,3

1st May 1764

Birth of son William Henry GREGORY in Lunenburg County, Virginia.4

before 1811

Death of Sarah Elizabeth BENTON

Aug 1818

Died in Smith County, Tennessee.2


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Thomas Gregory
    Birth 1730 VA
    Spouse Name Elizabeth
    Marriage 1760 VA

    Thomas' middle name was Bry, and he gave the same middle nmae to hisson Benjamin.  Ben came to be known as Bry.  References to Bry Gregoryusually refer to Benjamin Bry Gregory, born 1761, son of Thomas BryGregory and his wife Sarah Elizabeth, maiden name unknown.

    Family Data Collection - Births, www.ancestry.com
    Bry Bray Gregory
    Birth 1761 NC
    Father Thomas Gregory
    Mother Sarah Elizabeth Gregory

    "GREGORY did not originate in Scotland - Please be aware that thisline of GREGORY did NOT originate in Scotland despite what others havepublished including 'Cal's Column' including having no directconnection to the Macgregor's. I am a direct male descendant (Y-dna)of Thomas Gregory and my DNA has been analysed and the resultsscientifically prove that this branch comes from England and beforethat probably Frisia or Saxony.  If you would like further evidence ofthis please contact me and I will assist you."
    --  mgreg24,  Ancestry Comment on the "Gregory Family Tree,"http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/44001442/person/12739623907/mediax/5?pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7CpgNum&ftm=1

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Thomas Gregory
    Birth 1730 VA
    Spouse Name Elizabeth
    Marriage 1760 VA

    Last Will and Testament of Thomas B Gregpry
    State of Tennessee   August Term 1818
    Smith County
    Then the last will and testament of Thomas Gregory Decd was producedin open court and the due execution proven thereof by the oaths ofAlexr. Graham & W Wilson subscribing witnesses thereto and on notionordered to be recorded and Hardian [Harden] Gregory and WilliamGregory executors therein named come into court Qualified and enteredinto bond & Security conditioned as the law directs.  Letters ofTestamentary is therefore granted them accordingly.

    The following record might link the families of Thomas Bry Gregory andThomas J Gregory of Kentucky.  What appers to be one of Thomas Bry'sgrandsons, Harden, named one of his sons Thomas Jones Gregory.  Nodirect documentation has been found for the middle name of Thomas J Srand Jr Gregory.  The names Jones oculd be a clue to their relationshipto Bry's family.

    Hardin J Gregory, named here as the father of Thomas Jones Gregory,seems to be the son of Hardin/Harden Gregory, son of Thomas BryGregory.  Hardin's middle name is also likely Jones, going by hismiddle in itial in this record.  No direct record of Thomas Bry's sonHarden's middle name has been found.

    Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1963
    Thomas Jones Gregory
    Death 13 Dec 1918 Graves, Kentucky
    Age 72
    Birth 16 Oct 1846 Kentucky
    Father's name Hardin J Gregory
    Father's Birth Location Tennessee
    Mother's name Susan Williams Rozzell
    Mother's Birth Location Tennessee


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