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Hancock LEE1,2,3,1,4

16531,2,3,4 - 25th May 17091,2,4

Life History


Born in Northumberland County, Virginia.1,2,3,4

about 1685

Married Mary Kendall YOUNG.4

24th Dec 1694

Death of Mary Kendall YOUNG in Northampton, Hampton City, Virginia.4,4

after 24th Dec 1694

Married Sarah Elizabeth ALLERTON in Northumberland County, Virginia.3,4

about 1708

Birth of daughter Elizabeth LEE in Northumberland County, Virginia.3,5,1


Birth of son Hancock LEE.2

25th May 1709

Died in Ditchley, Northumberland, Virginia.1,2,4

after 25th May 1709



  • U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications,1889-1970
    Hancock Lee
    SAR Membership #24485
    Birth Date 1653
    Death Date 1709
    Spouse Sarah Elizabeth Allerton
    Children Hancock Lee

    Millennium File
    Hancock Lee
    Spouse Sarah Elizabeth Allerton
    Birth 1653 Northumberland County, Virginia, Birth Country: USA
    Death 25 May 1709 Ditchley, Northumberland County, Virginia, DeathCountry: USA
    Parents Richard Lee, Anne Constable
    Children Elizabeth Lee

    Capt Hancock Lee
    Birth 1650 Northumberland County, Virginia
    Death May 25, 1709 Ditchley, Northumberland County, Virginia

    Here Lyeth the Body of Hancock Lee, Seventh son of the HonorableRichard Lee, Who departed this Life May the 25th, Anno Domo 1729, Aeta56 years. Also Mary his first Wife, only Daughter of William Kendall,Gent., Who departed this life December the 24th, Anno Domo 1694, Aeta33 years. And Sarah, his last Wife, Daughter of Isaac Allerton, Esq.,Who departed this Life May 17th Anno Domo, 1731, Aeta. 60 years.

    From Northumberland County Wills and Deeds 1706-1720 (p.79)

    IN THE NAME OF GOD, Amen. I Hancock Lee of the County of ye Colony of Virga: being of sound and perfect sense & memory,blessed be God, doe make this my Last Will & Testamt. hereby revokeingall other and former Wills whatsoever by me made. Imprs. I comitt &comend my Soule to Almighty God that gave it me hopeing through themerritts of Jesus Christ my Redeemer that after this my sinfull lifeis ended to enjoy a ____ life and happiness with him in Heaven & mybody to the Earth from whence it was taken, desireing the same mayhave a decent buryall as my Exers. or Trustees hereafter named shallthink fitt;

    Item. I give and bequeath to my deare Daughter, Mrs. Anna Armsteed,Tenn pounds Sterl: to be paid her the next Shipping after my decease,if shee survive me, otherwise the sd. Tenn pounds to be and remainewholie to the use & benefitt of my Exers. hereafter named.

    I give and bequeath unto my Son, Richard Lee, thirteene Silver Spoonesthey being sent for on purpose for him, they haveing engraved on theback side the handle the first two letters of his name and I doelikewise give to him, the said Richard Lee, my Silver hilted Swoardand belt with Silver buckles;

    I give and bequeath unto my deare and Loveing Wife a Childs part ofall my personall Estate if shee will be content with what the late Lawof this Colony will give her (that is to say) a Third of all lands &Negroes dureing her life & them to whome of right in Law it dothbelong, and my Will is further that my Wifes part be sett aside fromthe rest of my Estate in the first place whatsoever it be whetherThirds or Childs part but but note if my Debts be very considerableatt my death, which hope in God they may not, then my desire is thatsoe much be sett apart of my Estate before anything be divided as maybe thought by my Trustees to be sufficient to satisfie and pay my justdebts and after my Wifes part is taken out, my Will is that all therest of my Estate be divided into one part more then I have Children &my Son, Richard Lee, to have two parts upon Division & his Choise,that is to say, my Will is that my Son, Richard Lee, have a doubleportion of all my Estate after all my just debts & Legacies & my Wifespart out as indeed he ought to have by reason that a great part of thefoundation of my Estate came by his Mother.

    Item. My Will is that my Son, Richard Lee, be by my Trustees hereafterpossessed of his Estate when he comes to the age of Eighteene whichwill be in ye yeare 1709, Augt. ye 18th.

    Item. My Will & desire is that my Estate be divided with what possiblespeed may be after my death soe much being first sett apart as may besufficient to satisfie and pay my just debts and Legacies and my Willis that my Son, Richard Lees, Estate that is to say his Negroes bekept and remaine workeing on the Land where they then are att my death& if any cropp then on the ground they to assist in the tending of ituntill it be finished & then they to have their equall shares for theproper use of my said Son, Richard, & my Will is that my Son, RichardLee, have two thirds of all the devidend of Land where I now live toworke his Servants upon with two thirds of all howseing on sd.Plantacon except the Dwelling House, Kitchin, Dairy & Sellars, thewhich the whole and sole use of untill my Sone, Richard Lee, come tothe age of Eighteene & then he my sd. Son to have the whole use andbenefitt of two thirds of all the houses & sellerage belonging to saidPlantacon. And my Will is that if my Wife will not be obleidged tokeep the said houseing, that shee has privilege of in as good repaireas they are at my death untill my Sone, Richard Lee, comes to the ageaforesd. then my Will is that shee have but one third part assigned asspeedily as may be after my death and I doe desire that soe much of____ for Richards good as may be perrishable may be sold by myTrustees heresfetr named as they shall think fitt.

    Item. I give and bequeath unto my Son, Richard Lee, the Devidend ofLand I now live on being called by the name of Hancock Neck, to him,the said Richard Lee, and his heires for ever: And in case of hisdeath before he comes of age of one & twenty or without heires of hisbody lawfully begotten, then the said Land to him her or either oftheir heires to whome the right of Law it doth belong, for ever; And Idoe humbly begg my Honoble; & good Friend, Robt. Carter, Esqr., mydeare Bro: Richard Lee, Esqr., and my Cozen, Capt. John Howson, thatthey would be pleased to take upon them the Trust & managemt. of myEstate & Children untill they come to lawfull age;

    Item. I give and bequeath unto each of the said Gentl. abovenamed asTrustees Twenty shillings to buy a Ring to weare for my sake which Idesire may be paid out of my Estate as soon as possible after mydecease;

    Item. My Will is that my Son, Richard Lee, have noe power att all tosell any Negroes without the consent of two of my good Friendsabovenamed untill he come to the age of twenty one, hereby appointingmy Sone, Richard Lee, whole & sole Exer. of this my Last Will. InWitness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & affixed my seale this31st day of December one thousand seven hundred and six.

    Hancock Lee

    Sealed & signed in presence of
    Thomas Knight,
    Thomas Ingram, his mark
    Mary Knight, her marke

    Die July 20th: 1709. This Will was proved in Northumberld. CountyCourt to be the Last Will & Testamt. of Mr. Hancock Lee, deced., by yeoaths of Thomas Knight & Mary Knight, two of ye witnesses thereto, &is admitted to Record

    Teste Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur

    Vera Copia Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur Northumbria

    BE IT KNOWNE unto all men by these presents that whereas I Hancock Leeof Northumberld. County in ye Colony of Virga: have made & declared myLast Will & Testamt. in writeing bearing date the last day of December1706, I the said Hancock Lee by this present codicil doe confirme &ratifie my said Last Will & Testamt. & doe give and bequeath unto mySon, Isaac Lee, all my land which I have taken up above the Falls ofRappa: River (that is to say) three tracts to him and his heires forever & my Will and meaning is that this Codicil or Schedule beadjudged to be part & parcell of my sd. Last Will & Testamt. and thatall things therein contained & menconed be faithfully & truelyperformed as fully and amply in every respect the same were soedeclared & sett downe in my Last Will and Testamt. In Witness whereofI the said Hancock Lee heve hereunto sett my hand & seale this firstday of Janry: 1706.

    Hancock Lee

    Sealed & signed in presence of
    Thomas Knight,
    Thomas Ingram, his mark
    Mary Knigh, her mark

    Die July 20, 1709. This Codicil was proved in Northumberld. CountyCourt to be the act & deed of Mr. Hancock Lee, deced., by the Oaths ofThomas Knight & Mary Knight, two of the witnesses thereto & admittedto Record together with ye Will

    Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur Northbria

    BE IT KNOWNE unto all men by these presents that whereas I Hancock Leeof Northumberld. County in ye County of Virga: have made & declared myLast Will & Testamt. in writeing bearing date ye last day of December1706, I the sd. Hancock Lee by this present Codicil doe confirme &ratifie my sd. Last Will & Testamt. & doe give & bequeath unto my Son,John Lee, all that tract of land I have taken up at Chopowamsickconteyning seventeene hundred & fifty acres to him, the sd. John Lee,& his heires for ever And if that Child that my Wife is now with Childof be a Boy, then my Will & bequest is that he have all the Land Ihave taken up above Occoquon or Sandy Run & Wolff Run to him and hisheires, forever, but if it the Child my Wife now with Child prove afemale then my Son, John Lee, to have all my land in Potomack to himand his heires for ever; And my Will and meaning is that this Codicilor Schedule be & be adjudged to be part and parcell of my sd. LastWill & Testamt. and that all things herein contained & menconed befaithfully and truely performed & as fully & amply in every respect asif the same were sett downe & declared in my Last Will and Testamt. InWitness whereof I the said Hancock Lee have hereunto sett my hand andseale this eighteenth day of May 1709

    Hancock Lee

    Sealed and signed in presence of
    Daniel Fieldin,
    Robert Spenser, his mark
    Eliza. Bell, her mark

    Die Julii 20th: 1709. This Codicil was provd: in Northumberld. CountyCourt to be the act and deed of Mr. Hancock Lee, deced., by ye oathesof Daniel Fielding & Robert Spencer, two of ye witnesses thereto & isadmitted to Record, together with the Will

    Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur

    My Will and desire is that five pound be paid out of my Estate by myTrustees to the use of ye Parish Church for a peece of CommunionPlate, And my Will is that Mr. Bartholomew Schreever be pd. by sd.Trustees three pound which I have reced. of his from a Gentleman inMaryland

    Item. I give unto ye Mr. Joseph _______ Three pound to preach myfunerall Sermon in Wiccocomoco Church. In Testimony hereof I have settmy hand and seale this 20th day of May 1709

    Hancock Lee

    Signed and sealed in presence of
    John Harris,
    Wm: Jones, Junr.

    Die Julii 21: 1709. This Codicil was provd: in Northumberld. CountyCourt to be ye act and deed of Mr. Hancock Lee by ye oaths of Mr. JohnHarris & Mr. Wm: Jones Junr., witnesses thereto & ye same is admittedto Record, together with ye Will

    Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur

    Vera Copa Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Curr Northbria

    Die Martii 21: 1710. These coppies of Mr. Hancock Lees Will & Codicilsthereto annexed were approved by ye Court upon the mocon of Capt. JohnHowson are admitted to Record

    Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur Northbria



    From Northumberland County Deeds & Wills 1706-1720 (p.82)

    In obedience to an Order of Northumberld. County Court dated___________ wee the Subscribers did meet at ye House of Mr. HancockLee, deced., and did then and there appraise the said deced.s Estateas followeth

    To 1 Negro man named Dick 50 yeares old. To 1 mulatto woman named Jane40 yeares old. To 1 Negro girl named Frank 2 moneths old. To 1 Negroman nmaed Tony aged 21 yeares old: To 1 Negro woman named Frank 22yeares old. To 1 Negro boy named John aged 1 yeare old. To 1 Negrowoman named Nell aged 19 yeares old; To one lame girle with paine inher limbs named Sue 16 yeares: To 1 Negro girle named Wing aged 17yeares: To 1 mulatto boy named Stephen aged 17 yeares. To one Negroman named Jack 20 yeares old: To 1 Negro man named Jennis aged 18yeares: To 1 Negro man named Dick aged 16 yeares. To 1 Negro man namedWill aged 17 yeares; To 1 Negro boy named Soloman aged 9 yeares: To 1Negro boy named Guy aged 7 yeares; To 1 Negro girle named Jonary aged15 yeares. To 1 Negro girle named Mary aged 3 yeares; To 1 mulatto boynamed Noell aged 4 yeares: To 1 mulatto girle named Margt., aged 6yeares; To 1 mulatto woman named Betty aged 45 yeares. To 1 Negrowoman named Gelon aged 18 yeares; To 1 Negro boy named Will aged 3moneths: To 1 Negro girle named Lucy aged 5 yeares: To 1 Negro boynamed Emanuel aged 15 yeares: To 1 Negro boy named Tippott aged 17yeares To 1 Negro boy named Peter aged 17 yeares: To 1 mulatto mannamed Tom Dubricks aged 24 years,

    In the Hall To one Scrittore. To 1 silver Ink case & 2 Silver seales.To 1 case of Silver & physick weights, 1 pr. of brass scales &weights, one pound of twine, one caske, one large Turkey work carpt:,1 Chest, 1 small ditto, one oval table, one large old table, 17leather chaires, 1 gun, 1 gun ditto, 1 case of Pistolls & holsters,Carbine & belt, 1 cold still, 1 pair of Stilliards: 1 pair of smallditto.

    In the Parlor. To 1 feather bed bolster pillows quilt, 1 pr. of sheetscurtaines valense & bedsteed. To 1 feather bed, 2 pillows. To 1feather bed bolster, 1 pillow bedsteed, blanketts & pair of sheets. To1 Trundle bedsteed feather bed bolster small pillows blanketts andsheets: To 1 old Duck Table: To 1 Seale Skin Trunk: 1 chest, 1cabinett, lookeing glass, box iron, 1 pr. of large tongs, one fireshovell, 1 Tinn candle box, 2 old cruetts, 2 old pepper boxes, 1 glasscup, 1 cutting knife, 1 pr. of old Silver buckles, 1 Cork Screw, oneold Sword;

    Parlor Closett. To 29 peeces of Earthen ware, 1 warming pann, 2 stonejuggs, 1 old chest, 1 old pipe box, 1 old chest, 1 close stoole, 2barrells old, 3 boxes small, one small earthen pott, 1 pr. of scales &weights: 1 sett of curtaines of printed Calico, much worne

    Parlor Closett. To 1 pr. of Taylors sheers, 3 plates, 1 bason, 1 cupp,2 muggs, 2 salts, 1 pr marking grove: 2 pr. of old wooll cords, oneold flesh fork, 2 old dish panns & other lumber, four Ivory Combs, 21Thimbles, a parcell of Tinn buttons, 1 peece of blew tape, 4 setts ofknitting needles;

    Parlor Chamber. To 3 fine blanketts 9 each; 1 pair of blanketts, 1spotted rugg, 1 dark colored rugg, 1 large blew rugg: 2 peeces ofwhite tape, parcell of old fillett, 1 linen bed cover, 1 table cloath& 13 napkins, 15 napkins, 1 new table cloath, 3 old ditto, 10 pillowcases, 4 small ditto, 3 towells:

    Porch Chamber. To 1 large feather bed & furniture, 1 pr. of sheets,silk curtaines and valence, counterpane, cupboard cloth covering &chaires, 1 feather bed bolster 2 pillows, 1 suit of blew Shaloonecurtaines & valence & quilt; 1 pr. course holland sheets, 1 pr. ditto,3 pair of sheets, 4 pillow cases, 1 small old looking glass, 1Sealskin trunk, 1 ditto with a drawr., 1 low leather Chaires, 1 whiteworsted rugg, 1 darke colored ditto, 1 old Chest, 2 chamber potts, 2pr. of old sheets, one pair ditto;

    In the Hall Closett. 1 large Table, 4 Common Prayer books, 2 oldBibles, 1 small ditto, 7 whole Duties of Man, old: To 1st, 2d, 3dparts of ye Pilgrims Progress, To 12 old books, 7 ditto, 3 ditto, 1book of Lectures; 1 book ditto, 1 book intituled The Description ofAlfrita. To 1 book writt by Purchase, 2 old Histories, 1 PhysickDictionary, 3 Law books, 6 Physick books, 1 Practice of Piety &c., &ye Tuchstone of Wills & Testamts, 17 quire of paper, 2 old ne paperbooks, 1 old trunk, 4 old shettles, 2 pr. sheep sheeres, shoemakersthread, old horse fleams, 1 case of Larietts, 1 small table & lumberin the Drawer, 8 peece of Earthen ware, 3 knives & forks, 1 ink case &pen knife, 4 wood handle knives, 1 portmantle, one Watch, 9 old tubbs;

    In the Hall Chamber: To 1 large Virga: feather bed old bolster & 2pillows; I English feather bed bolstr: & 2 pillowes, one bedsteed, 1small couch bed, 1 English bed & bolster & two pillowes: 1 oldTrunnell bedsteed, 4 turn'd flagg chaires: 1 carved chest, 1 oldchest, 1 old leathr: trunk, 1 pair of brass andirons, brass tongs &shovell, 2 old blanketts 1 large rugg, 7 doz of mohair buttons, 4gross of thread, 16 doz of mohair buttons, 7 peeces of Gape, 1 poundof Brimstone, 7 yeards of Crocus, 2 earthen chamber potts, 1 suit ofold brod cloth curtaines and valence: 1 suit of camlett curtaines &valence:

    Goods Belonging to ye Parlor Chamber: 1 new this Country feather bedbolster 2 pillowes, 2 sheets, 1 nett work counterpane, white curtaines& valance, tester cloth & head peece, pillow cases, sheets, blanketts& bedsteed, one seale skin trunk, 1 large chest, one looking glass, 2large Turkey work chaires & 3 small leather chaires, 24 napkins, 12Huccoback napkins, 4 hugoback tablecloths, 3 course linin tablecloths, 3 pillows, 10 sheets, 1 diaper table cloth, 1 old table cloth,1 large diaper table cloth, 12 old linin napkins, 1 table cloth, 19napkins, 2 old diaper towells, 9 linen towells, 2 earthen chamberpotts, 1 Alabaster saltsellar, 1 thin linen cupboard cloth, 1 oldSilver tankard, 1 sugar box, 1 spoon, 1 candlestick, 1 candle snifter,1 dram cup, all waying :88: ounces;

    In the Citchen: To 3 old kettles waying 37 lb., 1 new kettle waying17; 1 copper cooker waying 79; 4 old potts waying 89, spitts,pottracks, potthooks, 2 ring hooks, large brass candlesticks, ironcandlesticks, iron pestles, large bellmettle skillett, double ringhook, frying pan, peiles piggins old tubbs, 7 good pewter disheswaying 42 pounds, 2 very large pewter dishes old waying 26: 2 doz & 10plates, 12 pewter dishes waying 36, 2 dozn. of old plates, 14 oldpewter dishes, 1 bedpan, 1 close stoole, 2 chamber potts, 1 gallonbason, 13 lb. of old pewter, 1 dozn. of spoones, 12 plate tranchers, 4large earthen potts, 1 brazeele morter & pestle, 1 pair of stockcards, 1 pipkin;

    SCHOOLE HOUSE. To 2 linen spinning wheeles, 1 Still & Worm & tubb, 2Pipes, 4 old carde cases, 2 rumletts, 1 caske, 1 grindstone,

    In ye Cellar: 2 grose of Bottles, 1 Stone Jugg, 3 Cyder left, 1Coopers perse, 1 Shalop, foresaile & old ropes, 1 old Pipe box;

    In the Little Store: 1 Jack, 95 pounds of old iron, 2 Coulters & 3ploshears, 11 new gimletts, 4 markin irons, 2 bung borers & 1 smallvice, 6 paire of dove tailes, 1 parcell of joyners tooles, 1 parcellof coopers tooles, 2 pcs. of Stirrup Leather & old bridle, 9 s. ofGinger, 18 case of bottles & old case, 8 pepper boxes, 1 feather bedbolster & 2 blanketts;

    In the Dairie: To 8 earthen milk panns, 2 boules, 8 old tinn panns, 1butter pott, 1 chamber pott, 1 old butter dish, 1 half bushell, 1perk, 1 old sifter, 10 half hides of leather faun, 2 whipp saws,parcell of carpenters tooles, axes, wedges, curry comb, broken glass &lead, 1 flesh fork, sett of horse harness, some plow chaines, smallgraplin waying 84 lb., 2 pair of screws;

    In the Stable: 1 parcell of old Iron, 2 1/2 barrells of Pitch, 10gallon of Tarr, one old cart & old wheels, 1 old Ox Yoak hooks, 347foot of plank, 1 woollen wheele & one pair of tow cards;

    In the Porler: To 1 old Couch & Table

    The Stock at ye home House. 51 Sheep, 6 draft Oxen, 2 Steers 7 yearesold, 3 steers 4 yeares: 6 steeres 3 yeares: 1 steer 2 yeares old; 7heifers, 1 bull, 1 steer att 1 yeare old; 4 Heiffers 2 yeares old, 1Heiffer 3 yeares old; 13 cowes, 1 bull, 1 cripple yearling, 5 oldcowes, 12 clves, 1 large black gelding, 1 large bay gelding, 1 darkbey gelding, 1 yearling horse colt, 1 small bay mare, 1 whitefleebitten mare, 1 young Chesnutt colrd: mare 1 hump backt Mare, 1young black mare, 1 Rone Mare;

    At ye Hills Quarter: 7 cowes, 32 heiffers, 1 yearling, 2 calves, crosscutt saw, iron pestle, falling ax, joynter & coopers ax, 1 New Englandbuckett, one Grindstone;

    At Robert Carters Esqr., To 1 Shallop old rigging, 1 Anchor & oldSailes
    Teste: Jno: Stepto, Maurice Jones,
    John Ingram

    Die Martii 22d, 1710. This Coppy was presented by Capt. John Howsonand by the Court approved and upon the sd. Howsons mocon the same isadmitted to Record

    Test Tho: Hobson, Cl Cur Northbria

    Richard Lee (____ - 1664)
    Anne Constable Lee
    Mary Kendall Young Lee (1661 - 1694)
    Sarah Elizabeth Allerton Lee (1670 - 1731)
    Elizabeth Lee Taylor (1709 - 1753)
    Hancock Lee (1709 - 1762)
    Richard Lee (1644 - 1714)
    William Constable Lee (1650 - 1696)
    Charles Lee (1656 - 1701)

    Burial Ditchley Hall Cemetery, Ditchley, Northumberland County,Virginia

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