William Jerome WEAST Beatrice Addie MERRYMAN Mary Louise MILLUS Rhoda M STEPHENS William WEAST Rhoda M WEAST Frank A WEAST Mary WEAST Maggie C WEAST Emma WEAST Lessie C WEAST Joseph Benjamin WEAST Minnie C WEAST Rose Ann WOODWARD Mini tree diagram

Theodore John WEAST6,5,1,2,3,4

18641,2,3,4 - 13th Nov 19465,1

Life History


Born in Illinois.1,2,3,4

4th Apr 1911

Birth of daughter Beatrice Addie MERRYMAN in Bengal, Latimer, Oklahoma.6,1,7,8,9

13th Nov 1946

Died in Oklahoma.5,1

after 13th Nov 1946

Buried in Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma.1

Other facts


Married Mary Louise MILLUS

No record has been found to indicate Theodore Weast and Mary MillusMerryman were ever married.  Mary gave Beatrice her own last name, thename of her last husband Walter Merryman, who died in 1904.  Walter'slegal wife Rhoda did not die until 1929.


Married Rhoda M STEPHENS


  • In the 1930 census, Beatrice Addie Merryman and her husband Rama Terryare living with widower Theodore Weast, and Beatrice is reported asTheodore's daughter.  Her maiden name is always reported as Merryman,her mother's name after she married Walter Merryman.  But Walter diedin 1904.

    As more information has come to light over a period of research, itappears that Beatrice was born out of wedlock, as was her older sisterJewell, born in 1906.  So she was given her mother Mary Millus'scurrent name Merryman.

    Mary Millus Merryman is reported as a widow in 1920, and BeatriceAddie Merryman was born in 1911.  It is thus likely Addie was born outof wedlock, and was given her mother's surname from her last marriage.

    Further information from one genealogy (with no documentation)indicates that Theodore Weast was married to Rhoda Stephens at thetime of Addie's birth.  Rhoda died in 1929, and it may be Theodoreacknowledged Addie as his daughter at that time.  At any rate, Addie(Beatrice) and her husband Rama Terry are living with Theodore Weast,and Addie is reported as his daughter.

    One discreapancy occurs in this scenario.  here is the 1930 census,the birth state of Theodore Weast is reported as Illinois.  And thereis a Weast clan in Clinton, Illinois matching this.  But the birthstate of Beatrice's father is reported as Oklahoma.  This type ofdiscrepancy commonly occurs, so is not definitive.

    1930 Federal Census, Custer County, Oklahoma, 24 April, CedarTownship, District 10, page 6A, Hse/Fam #130
    Weast, Theodore J Head Owns Has Radio M W 65 Widowed IL OH IL Farmer
    Terry, Rama W Son-in-law M W 26 Married at age 24 OK GA NC FarmLaborer
    Terry, Beatrice Dau F W 19 Married at age 16 OK OK OK
    Terry, Billie Jack Son M W 1 OK OK OK
    Terry, Kenneth Son M W 0 (no months given) OK OK OK

    One genealogy reports that Theodore Weast was married to one Rhoda MWeast, who died about 1929.

    Rhoda Weast
    Birth 1866 in Oklahoma, Death about 1929
    Spouse Theodore John Weast 1864 - 1946
    Child Beatrice Weast 1911 - [Apparently based on 1930 census alone]
    --  Clark-Gibbens,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8221108/person/24044132791

    Theodore John Weast
    Birth abt 1864 in Illinois, Death 13 November 1946
    Father  William  Jerome Weast, Birth abt 1832 in Ohio,  Death 26November 1924
    Mother Rosanna Woodard, Birth Dec 1843 in Illinois, Death Unknown
    Spouse Rhoda Weast 1866 - 1929
    --  Clark-Gibbens,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8221108/person/24044128272

    A discussion on Genealogy Forum mentions a Theodore John Weast who wasmarried to a Rhoda M Stephens in Clinton, Jefferson County, Illinois.This matches our Theodore and Rhoda, except that researcher NolinChristensen on Genealogy Forums tells us that his Theodore died inJefferson County, Illinois, in 1923 and his wife Rhoda died there inabout 1920.  Note that he gives no birth date.  Maybe this is anotherTheodore Weast and Rhoda M Stephens who are in the previousgeneration.

    "I'm looking for information on the children of Theodore Weast andRhoda M Stephens. Theodore and Rhoda died in Jefferson Co IL 1923 and1920 respectively.  Looking for Frances G Weast b Oct 1887 and AgnesWeast b Mar 1889.  There is also a son, Samuel Augustus Weast b 1873 d1938. He married Mimmie Grace ? and they had 2 daughters, Viola Ireneand Irma."
    --  "Children of Theodore Weast," Nolin Christensen June 16, 2010,http://genforum.genealogy.com/weast/messages/117.html

    Another source makes us more suspicious of the Clark-Gibbens genealogyabove.  The memorial on Find a Grave for Theodore John Weast of CusterCounty, Oklahoma, reports a Rhoda M Weast, born in 1868, but reportsthat she is a sister of Theodore, not his wife.  But Find a Gravereports no wife for Theodore.  But Theodore born in 1864 also marrieda Rhoda, Rhoda Stephens, as reproted by Clark-Gibbens.

    As sources were uncovered it appeared this wa a large clan of Weasts,and several individuals named Theodore.  It appears another Theodorewas also born about 1832.  The only wife of the elder Theodore Weast,William's father, was Caecilia Katherine <no maiden name>.

    In the 1850 census, Theodore and Cecilia are found in Ohio withWilliam, born in about 1832, as one of the children.  Then in 1880William and Rose Ann are found in Clinton County, Illinois, andTheodore, born  in 1864, is one of their sons.

    1850 Federal Census, Perry County, Ohio, 21 September, Hopewell, page389B, Hse/Fam #972
    Theadore [sic] Weast 66 M Farmer $1500 Real Estate Value b France [babt 1784]
    Cecilia Weast 56 F b France [b abt 1794]
    Mary Weast 24 F b France [b abt 1826]
    Wililam Weast 18 M b Ohio [b abt 1832]
    Sarah Weast 15 F b Ohio [b abt 1835]

    Younger Theodore and Rhoda are two children of William Weast andRosanna (Stephens) Weast, enumerated as a family in the 1880 census inSanta Fe, Clinton, Illinois.  There is another Theodore Weast born inabout 1848, who was also married to someone named Rhoda.  There wereseveral individuals in this family named Theodore.

    In Clinton County, Illinois and related censuses for the elderTheodore in Ohio, most are reported as being born in Germany.  GrandpaTheodore and his wife Rose Ann (or Rosanna as the 1880 census has it),parents of William, were both born in France.  This and the form ofthe last name, indicate they were German-speaking from the area ofAlsace and Lorraine, territories of German speakers, but claimed byFrance in the incessant European wars.

    The members of this family on the German and French sides of themountainous border lived near each other.  This is underlined by thealternative spelling of Weist, found in several genealogies and in onecorrection on the name Weast by a researcher on the 1850 census forTheodore and Caecilia.
    In 1870 Theodore and Rhoda are two of the chidlren in the household ofWilliam and rosanna Weast.

    1870 Federal Census, Clinton County, Illinois, 3 June, PO Carlyle,page 10, Hse #65, Fam #66
    Weast, Wililam 33 M W Farmer $0 declared Real Estate $0 declaredPersonal born Ohio [b abt 1837]
    Weast, Rosanna 24 F W House Keeper b Illinois Cannot write [b abt1846]
    Weast, Theodore 6 M W Works on Farm born Illinois [b abt 1864]
    Weast, William 4 M W Works on Farm born Illinois [b abt 1866]
    Weast, Rhoda 2 F W At School born Illinois [b abt 1868]

    1880 Federal Census, Clinton County, Illinois, 3 June, Santa Fe,District 89, page 4, Hse/Fam #34
    Weast, William W M 49 Head Farmer OH France France [b abt 1831]
    Weast, Rosanna W F 35 Wife Keeping House IL TN TN [abt 1845]
    Weast, Theodore W M 16 Son MN MN KY [b abt 1864]
    Weast, Rhoda M  W F 12 Dau KY VA KY [abt 1868]
    Weast, Frank A  W F 10 Son TX MN KY [abt 1870]
    Weast, Mary  W F 8 Dau IL OH IL [b abt 1872]
    Weast, Maggie C W F 6 Dau IL OH IL [b abt 1874]
    Weast, Emma W F 3 Dau IL OH IL [b abt 1877]
    Weast, Lessie C W F 1 Dau IL OH IL [b abt 1879]

    In 1910, Theodore is reporting living ni his brother William'shousehold, reported as single at age 45.

    1910 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 13 June, UnionTownship, District 268, Page 26A, Hse  #361, Fam #362
    Weast, William Head M W 41 2nd marriage IL OH IL Farmer Rents [b abt1869]
    Weast, Gertrude Wife F W 43 First marriage Married 1 year Iowa GermanyNY [b abt 1867]
    Weast, Theodore Brother M W 45 Single Ill Ohio Ill Own Income [b abt1865]
    Pashcer, George Brother-in-law M W 22 Single Iowa Germany NY Farmer [babt 1888]

    Theodore John Weast
    Birth 1864
    Death Nov. 13, 1946

    William Jerome Weast (1832 - 1924)
    Rose Ann Woodward Weast (1845 - 1920)

    Rhoda M Weast McGoffin (1868 - 1962)
    Frank Weast (1870 - 1913)
    Anna Louise Weast Collins (1881 - 1966)

    Burial Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma, Plot: 3-145

    Maintained by Lianne Beel, Originally Created by Dolores ColwellWillis Sep 11, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #96865172,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=96865172


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