James Alexander GRAY Carl Edwin GRAY Gwendolyn I HIBBS Dorothy Earl SOUDERS Barbara A BOSWELL Marilyn Erlyne GRAY Edna Kathleen WILLIAMS Pearl Florence BALES Wesley Mearl GRAY Hazel GRAY Mabel Lillian GRAY Jennie KAUFMAN Mini tree diagram
Earl Thornton GRAY

Earl Thornton GRAY10,1,2,11,3,4,12,13,14,15,10,5,16,14,6,7,8,9,17,18

3rd Nov 18951,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - 9th Feb 19713,8

Life History

3rd Nov 1895

Born in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

7th Aug 1917

Birth of son Carl Edwin GRAY in Oregon.19,20

after 1922

Married Gwendolyn I HIBBS in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.13,19

17th Mar 1924

Married Dorothy Earl SOUDERS in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.14,20

Dorothy died in a plane crash when she was piloting, in September 1926

before Mar 1924

Divorced from Gwendolyn I HIBBS in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.14

6th Sep 1926

Death of Dorothy Earl SOUDERS in Seaside, Clatsop, Oregon.20,25

30th Nov 1926

Married Barbara A BOSWELL in Port Orchard, Kitsap, Washington

before 1929

Divorced from Barbara A BOSWELL

before Jun 1929

Married Edna Kathleen WILLIAMS.12,10

23rd Jul 1929

Arrival in San Diego, California, United States.6

23rd Jul 1929

Departure in Agua Caliente, Baja California, Mexico.6

15th Dec 1930

Birth of daughter Marilyn Erlyne GRAY in Los Angeles County, California.22,21,23,24

before 1935

Divorced from Edna Kathleen WILLIAMS in Los Angeles County, California.12,21

22nd Apr 1945

Death of Edna Kathleen WILLIAMS in Los Angeles County, California.12,8,20

9th Feb 1971

Died in Del Mar, San Diego, California.3,8


Married Pearl Florence BALES


  • 1900 Federal Census, Multnomah County, Oregon, 16 June, Portland Ward11, District 16, page 5A, McKenna Ave, Hse #96, Fam #100
    Gray, James A Head W M June 1869 30 Married 6 years PA PA PABricklayer Owns
    Gray, Jessie [Jennie] Wife W F Oct 1875 24 Married 6 yrs 4 children/3living OR IA OR
    Gray, Earl W M Nov 1895 4 Single OR PA OR

    1910 Federal Census, Multnomah County, Oregon, 19 April, Portland Ward8, District 192, Sheet 6A, 744 Belmont St, Hse  #124, Fam #133
    Gray, James A Head M W 37 Married 16 yrs PA PA PA Concrete ContractorOwns
    Gray, Jennie F W 35 Married 16 yrs 5 children/2 living OR OR OR
    Gray, Earl Son M W 14 Single OR PA OR
    Gray, Wesley Son M W 12 Single OR PA OR

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1914, p 643
    Gray Earl T clk H D Clark r 894 1/2 E Morrison
    Gray James A (Jennie) carp h 894 1/2 E Morrison

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Earl Thornton Gray
    Residence 895 1/2 Belmont, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
    Birth 3 Nov 1896 Oregon [1942 report of birth year as 1895 fits betterwith reported census ages]
    Occupation Musician, employed by Oregon Hotel, Portland
    Medium Height and Build, Blue Eyes, Light Hair
    Registered 5 June 1917 Portland, Oregon

    The 1920 and 1922 City Directories report Earl as a musician marriedto Gwendolyn I Gray.  In his 1917 draft registration Earl reportedthat he was married.  That wife was probably Gwendolyn Hibbs.  In 1920they are in Portland and in 1922 they are in Seattle, Washington,  Inboth he is working as a musician.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1920, p 583
    Gray Earl T (Gwendolyn I) musician h 690 E Alder

    The 1920 census is very helpful in filling in some details.  Earl andGwendolyn are reported living in Portland, as a separate family in ahousehold of Arthur C Hawson.  Her mother is living with them, andsince there is still a teenage sister living in the household, itappears her mother's surname is Gwendolyn's maiden name, Hibbs.Earl's brother Wesley is living with them also.

    1920 Federal Census, Multnomah County, Oregon, 15 January, Portland,District 35, Page 11A, 390 1/2 Jefferson St, Hse #97, Fam #331
    Hawson, Arthur C Head Rents M W 67 Married Immigrated 1870 AlienEngland England England Mill Railroad Clerk
    Hawson, Mary I Wife F W 59 Married  OR VA OH Dressmaker
    Berner, George Lodger M W 20 Single CO Germany Germany ShipYardLaborer
    - Fam #332 -
    Gray, Earl T Head Rents M W 24 Married  OR PA OR Orchestra Musician
    Gray, Gwendolyn Wife F W 19 Married  Washington Kansas Missouri
    Hibbs, Gertrude Mother-in-Law F W 39 Divorced Missouri Iowa Indiana
    Hibbs, Anna Sister-in-Law F W 17 Single Washington Kansas Missouri
    - page 11B -
    Gray, Wesley M Brother M W 22 Married [but no wife reported] OR PA ORAuto Mechanic

    A correspondent contributed the following story of her ancestormeeting Earl in 1921.

    "My ancestor Jimmy Rinehart met Earl Gray on the beach in SeasideOregon in about 1921.  Rinehart was about 13; Gray allowed him to helpwith a  damaged plane and then hired him.  He paid him with aircraftparts with which he build his first airplane, and I have a fewnewspaper articles you may be interested in, describing how he metEarl Gray and the plane he built and article with a photo of Earl Grayand his wife Dorothy Souder who died Labor Day weekend in 1927 [it was6 Sept 1926] in the plane crash at Haystack Rock.  Jimmy participatedin the air search for her.  An article describing an Air Show Earlflew in and the malfunction that nearly resulted in a crash.  Anotherdocument listed his employment with 'Earl Gray Aviation Company.'"
    --  Cynthia Boeing, email on Geneanet messaging to Orville BoydJenkins, 24 January 2015

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1922, p 693
    Gray Earl T (Gwendolyn I) musician h 921 av W

    "He was a muscian and a Seattle Band leader but he had his own bandand radio show."
    --  Cindy Boeing, email on Geneanet messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins,24 January 2015

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1927, p 701
    Gray Earl T (Dorothy) S musician h 5215 I 36th av SW I

    Cindy Boeing also provided a newspaper story about a near crash that aEarl Gray's skillful piloting prevented.


    Control Jams at Elevation of 1,000 Feet and Aviator Gray PreventsDisaster only by Clever Maneuvering -- Slight Bruises Only Injury toTwo Boy Passengers and Driver -- Plane Damaged

    The Curtis pursuit plane was a prominent feature of aerial sceneryhere during the Fourth of July festivities, met with quite a seriousmishap Sunday at 1:30 when the control which governs the elevatingrudder became jammed when the plan was starting on a flight and hadreached an elevation of about 1000 feet.

    The difficulty was due to so small a matter as the absence of a tinycotter pin allowing a bolt which held the control rod in place to slipout, the rod falling down and becoming jammed so that the controlcould not be manipulated.  The control rudder was in a position toelevate the plane, which made it impossible to volplane to a landing.In this embarrassing emergency Mr. Gray showed his coolness and skillby an unusual maneuver.  He would shut off the power permitting theweight of the engine to pull the nose of the plane downward. Afterdropping as far as he dared without falling into a tail spin, he would“flatten out” the plane when it began to point up again (owing to theposition of the rudder) he would repeat the former maneuver.  By thisprocess he worked the machine down to within about 50 feet of theground and made a pancake landing in Ben Schloman’s oat field.

    Plane Damage-No One Hurt

    The passengers in the plane at the time were Ralph Fralick and FrankMarsh, neither of who sustained any injury of consequence, sustainingonly slight bruises about the face owing to being thrown forward whenthe plane struck the ground, Mr. Gray had his nose bumped in likemanner but seemed none the worse for the experience.  The boys thoughtthe aviator was simply cutting a few fancy “didoes” and didn’t noteven become nervous.

    Mr. Gray said the accident was one which might never occur again in alifetime of flying but placed him under a handicap which made theavoidance of a serious accident very difficult.  The plane is owned byLou Johnson, who served as mechanic during the flights here.  Thedriver, Earl Gray, is rated as one of the most experienced and expertaviators on the coast.

    The plane is being repaired at this place and is expected to be readyto take the air again by the end of the week.
    --  Arlington Times, Arlington Washington, July 10, 1924; courtesy ofCindy Boeing, email on Geneanet messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 25January 2015

    A marriage record in Kitsap County, Washington, reports that Earlmarried Barbara A Boswell in 1926.  I have not found the marriage ordivorce record for Earl and Gwendolyn.  They divorced before December1924, when she married Cyril Fouts.

    The 1930 census record for Gwendolyn (Gwendoline) reports a son namedEdwin Gray age 9.  So this son was born about 1921, fitting into theother facts from the records.  The 1920 census, however, introducessome changes in birth sates from the other records we have for Earland Gwendolyn,

    1930 Federal Census, King County, Washington, 18 April, Seattle,District 11-212, page 21A, 8421 10th Ave SW, Hse #288, Fam #296
    Tomer, Victor Head Owns Has Radio M W 35 Married at age 20 Italy ItalyItaly Immigrated 1912 Real Estate Salesman [b abt 1910]
    Tomer, Gwendoline Wife F W 29 Married at age 16 England EnglandEngland Immigrated 1910 [b abt 1901]
    Gray, Edwin  Son M W 9 Single Oregon Hawaii England [b abt 1921]

    Earl and Gwendolyn divorced some time before March 1924.  They bothremarried in 1924.  Earl married Dorothy Souders in March 1924 andGwendolyn married Cyril Fouts in December 1924.

    Washington, Marriage Records, 1865-2004
    Dorothy Souders of King County, Washington
    Spouse Earl T Gray of King County, Washington
    Marriage 17 Mar 1924 Tacoma, Pierce County
    Witnesses Mr and Mrs W F Vaughn
    Ceremony was performed by C W Weyer, Minister, Tacoma Washington

    Earl's married to Dorothy did not last long.  Unfortunately, Dorothydied after only a little over two years of marriage to Earl, at theage of 24.  Her obituary announced that she died in a plane crash intothe ocean near Cannon Beach, Oregon, in September 1926  Her funeralservice was held on 27 September 1926.  Earl married Barbara A Boswellin November 1926 in Kitsap County, Washington.

    Washington, Marriage Records, 1865-2004
    Earl Thornton Gray
    Spouse Barbara A Boswell
    Marriage 30 Nov 1926 Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington
    Date Recorded 17 Dec 1926
    Ceremony performed by W M Richards, Minister of the Gospel

    I discovered an anomaly, however, that I have not been able toresolve.  I found a city directory entry for Earl and Dorothy Gray in1927, which is after the date of Dorothy's death in September 1926.  Isuspect the data for the 1927 directory had already compiled beforeher death in September 1926.  Or it could have been a carryover entryfrom an earlier directory.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1927, p 701
    Gray Earl T (Dorothy S) musician h 5215 I 36th av SW I

    It appears that Earl was not married to Barbara very long.  His wifein the 1939 Palm Springs City Directory reports his wife as Edna KGray.  He was married to Edna at least by 1929.  There is a record ofhis piloting a Maddux Air Lines plane with Edna.  Thanks to CynthiaAnn, another researcher, who posted a photo of a Maddux Air Linesplane on her Ancestry tree.

    "Maddux Air Lines - Earl Gray flew Aircraft NC7582 June 1929accompanied by Edna Gray"
    --  Cynthia Boeing, Comment on a photo on Gray Family Tree, 27 Aug2014,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/69539398/person/46307938136/mediax/1?pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7CpgNum&ftm=1

    The details of this flight are found on a US immigration passengermanifest, providing more information on Earl and Edna.  They wereliving in Los Angeles at the time of this flight.

    San Diego, California, Airplane Passenger and Crew List Arrivals,1929-1954
    American Citizens, for U S Immigration, 23 June 1929
    Departure Agua Caliente, Baja California, Mexico
    Plane #NC7582, Maddux Air Lines
    Gray, Earl T age 33 [Birth abt 1896] Male Married born Portland,Oregon Residence Los Angeles, Cal
    Gray, Edna age 19 [Birth abt 1910] Female Married born Seattle,Washington Residence Los Angeles, Cal
    Taliafero, Berny age 25 Male Married born Eldorado, Kansas ResidenceLos Angeles, Cal

    In 1939 Earl and his wife's Edna K Gray are living in Palm Springs,California, where is the manager of a hotel.  His brother Wesley isthe assistant manager.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Palm Springs, California, City Directory, 1939-40, p 29
    Earl T ( Edna K) Gray mgr Royal Palms Hotel & Annex r 226 N PalmCanyon dr  Phone 247
    - p 30 -
    Gray Wesley M (W Naomi) Asst Mgr Royal Palms Hotel r 225 N Palm Canyondr

    They divorced some time between that City Directory and the 1940census, when Edna was reported divorced and living in her mother'shome.  They had a daughter Marilyn Gray in about 1931, who is withEdna in 1940.

    1940 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 13 April, LosAngeles, District 60-119, Page 11A, 5981 Franklin Ave, Hse #270, Rents$45, No Farm
    Williams, Nina A Head F W 59 Widow Grade H4 b Canada Same place in1935 Saleslady, Dept Store [b abt 1881]
    Williams, Dorothy G Dau F W 34 Single Grade 8 b Canada Same place in1935 Hotel Bookkeeper [b abt 1906]
    Williams, Evelyn M Dau F W 32 Single Grade H2 b Canada Same place in1935 [b abt 1908]
    Gray, Edna K Dau F W 25 Divorced Grade H2 b Canada Same place in 1935[b abt 1915]
    Gray, Marilyn E Granddau F W 9 Single Grade 3 b Calif Same place in1935 [b abt 1931]
    Flanigan, Patricia M Granddau F W 7 Single Grade 3 b Calif Same placein 1935 [b abt 1933]

    One record for 1940 possibly indicates a 5th marriage for Earl.  Thereis some indication that this is a different Earl Gray.  Gray seems tobe a common family name in Oregon.

    In the 1940 census an entry matching our Earl Thornton Gray in age,birth state and location is found in Los Angeles, with a Pearl Gray ofthe same age who appears to be his wife.  Their relationship is notreported in the normal way.  They are living in the Merritt JonesHotel, so are both reported simply as Lodgers.  The major new factoris that this Earl is reported as a car salesman.

    1940 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 8 April, SantaMonica, District 19-791, Page 4B, Merritt Jones Hotel, 127 Marine St
    Gray, Pearl Lodger F W 44 Married Grade 8 b Iowa Los Angeles CA in1935 Cosmetics Saleslady [b abt 1896]
    Gray, Earl Lodger M W 44 Married Grade 8 b Oregon Los Angeles CA in1935 Automobile Salesman [b abt 1896]

    The Parry Project genealogy reports this couple with her name as PearlFlorence Bales.  But they have Earl as J Earl instead of Earl T, andhave no parents or other details or documentation for Earl, citingonly a Bales Family genealogy.  That genealogy may have mistaken EarlT for Earl J in some record.  The 1940 census may be our Earl butmaybe not.

    It appears that Earl was unmarried in 1942, from the information onhis draft registration card.  His mother is listed as his contactperson.

    U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Earl T Gray
    Birth Date 3 Nov 1895 [a year earlier than reported in 1917]
    Residence 220 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, Riverside County,California
    Age 46, Born Nov 3, 1895 Portland, Oregon
    Contact Jennie Gray (mother), 3451 9th St, Riverside, California
    (No date of registration)
    Signed Earl T Gray

    In 1945 and 1950, he is in San Diego, and here also appears to besingle.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    San Diego, California, City Directory, 1944-45, p 426
    Gray Earl T h 7246

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    San Diego, California, City Directory, 1950, p 407
    Gray Earl T h 7246 Fulton

    In the 1954 directory, Earl is still at this same address, but now awife is reported, in the name of Nancy E.  This may not be the sameEarl T Gray we have been following, since his employment is reportedas USMC (US Marine Corps).  Earl Thornton Gray, the band leader, wouldhave been about 60 years years old at that time.

    U.S. Social Security
    Earl T Gray
    Birth 3 Nov 1895 Oregon
    Death 9 Feb 1971 San Diego County
    Social Security #549667393

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Earl Gray
    Born 3 Nov 1895
    Died Feb 1971
    Last Residence Del Mar, San Diego, California 92014
    SSN 549-66-7393 issued California (1962)


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