Manuel PERTUIS Elizabeth L PERTUIS Thomas L PERTUIS Mary PERTUIS Anastasia PERTUIS Peter Augusta PERTUIS Willie Frances PERTUIS Mattie PERTUIS Henry Lee PERTUIS Eliza LEE John PERTUIS Anastasia PERTUIS Marie CHATIGNY Mini tree diagram

Pierre Augusta PERTUIS4,1,2,3,8,9,5,10,7,6

11th Apr 18281,2,3,4,5 - 4th Mar 19007,5

Life History

11th Apr 1828

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5

about 1853

Birth of son Thomas L PERTUIS in Desha County, Arkansas.1,2,11

about 1853

Married Eliza LEE in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,8

about 1857

Birth of daughter Mary PERTUIS in Desha County, Arkansas.1,2

about 1859

Birth of daughter Anastasia PERTUIS in Desha County, Arkansas

between 1861 and 1865

Military: exact dates of service not available; 18th Regiment, ArkansasInfantry, Company F in Arkansas.6,7

about 1865

Birth of son Peter Augusta PERTUIS in Arkansas.2,12

26th Jul 1867

Birth of daughter Willie Frances PERTUIS in Arkansas.9,2,12,13,14,15

about 1869

Birth of daughter Mattie PERTUIS in Drew County, Arkansas.2,12

before 1870

Death of daughter Anastasia PERTUIS in Arkansas

7th Aug 1876

Birth of son Henry Lee PERTUIS in Arkansas.16,12,9

4th Mar 1900

Died in Lincoln County, Arkansas.7,5


  • Based on Peter's name and stories of early settlers, we think Peter'sfather or his grandfather or both were named Pierre.  Earlyinformation refers to one Petro Pertuis and a Pierre Pertuis.  Theseare forms of the same name, Spanish and French respectively.

    The Pertuis Family Tree has some helpful information, but many missingindividuals and missing details, and little external documentation.That genealogy has the father of Peter A Pertuis as one ManuelPertuis, whose wife was Marie Chatigny.  Manuel is placed as the sonof the Chevalier Pierre Pertuis, whose wife is not known.

    This genealogy provides us the full name as Peter Augusta Pertuis, onesign that the information here comes from a family source.  I havealso found this full name one other spotty genealogy.

    Manuel Pertuis
    Birth 03/24/1794 in Arkansas County, Arkansas [would have been NewMadrid, Louisiana at that time], Death 1844
    Father Pierre Pertuis dit Chevallieur, Birth 1756 in Arkansas Post,Death  Unknown [known from other sources to have died in Dec 1821]
    Mother Unknown
    Son Pierre Augusta Pertuis V
    Birth 04/11/1828 in  Arkansas, USA   Death 03/04/1900 in  Arkansas,USA
    --  Pertuis Family Tree,

    Peter is reported born in about 1828.  He was born in the District ofArkansas of the Missouri Territory of the United States, at or nearArkansas Post, a settlement dating to 1649, in the Spanish Territoryof New Spain.  This was part of what the United States came to callthe Louisiana Purchase.  This area of Louisiana Territory was namedthe District of New Madrid at the time the United States bought thisSpanish territory in 1803  from the French, who had just taken it backfrom the Spanish.  In 1819 that area became the Arkansas Territory,and became the State of Arkansas in 1826.

    "The area of the present State of Arkansas lay within the District ofNew Madrid, which stretched from the present Arkansas-Louisiana stateline to the present city of New Madrid, Missouri. ... By 1806, thelower two thirds of the District of New Madrid was re-designated asthe District of Arkansas; the area had two militia units: one cavalrycompany and one infantry company. Despite the small population, itappears that the early Arkansans enrolled in the militia in fairlylarge numbers."
    --  Arkansas Territorial Militia, Wikipedia,

    1850 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 October, ArkansasTownship, p 4A, Hse/Fam #59
    Mary Pertuis 55 F   Born Unknown [born abt 1795]
    Peter Pertuis 22 M Farmer $2700 Real Estate b Arkansas [born abt 1828]
    John Pertuis 16 M Student b Arkansas [born abt 1834]
    Anastasia Pertuis 8 F b Arkansas [born abt 1842]
    F K Derrisseau 26 M Farmer $120 Real Estate b Arkansas [born abt 1824]
    - page 4B -
    Elizabeth Pertuis 20 F b Arkansas [born abt 1842]
    Eugenie Dumas 3 F b Arkansas [born abt 1842]
    Joseph Derrisseau 41 M No Occup b Arkansas [born abt 1842]

    "Pertuis, Pierre to Eliza Lee, born of Arkansas County, on 2 Jan 1853.Married by A O Douglass, Justice of the Peace, Douglass Township.Recorded Marriage Book B, Arkansas County, Arkansas (1839-1859), page68."
    --  Delores Lay, RootsWeb,

    Peter/Pierre and his wife Eliza appear with their three children inneighboring Desha County.

    1860 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 3 August, BartholomewTownship, P O Green Mount, page 20, Hse/Fam #134
    Peter A Purticus [Pertuis] 34 M Farmer $6000 Real Estate $4000Personal born Ark
    Eliza Purticus 23 F Housekeeper born Ark
    Thos L Purticus 7 M b Ark
    Mary E Purticus 6 F born Ark
    Annastassia Purticus 11mos F born Ark
    Cicero Owens 34 M Farm Laborer Ark
    Hanna Lee 55 Female Housekeeper $2900 Personal Estate b Virginia

    Peter served in the Confederate forces in the U S Civil War.

    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
    P.A. Pertuis
    Confederate, Private
    18th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Company F

    In the 1869 Tax Rolls, Pierre is listed in Beauregard Township ofChicot County, Arkansas.  Chicot County is south of Desha County, andborders Louisiana on the south.  The next year, in the 1870 U Scensus, the township is still Beauregard, but the county is Drewnorthwest of Chicot County.

    U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
    Tax Year 1869
    P A Pertuis
    Beauregard Township, Chicot County, Arkansas
    Occupation Stallion Keeper
    Abstract # 130, 1 yr, $10

    In 1870, Peter and Eliza are in the same area, but a little fatherWest across the Drew County line.  Their post office for the locationis the same.

    1870 Federal Census, Drew County, Arkansas, 8 August, BeauregardTownship, P O Green Mount, page 5 (scan 569), Hse/Fam #44
    Pertise [Pertuis], A P 42 M W Farmer $1200 Real Estate $1600 Personalb AR Cannot read or write [b abt 1828]
    Pertise, Eliza 32 F W Keeping House born AR Cannot read or write [babt 1838]
    Pertise, Tomas L 16 M W born AR [b abt 1854]
    Pertise, Mary E 13 F W born AR [b abt 1857]
    Pertise, Petter A 5 M W born AR [b abt 1865]
    Pertise, Willie 3 F W born AR [b abt 1867]
    Pertise, Mattie 1 F W born AR [b abt 1869]

    I have not found a report for Pierre and Eliza in the 1880 census.There is one child reported by one genealogies as born in 1876, namedHenry L, probably Henry Lee, after Eliza Lee's maiden name.  I wouldexpect to find him in the family's enumeration record for 1880.  I hadalready found burial information for Henry and his wife and their sonHenry L Jr.

    1900 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Texas, 5 June, Smith Township,District 12, page 4B, Hse/Fam #61
    Pertuis, Peter Head  W M Aug 1828 72 Married 47 years [abt 1853] ARUnknown Unknown Farmer Owns
    Pertuis, Eliza Wife W F May 1837 63 Married 47 yrs [abt 1853] 11children/4 living AR VA TN

    Peter and Eliza are a little north over the Lincoln County line by1900, and have no one else in their household.  Yet 15 years later,when Eliza applies for a military pension, she reports that Peter diedin March 1900.  There is no date on the particular page of the census,but the census date was 1 June 1900.  So either Eliza reported hisdate of death wrong (either at his time of death or in herapplication), it was recorded incorrectly on his military records, orthis transcription is wrong.  There was no image available with thistranscription by

    Arkansas, Confederate Pension Records, 1891-1935
    Piere [Pierre] A Pertuis
    Eliza Pertuis
    Residence Lincoln County, Arkansas
    Served Arkansas Infantry, Lincoln Regiment
    Death Date 4 Mar 1900
    Widow applied 1915


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