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John Scott MERRYMAN1,2,3,4,6

14th Jun 18552,3,4,5,6 - 22nd Mar 19142

Life History

14th Jun 1855

Born in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,3,4,5,6

22nd Mar 1914


after 22nd Mar 1914

Buried in Skullyville Cemetery, Skullyville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma.1,2


  • Anny Scott's Bible Birth Entries
    [Smeary broad-nib pen makes some entries uncertain]
    James Monroe Merryman   Dec 16th, 1876
    Francis Jane Merryman Dec 2nd, 1846
    Julia Ann Merryman Jan 12th, 1947
    Mary Caroline Merryman Jan 7, 1849
    Martha Merryman  March 7, 1851
    David Merryman  Feb 15, 1853
    John Scott Merryman  June 14, 1855
    Lathan [sic: Lethiann] Amanda Merryman  July 29, 1856
    William Logan [?] Merryman  Oct 6, 1872
    Floradena Iona Merryman  Dec 28, 1874
    Leonara A Merryman and
    Leondus [sic] Ebenezar Merryman  May 21st, 1875
    Caroline Coleatha (Carrie) Merryman  June 27th, 1872
    Daniel W Merryman 22 July 1897
    Lee Roy Merryman  6 Sept 1900
    Theodore R Merryman 4 Feb 1902 (twin died)
    Carl Ocy Merryman  6 Aug 1904
    Amos B Merryman  6 Jan 1907
    Vernon Merryman  27 Jan 1909
    Veta E Merryman  5 April 1913
    Joana Isabella [?] Pearson [?] Dec 2, 1860
    Victoria Elizabeth Pearson [?] Aug 4, 1862

    Indian Territory, Descriptive, Biological and Geneological

    JOHN SCOTT MERRYMAN, who follows merchandising in Spiro, was born inScullyville county, of the Choctaw Nation in 1855.  His Father,William Merryman was a white man, born in Tennessee, and his deathoccured in the Choctaw nation in *1864, upon his farm located threemiles from Spiro.  He emigrated to the territory in 1844 and wastherefore one of the earliest settlers.  Throughout his activebusiness career he carried on agricultural pursuits.  His wife, whobore the maiden name of Anna Scott, was a half breed Choctaw, born inMississippi, and her death occurred on the homestead farm inScullyville county in 1856 [1866].

    Under the parental roof, John S. Merryman of this review, was rearedand the public schools of the neighborhood afforded him hiseducational privileges.  He early became familiar with all the dutiesand labors that fall to the lot of the agriculturist, and aftercompleting his education he gave his undivided attention to farmingfor some time His labors in the fields were then alternated byofficial service, for he was appointed district revenue collector andserved in that position for two years.  Subsequently he becameconnected with the cattle industry, and in 1899 he established his*store in Spiro where he has since carried on general merchandisingwith excellent success, his trade constantly growing.  Hisestablishment is considered one of the best general stores in thetown, and his business methods are such as to make those who oncepatronize him his constant Patrons.

    Mr. Merryman has been twice married.  He first wed Joanna Pierson, ahalf breed Choctaw, who was born in Mississippi and came toSkullyville county with her mother at the age of six years.  Her deathoccurred in 1896, and since that time Mr Merryman has wedded EllenBailey, a white woman.  He has eight living children, namely:
    *James F, Edgar Burton, Belva L, John I, Roscoe Conklin, Ophelia, IvyMyrte, and Erie.

    In his political affiliations Mr.  Merryman is a Democrat and keepswell informed on the issues of the day, taking an active interest inlocal politics.  He belongs to the camp at Spiro of the Woodmen oitneWorld, in which he holds the position of banker' Well known in thetown in which he makes his home as a reliable citizen and atrustworthy business man, he certainly deserves honorable mention inthis volume.

    * The above date of death for William P Merryman is in error.  Williamdied on January 27, 1881, and after his second marriage, and not in1864 as stated in this book. [Date of death for Anny Scott is alsowrong, should be 1866]
    * John S. Merryman's store was located at Main St. & Cheatham St., inold Spiro, OK.   The location of Cheatham St is unknown.  [Infoprovided by Tom P. Swafford in May of 2001.
    The names of the children in the book are not all correct, and Eriewas by his second wife Ellen; where as the rest of the children bornto them are not here listed)

    --  Gideon, D C, "History of Indian Territory," Indian Territory,Descriptive, Biological and Geneological, New York/Chicago:  The LewisPub Co, 1901, pgs 405 and 406;  courtesy of Russell Merryman, whoreceived pages from this book from Barbara West in 1980

    John is listed in the 1903 Choctaw Tribal Citrizens Roll.  For somereason the Ancestry transcription adds a second middle initial P whichis not there isn the actual document.

    U.S., Native American Citizens and Freedmen of Five Civilized Tribes,1895-1914
    1903 Choctaw Citizen Rolls, Choctwa Nation, Indian Territory (laterOklahoma), 17 Jan 1903
    John S P Merryman
    Choctaw Daws #8235 Age 47
    Age 47 (B abt 1856), 1/4 blood
    Census Card #2807
    Other individuals named Merryman are also listed

    John's memorial on Find a Grave was updated by its tender withinformation I submitted, and my note on his birth and death situation.

    John Scott Merryman
    Birth Jun. 14, 1855
    Death Mar. 22, 1914
    William P Merryman (1821 - 1881)
    Anny Scott Merryman (1821 - 1866)
    Children Ollie Ona Merryman Swafford (1912 - 1996)
    Julia Ann Beard (1847 - 1912)
    Lethi Ann Amanda Merryman Daggs (1854 - 1886)
    Note: John was born in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, IndianTerritory, which became LeFlore County, Oklahoma. His family livednear Skullyville, where he also is buried
    Burial Skullyville Cemetery, Skullyville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Created by jeff edwards Feb 23, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #24844722,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=24844722


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