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Thelma Ione BAIRD1,2,6,7,8,9,3,4,4,5,10,11

6th Oct 19131,2,3,4,4,5 - 5th May 19673

Life History

6th Oct 1913

Born in Colorado.1,2,3,4,4,5

about 1940

Married Joseph Shelton WEST

14th Feb 1945

Death of Joseph Shelton WEST in Bexar County, Texas.13

2nd Dec 1948

Married Edward J DOUGHTY in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.11

21st Jan 1960

Death of Edward J DOUGHTY in Camarillo, Ventura, California.12,3

7th Sep 1963

Married William C HURST in Los Angeles County, California.4,4

5th May 1967

Died in Los Angeles County, California.3


  • Several family genealogies have her middle name Ione.  I have notfound a record documenting that.  Her father's sister was named Ione.See the 1920 and 1930 census below.

    Thelma's parents married in 1908.  Their first child Winnie Evangelinewas born in 1911, Thelma and Jack came along in about 19145 and 1916.But their mother died in late 1918.  In 1920, her father is working inSt Louis while Thelma and her siblings are living with their father'ssister Ione in Cleburne, Texas.

    1920 Federal Census, St Louis, Missouri, 7 January, District 273, page7A, 3611 Lafayette Ave, Hse #143, Fam #208
    Koch, Mena Head Rents F W 46 Widow KY KY VA Clerk, Foundry Co
    Baird, Guy O Boarder M W 39 Widowed TX TN TN Accountant, US RailroadAdmin

    1920 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 13 January, Cleburne Ward3, District 40, Page 7A, 600 [?] South Anglia, Hse/Fam #145
    Baird, Ione Head Rents F W 30 TX TN TN No Occupation
    Baird, Evangeline Niece F W 8 Single TX TN OK
    Baird, Thelma Niece F W 6 Single CO TN OK
    Baird, Jack Nephew M W 3yrs6mos Single TX TN OK

    In 1930, Thelma is with her grandmother.

    1930 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 April, Cleburne Ward 3,District 126-6, page 3B, 301 Anglin St, Hse #63, Fam #74
    Baird, Lula I Owns $4000 No Radio Head F W 73 Widow TN TN TN RoomingHouse Keeper
    - page 4A -
    Baird, Ione Dau F W 40 Single TX TN TN
    Baird, Evangeline Granddau F W 18 Single TX TX TX Boarding HouseLandlady
    Baird, Thelma Granddaughter F W 16 Single Colorado TX TX None
    Baird, John P Grandson M W 13 Single TX TX TX None

    Some genealogies report that Thelma married Joseph Shelton West inabout 1940.  I found them in the 1940 census in Galvestaon, Texas, sothey married before April that year.

    1940 Federal Census, Galveston County, Texas, Month of April,Galveston, District 84-9, Page 61B, 811 D Ave, Hse #18, Rents $28
    Clark, Arthur L Head M W 30 Married Grade C5 b Texas In Dallas, DallasCo TX in 1935 Magazine Salesman [b abt 1910]
    Clark, Jean M C Wife F W 28 Married Grade C1 b Texas In Dallas, DallasCo TX in 1935 Lab Technician, Dr's Office [b abt 1910]
    West, Joseph S Head M W 27 Married Grade C2 b Texas In San Antonio,Bexar Co TX in 1935 Civil Aeronautics Inspector [b abt 1913]
    West, Thelma I Wife F W 25 Single Grade C3 b Texas San Antonio, BexarCo TX in 1935 Head Nurse, State Hospital [b abt 1905]

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Galveston, Texas, City Directory, 1941, p 408
    Jos S West (Thelma) opr U S Civil Aeronautics Authority h 613 Av F

    Joseph died in 1945.  At some later time, Thelma married Edward JDoughty.  The first record I have found is the 1951 City Directory for Pasadena, California.

    In the 1951 Pasadena, California, City Directory, Thelma is reportedas a nurse, married to Edward J Doughty.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1951, p 198
    Doughty Edw J (Thelma B) clk h 3208 Grandeur av
    Doughty Thelma B Mrs nurse St Luke Hosp r 3208 Grandeur av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1953, p 182
    Doughty Edward J (Thelma B) storekpr Cal Tech h 3208 Grandeur av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1955, p 202
    Doughty Edward J (Thelma) dept suprvr Cal Tech h 3208 Grandeur av
    Doughty Thelma Mrs med sec H B Clarke r 3208 Grandeur av

    In the 1957 directory, Thelma has no employment listed.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Pasadena, California, City Directory, 1957, p 202
    Doughty Edward J (Thelma) asst suprvr Calif Inst of Technology h 3208Grandeur av

    In 1963 Thelma married William C Hurst.  The marriage records cited onthe Doughty family genelaogy report her as Thelma Baird but also asThelma B Doughty.  The latter name indicates she had been marriedpreviously to a Doughty, whose name is not reported in the genealogy.The genealogy gives the previous husband's name  as Edward JosephDoughty, who 21 Jan 1960  in Camarillo, California.

    Edward's obituary in the Pasadena, California, Independent newspaper,reports his name as only Edward J Doughty, and reports one survivor asa brotrher named Joseph M Doughty.  If the paper and the genealogy areborth right, Edward Joseph and his brother Joesph M shared the nameJoseph.

    California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985
    Thelma Baird
    Age 49, Est. Birth 1914
    Spouse Name William C Hurst
    Spouse Age 49
    Est. Spouse Birth 1914
    Marriage 7 Sep 1963 Los Angeles

    California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985
    William C Hurst
    Age 49, Est. Birth 1914
    Spouse Name Thelma B Doughty
    Spouse Age 49, Est. Spouse Birth 1914
    Date 7 Sep 1963 Los Angeles

    Interestingly, her death information reports her name at death asDoughty.

    California, Death Index, 1940-1997
    Thelma B Doughty
    Birth 6 Oct 1913 Colorado
    Death 5 May 1967 Los Angeles
    Mother's Maiden Name Capell [Chapel]
    Social Security #464367262


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