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Leo Earl MERRYMAN1,1,7,8,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,6,12

29th Mar 18911,2,3,4,5,6,1 - 16th Nov 19813,6

Life History

29th Mar 1891

Born in Kully Chaha, Sugar Loaf, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5,6,1

1st Jan 1911

Married Oda Naomi REYNOLDS in Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas.13,12

16th Nov 1981

Died in Yakima, Yakima, Washington.3,6

after 16th Nov 1981

Buried in Grandview Cemetery, Grandview, Yakima County, Washington.6


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    Leo Earl Merryman and Oda N. Reynolds

    My Great-Grandfather Leo Merryman, born in Kully Chaha (Kulli Cha ha),Sugar Loaf Co., Moshulatubbee Dist., Choctaw Nation, Ind.Ter., (nearpresent Poteau, LeFlore Co., Oklahoma) and later married Oda N.Reynolds....

    My Great-Grandfather (Leo) was born in 1891 and his father before himwas David C. Merryman born also in the Choctaw Nation in 1853; whilehis grandmother Anny Scott-Merryman (and David's mother) was born inMississippi before the 'Trail of Tears' removal to the new ChoctawNation there in what of course became Oklahoma (aka land of the "redpeople").  Other spellings in past generations on Merryman - Merriman.
    --  Russ Merryman choctawSonaol.com, Oklahoma Chahta Clan ofCalifornia, accessed 19 January 2015,http://www.oklachahta.org/Smoke%20Signals.htm

    Leo was reported as 5 years old in the 1896 Choctaw census.

    1896 Census, Sugar Loaf County, Choctaw Naton, Indian Territory, page478
    Merryman, David C Head  Male 43
    Merryman, Gipson V Male 18
    Merryman, Abraham Male 13
    Merryman, Mary J F Female 12
    Merryman, Wm H Male 9
    Merryman, Leo E Male 5

    Leo's brother Walter is next door in his own household.

    Merryman, Walter G Head  Male 20
    Merryman, Jno Z Male 4
    Merryman, Zoybo C Female 18 mos

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914
    1899, Sugar Loaf County, Choctaw Nation, P O Bengal, Card (Field)#2879
    1 Dawes' Roll #8455, Merryman, 49 (in 1899) David C, Age 46 Male,Birth Abt 1850, 1/8, 1896 Sugar Loaf Co #14560;  Fath W P MerrymanDead Non Citz, Moth Annie Merryman Dead Skullyville
    2 Dawes' Roll #W.915 Merryman, Cordelia E, 45 [sic] (in 1899) Wife,Age 38 [sic], Female, Birth Abt 1858, Intermarried White, 1896 SugarLoaf Co #14806;  Fath John W Blair Dead Non Citz, Moth Mary Revard1896 Non-Citz
    3 Dawes' Roll #8456, Merryman, Abraham, 18 (in 1899) Son Age 15, MBirth Abt 1881, 1/16, 1896 Sugar Loaf Co #8519, Fath #1, Moth #2
    4 Dawes' Roll #8457, Merryman, Mary J F, 16 (in 1899) Dau Age 13, FBirth Abt 1883, 1/16, 1896 Sugar Loaf Co #8520, Fath #1, Moth #2
    5 Dawes' Roll #8458, Merryman, William H, 14 (in 1899) Son Age 11, FBirth Abt 1885, 1/16, 1896 Sugar Loaf Co #8521, Fath No 1, Moth No 2
    6 Dawes' Roll #8459, Merryman, Leo E, 11 (in 1899) Dau [sic; Son] Age8, F [sic; Male] Birth Abt 1891, 1/16, 1896 Sugar Loaf Co #8522, FathNo 1, Moth No 2
    7 W.1314, Merryman, Ora, 16 [in 1899] Wife of No 3, Age 16, F IW BirthAbt 1883; [no prior registration] Fath John Graham Non Citz, MothOrminda Graham Non Citz
    Record as to enrollment of No 7 forwarded Department, Mar 14, 1906;Record returned.  See opinion of Assistant Attiorney General of March15, 1906 in case of Omer R Nicholson
    No 2 on 1896 roll as Cordelia Merryman
    No 4 on 1896 roll as Mary
    No 5 on 1896 roll as Wm H
    No 3 is now the husband of Ora Merryman on Choctaw card #S807 Sept 24,1902
    On Aug 10, 1902 No 7 was married to No 3
    No 7 originally listed for enrollment on Choctaw Card D807 sept 24,1902:  transferred to this card Feb 1, 1905.  See decision of Jan 16,1905
    For child of Nos 3 & 7, see NB (Mar 3-05) Card #137
    For child of Nos 4, see NB (Mar 3-05) Card #589
    Enrollment of No 2 hereon approved by the Sec of the interior Aug 3,1904
    Enrollment of Nos 1,3,4,5,6 hereon approved by the Sec of the interiorJan 17, 1903
    Enrollment of No 7 hereon approved by the Sec of the interior Mar 14,1905
    No 7 P O LeFlore, IT
    Date of application for enrollment 6/19/99 #1 to 6

    1900 Federal Census, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 7 June,Township 4, District 94, Page 16B, House/Family #4
    Merryman, David C  Head Indian Male Feb 1853 47  Married 26 yearsChoctaw b Ind Terr  Father b Tenn  Mother Choctaw b Miss Farmer OwnsFarm
    Merryman, Cordellia Wife W F Aug 1858  41  Married 26 years  4children/2 living IL IL IL
    Merryman, Abel Son Ind M Aug 1883  16 Single Choctaw b Ind TerrChoctaw b Ind Terr  Mother b Illinois Farm Laborer
    Merryman, Mary Dau Ind F Feb 1886  14  Single Choctaw b Ind TerrChoctaw b Ind Terr  Mother b Illinois
    Merryman, Henry Son Ind M Apr 1888  12 Single Choctaw b Ind TerrChoctaw b Ind Terr  Mother b Illinois Farm Laborer
    Merryman, Leo Son Ind M Mar 1891  9 Single Choctaw b Ind Terr  Choctawb Ind Terr  Mother b Illinois
    Merryman, Izora Niece [granddaughter?] Ind F Jan 1900 4mos Single IndTerr Ind Terr Texas

    Leo was listed in his father's household on the final rolls of Choctawby Blood.

    Chickasaw Roll Citizens by Blood, 9 May 1904 (birthdates as of 1899census)
    #8455 Merryman, David C Age 49 [Birth abt 1850] Male Blood 1/8 CensusCard #2879
    #8456 Merryman, Abraham Age 18 [Birth abt 1871] Male Blood 1/16 CensusCard #2879
    #8457 Merryman, Mary J F Age 16 [Birth abt 1873] Female Blood 1/16Census Card #2879
    #8458 Merryman, William H Age 14 [Birth abt 1875] Male Blood 1/16Census Card #2879
    #8458 Merryman, Leo E Age 11 [Birth abt 1878] Female [error broughtforward form 1899] Blood 1/16 Census Card #2879
    --  Choctaw Roll, up to 1907, U S Dept of the Interior Printed edition1961

    His older brother Walter was enumerated on the same page.

    Chickasaw Roll Citizens by Marriage, 9 May 1904 (birthdates as of 1899census)
    #8460 Merryman, Walter G Age 26 [Birth abt 1863] Male Blood 1/16Census Card #2880
    #8461 Merryman, John D Age 7 [Birth abt 1892] Male Blood 1/32 CensusCard #2880
    #8462 Merryman, Zado C Age 5 [Birth abt 1894] Female Blood 1/32 CensusCard #2880
    #8463 Merryman, Izora Lula Age 3 [Birth abt 1896] Female Blood 1/32Census Card #2880
    #8464 Merryman, Gabe Age 2 [Birth abt 1897] Male Blood 1/32 CensusCard #2880
    --  Choctaw Roll, Citizens by Blood, up to 1907, U S Dept of theInterior Printed edition 1961

    Note that Leo reported his race as White when he registered for theWWI military draft.

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Leo E Meryman [Leo E Merryman]
    Residence Mena, Polk County, Arkansas
    Birth 29 Mar 1891 Cameron, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Self-Employed Farmer, Race White
    Has Kidney Trouble
    Tall, Medium Build, Gray, Black
    Registered 5 June 1917 Potter, Polk County, Arkansas

    Leo married Oda Reynolds on 1 January 1911.

    "Leo and Oda Merryman have been united in marriage for more than 70years.  The young couple were wed in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on January1, 1911."
    --  "After 70 years, she's still his sweetheart," Grandview Herald,Grandview, Washington, 30 april 1981, p 1

    Leo and Oda moved at some point to Phoenix.  There are several otherhouseholds of Merrymans in the directory, but none we can identifywith the immediate family

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Phoenix, Arizona, City Directory, 1937, p 346
    Merryman Leo E (Oda) h 1725 S 1st av

    There is a similar entry in the 1938 directgory.  They were reportedin several editions of the Phoenix City Directory.

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Phoenix, Arizona, City Directory, 1940, p 322
    Merryman Leo E (Oda) h 1725 S 1st av

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Phoenix, Arizona, City Directory, 1947, p 369
    Merryman Leo E (Oda) h 2034 W Hadley

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Phoenix, Arizona, City Directory, 1948, p 539
    Merryman Leo (Oda) E h 2048 W Hadley

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Leo Merryman
    Born 29 Mar 1891
    Died Nov 1981
    Last Residence Grandview, Yakima, Washington 98930
    SSN 526-14-3428 issued Arizona (Before 1951)

    The memorial for Leo on Find a Grave reports that he was born inPoteau, but we are following the family info reported by Russ Merrymanthat Leo was born in Kully Chaha.  We are viewing it as ChcotawNation, since he was born before the state of Oklahoma was created.Kully Chaha is not a currently used name in location databases thatFAG uses.  Kully Cha Ha was in the High Spring area of what is nowLeFlore County, Oklahoma, of which Poteau is the county seat.

    Leo Earl Merryman
    Birth Mar 29, 1891 Poteau, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Death Nov 16, 1981 Yakima, Yakima County, Washington
    Spouse Oda Naomi Reynolds Merryman (1897 - 1991)
    Inscription:  Married 11/1911
    Burial Grandview Cemetery, Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, Blk5, Lot 2, Space 4
    Maintained by Naomi Merryman, Originally Created by lloker Dec 27,2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #63353782,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=63353782


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