William YANDELL William Isom YANDELL Mary Ellen YANDELL Rachel A TERRY Charles Edgar YANDELL Amanda Viola YANDELL Nathan YANDELL Mary E HUFFSTUTTLER Oma Jeanette YANDELL Sarah SMITHWICK Mary A Ruth HICKENBOTTOM Amanda Alvera CLARK Mini tree diagram

George W YANDELL9,1,2,10,3,8,1,6,4,1,11

about 18531,2,3,1,4,1,5 - UNKNOWN8,6,7,4

Life History

about 1853

Born in Missouri.1,2,3,1,4,1,5

1st Feb 1878

Married Rachel A TERRY in Johnson County, Arkansas.1,6

26th Dec 1885

Birth of son William Isom YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas.12,4,13

Mar 1888

Birth of daughter Mary Ellen YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas.13

25th Jan 1890

Death of Rachel A TERRY in Johnson County, Arkansas.4

18th May 1890

Married Mary E HUFFSTUTTLER in Johnson County, Arkansas.1

14th Oct 1891

Birth of son Charles Edgar YANDELL in Hartman, Johnson, Arkansas.13,15,14,16,12,1

Dec 1894

Birth of daughter Amanda Viola YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas.13,1,4,17

about 1896

Birth of son Nathan YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas

before 1900

Death of son Nathan YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas

before Jun 1900

Death of Mary E HUFFSTUTTLER in Johnson County, Arkansas.8

18th Dec 1900

Married Sarah SMITHWICK in Johnson County, Arkansas.1

about 1902

Birth of daughter Oma Jeanette YANDELL in Johnson County, Arkansas

before 5th Oct 1905

Death of Sarah SMITHWICK in Johnson County, Arkansas.11

5th Oct 1905

Married Mary A Ruth HICKENBOTTOM in Johnson County, Arkansas.11

29th Nov 1963

Death of son William Isom YANDELL in Arkansas.12,4

1st Jul 1969

Death of son Charles Edgar YANDELL in Los Angeles County, California.14,12

Jul 1976

Death of daughter Amanda Viola YANDELL in Nowata, Nowata, Oklahoma.4,17


Death of Mary A Ruth HICKENBOTTOM in Johnson County, Arkansas.8


Death of daughter Mary Ellen YANDELL


Death of daughter Oma Jeanette YANDELL


Died in Johnson County, Arkansas.8,6,7,4



Buried in Hartman Cemetery, Hartman, Johnson County, Arkansas.6,7,4


  • George Yandell was born about 1853, though most genealogies report himborn about 1852.  His birth on his memorial in Find a Grave isFebruary 1852.  But no photo of the grave is provided.

    This date of birth cannot be correct.  Because his parents marriagerecord in Henry County, Missouri, indicates George's parents WilliamYandle and Manda Clark did not marry until September 1852.  It ishighly unlikely he was born months before they married.  And no recordor genealogy suggests that.

    The 1900 census has his birth date as an even more absurd Apr 1847.The 1860 census report that George was only 8 years old in 1860!  Thereported age of 53 was the basis of the enumerator's report.  IfGeorge was 8 years old in 1860, then in 1900 he shoudl have been about48.  Age reports vary a lot in this era from census to census acrossthe board in some regions.

    A reference from the Isom Terry family tradition suggested that RachelTerry Hughes married George W Yandell.  A reference form aTerry-Yandell rseracher that mentioned both husband's names gave me aclue to both Rachel's husbands.

    "Have you found any documents to support Rachel marrying John Hughesbefore she married George W Yandell?"
    --  Jami Sue Yarger Brandt, Geneanet Messaging communication toOrville Boyd Jenkins, 30 April 2015

    With these names I found the record of George and Rachel's marriage inJohnson County, Arkansas, where we would expect.  This date is a fewmonths after the death of Rachel's first husband John Hughes.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Geo W Yandle
    Residence Butts Store, Johnson, Arkansas
    Geo W Yandle, Johnson County
    Age 26, Birth Year abt 1852
    Spouse's Name Mrs Rachel Hughes
    Spouse's Residence Fort Douglas, Johnson, Arkansas, Age 26
    License Date 30 Jan 1878
    Ceremony by James C Harris, Justice of the Peace
    Ceremony 1 Feb 1878
    Registered 8 Feb 1878, Marriages Book 0, page 256

    In had seen reference to the Terry-Hughes marriage information, butonly in June 2016 did I find the actual marriage record for RachelTerry and John Hughes.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    John Hughes
    Age 21, Birth Year abt 1851
    Residence Johnson, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Rachel A Tary
    Spouse's Age 20 [b abt 1852]
    Spouse's Residence Johnson, Arkansas
    Marriage 16 Jun 1872 Johnson County

    "G.W. Yandell was my great grandfather. ... Rachel had a son, John,when she married George and they had two children; William Isom, andMary Ellen.  My g-mother was Amanda Yandell, the youngest of MaryBunker's (Huffstuttler) children.  She had three; Nathan, Charles, andAmanda.  After Mary died, George married Sally Smithwick and they hadone child; Oma Jeanette.  Sally Smithwick died and George married RuthHickenbottom.  I think George died around 1905 and supposedly he andall four wives are buried in the Hartman, Arkansas cemetery.(unmarked)."
    --  Lanita ("tandibruce"), Ancestry Messaging  to Orville BoydJenkins, Jun 27, 2016

    There is no burial information on Find a Grave for anyone named GeorgeYandle in Johnson County or anywhere in Arkansas.  There are a fewYandles in other counties.  I found that most families spell the nameYandell.  There are 3 George Yandells in Hartman Cemetery, whereRachel is buried, but all of them were born 1880 or later.

    But George's fourth marriage occurred in October 1905.  Though Lanitareports the name of George's 4th wife is Ruth, a record matching hisinformation exactly  is found on a marriage license for G W Yandle andMrs Mary A Higginbottom.  (The spellings Higginbottom and Hickembottomare variations of the same name, as well as Higginbothan and otherforms.  Just as Yandell was spelled in a variety of ways in recordsand by family members.)  Both G W and Mary live in Hartman.  Nofurther record has been found of either G W or Mary.

    George was born in Missouri.  In the 1860 census, he was enumerated asthe oldest child of his family in Hickory County, Missouri.

    1860 Federal Census, Hickory County, Missouri, 7 June, Township 37, POBlack Oak Point, page 15-16, Hse/Fam #108
    William Yandle 30 M Farmer $0 Real Estate $80 Personal born TennesseeCannot read or write [b abt 1830]
    Amanda Yandle 23 M born Indiana Cannot read or write [b abt 1837]
    - page 16 -
    George W Yandle 8 M born Missouri [b abt 1852]
    Mary E Yandle 5 F born Missouri [b abt 1854]
    Amanda Yandle 1 F born Missouri [b abt 1859]

    Between 1868 when Fielden was born and the census in 1870, George'sparents moved the family to Kansas.

    1870 Federal Census, Labette County, Kansas, 8 June, PO Chetopa,Richland Township, page 15 (scan 109), Hse/Fam #115
    Yandle, William 40 M W Farmer $0 Real Estate $300 Personal bornKentucky [b abt 1830]
    Yandle, Amanda 36 F W Home b Missouri [b abt 1834]
    Yandle, George 20  M W Farmer born Missouri [b abt 1850]
    Yandle, Mary 17 F W home born Missouri [b abt 1863]
    Yandle, Fielden A 12 M W born Missouri [b abt 1868]

    George and Rachel were enumerated in the 1880 census with her son JohnHughes in their home in Pilot Point, Johnson County, Arkansas.  Notethat John Hughes' birthplace is reported as Kentucky.  If this iscorrect, it means that John and Rachel moved to Kentucky for a shorttime, then she moved back, probably after his death.  But John isburied there in Johnson County.

    1880 Federal Census, Johnson County, Arkansas, 2 June, Pilot rock,District 88, page 10 (scan 258A), Hse #8, Fam #10
    Yandel, George W M 26 Head Farming Cannot read or write MO KY IN [babt 184]
    Yandel, Rachel W F 27 Wife Keeping House Cannot read or write KY OH KY[abt 1853]
    Hughes, John W M 7 Stepson Kentucky Ark Kentucky [b abt 1873]

    There is some confusion about Rachel Terry Hughes Yandell's deathdate.  There are two similar grave memorials in very similar names inHartman Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas,.  Both have the very samebirth date and the same death day, but one has the death year as 1890and the other has the year of death as 1895.  The 1895 death matchesthe birth of George's last child reported in the 1900 census, born inDec 1894.  But why is her name Hughes or Hughes Washborn instead ofHughes Yandell or Terry Yandell?

    The name on the memorial, with the marker photo, reporting the date ofdeath as 12 January 1890, is Rachel Hughes Washborn.  The other in thename of Rachel Hughes, has no marker, and the date of death there isreported as 25 January 1895.  A marriage record reports that Georgemarried Mary Bunker in May 1890, which would fit with the death of hiswife Mary Terry Hughes Yandell in January 1890.

    The date of death 1895 may be for the next wife, Mary Bunker in themarriage record, whom George married on 12 May 1890.  No death recordhas been found in either name to match either of these names or dates. But with George's marriage to Mary E Bunker in May 1890, we can takethe date of 25 January 1890 as likely.  We know it was after the birthof Mary E Yandell in March 1888 (if the 1900 census is right about herbihht).

    This birth date is likely close to corect, since it was only acomparatively short time before the 1900 census, compared to George'swhich defuinitely seems to be too early.  But if we take that as thedeath date, then this seems to affirm the birth and death dates on thegrave memorial in the name of Rachel Hughes Washborn, leaving is stillwith that anomaly.  We can only watch for other records or clues toturn up along the way.

    G W Yandell
    Marriage 18 May 1890 Johnson, Arkansas
    Age 38, Birth Year (Estimated) 1852
    Residence Hartman, Johnson, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Mary E Bunker
    Spouse's Age 30, Birth Year (Estimated) 1860
    Spouse's Residence Hartman, Johnson, Arkansas
    Marriage License Date 14 May 1890

    The following record in the 1900 census appears to be our GeorgeYandell  Though the township is different from the 1880 census, thecounty is the same.  Several genealogies also attach this familyrecord to George and his children.  George's birth date as reportedhere is a good bit earlier than any other age report in previousrecords which range from 1850 to 1852.  His stated birth date here isApril 1847. Three of the chidlren are born after 1890, the year wehenRachel is reported to havce died in Janaury, according to one of thegrave memorials, and grave photo, as well as several genelaogies.

    This would fit with the marriage reported above of George to Mary EBunker in May 1890.  George is reported as widowed here.  Mary couldhave died before the 1900 census, though I have not found a death orburial record of a memorial on Find a Grave.

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Arkansas, 18 June, Ward Township,District 44, Page 13A, House #218, Family #226
    Yandell, George W Head W M Apr 1847 53 Widowed MO OH OH Farm LaborerRents
    Yandell, William T Son W F Dec 1884  15 Single AR MO AR Farm Laborer
    Yandell, Mary E Dau W F Mar 1888  8 Single AR GA MS Servant
    Yandell, Charles E Son W M Feb 1892  13 Single AR MO AR
    Yandell, Amanda V Dau W F Dec 1894  5 Single AR MO AR
    Moore, Michael Boarder W M Aug 1846 53 Single AR Ireland OH FarmLaborer

    The 1900 census has George's birth date wrong.  His parents marriagerecord in Henry County, Missouri, reprots they married 16 Sep 1852 inHenry County, Missouri.  His grave has an also incorrect date ofFebruary 1852.

    George married Sarah (Sally) Smithwick in December 1900.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    G W Yandells
    Age 52, Birth Year abt 1848
    Residence Hartman, Johnson, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name S J Smithwick
    Spouse's Age 35
    Spouse's Residence Hartman, Johnson, Arkansas
    Marriage 18 Dec 1900 Johnson County
    Marriage License Date 17 Dec 1900

    Arkansas Marriage License
    George W Yandell
    Mrs Mary A Higginbottom
    Residence of both Hartman, Johnson County, Arkansas
    Marriage license 5 October 1905, solemnized same date
    --  Johnson County Marriage Record Book, p 228

    The following death and burial announcement for a George Yandell wasattached to our George in another genealogy.  A matching burial isfound in Le Flore County, Oklahoma, acress the border form ScottCounty, Arkansas, where the Waldron Advance newspaper had publsihed a2-line death announcement for the George Yandell who was buried in LeFlore County.  However, as more records were discovered, it appearedthis was a different George Yandell..

    "...Uncle George Yandell, a brother of Judge Edmond Yandell, died ofpneumonia last Thursday night [2 March 1905?].  He will be buried inHeavener. (Oklahoma)"
    --  Waldron Advance, Waldron, Arkansas, 10 March 1905 [Friday]; textreported in the Townsend Family Tree on Ancestry.com

    Waldron is in Scott County, Arkansas, bordering Le Floore County,Oklahoma.  It is not clear here where death occurred.  His FAGmemorial manager concludes that death was in Oklahoma, but it seemsmore likely it was in Scott County, Arkansas.  The date of death,however, is complicated by the discovery of a marriage record forGeorge W Yandle and Mary A Higgenbottom, in Hartman, Johnson County,Arkansas, where George was still living in 1900.

    Further, the marriage record was found for George's 3rd marriage toSally Smithwick, with the date of December 1900.  This means Georgemarried his 4th wife at a later date.  A record in Hartman, JohnsonCounty, Arkansas, matches the report of Ruth Hickebottom, except thatthe name is not Ruth by Mary A:  Mrs Mary A Higginbottom.

    This appears to be the 4th marriage reported by a great granddaughterof George and Mary Huffstuttler Bunker.  The date of this marriage was5 October 1905, after the date of March 1905 when George is reportedto have died.  Was there another "Uncle George Yandell" in ScottCounty that the above death reprot refers to?  And which has beenreferenced in our G W Tandell's memorial on Find a Grave?

    George W Yandell
    Birth Jan 1852 Scott County, Arkansas
    Death Mar 1905 Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Note: Information taken from 10 Mar 1905 death notice printed in theWaldron Advance
    Burial Memorial Park Cemetery, Heavener, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Created by Julie McLaughlin Aug 11, 2015
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #150491485,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Yandell&GSiman=1&GScid=98611&GRid=150491485&


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