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Armstead Elza BLEVINS

Armstead Elza BLEVINS1,2

17th Feb 18441,2 - 15th Dec 19241

Life History

17th Feb 1844

Born in Walker County, Alabama.1,2

28th Oct 1868

Married Juleyan CAMPBELL in Walker County, Alabama.8,1

Jan 1872

Birth of daughter Peggy BLEVINS in Alabama.3,4,2

about 1873

Birth of son Jackson BLEVINS in Alabama

25th Mar 1874

Birth of daughter Merrenia Mary C BLEVINS in Cullman, Cullman, Alabama.2,5,1

about 1876

Birth of son Benjamin BLEVINS in Alabama.2

about 1878

Birth of son John BLEVINS in Alabama.2

May 1878

Birth of daughter Minolevia BLEVINS in Alabama.7,2

about 1879

Birth of son Byard BLEVINS in Alabama.2

about 1915

Death of daughter Minolevia BLEVINS in Alabama.6

14th Jan 1921

Death of Juleyan CAMPBELL.1

15th Dec 1924

Died in Brennan, Walker, Alabama.1

17th Dec 1924

Buried in Blevins Family Cemetery, Cullman County, Alabama.1


  • 1880 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama, 16 June, District 13,page 11, Hse/Fam #61
    Blevins, Arm.  W M 30 Husband Farming AL AL AL b abt 1850]
    Blevins, Julia  W F 29 Wife Keeping House AL AL AL [abt 1851]
    Blevins, Peggie W F 9 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1871]
    Blevins, Jackson W M 7 Son AL AL AL [abt 1873]
    Blevins, Mary W F 5 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1875]
    Blevins, Benjaman [sic] W M 4 Son AL AL AL [abt 1876]
    Blevins, Merrenia  W F 3 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1877]
    Blevins, John W M 2 Son AL AL AL [abt 1878]
    Blevins, Byard W M 1 Son AL AL AL [abt 1879]

    Rev Armstead Elza "Uncle Arm" Blevins, Jr
    Birth Feb. 17, 1844 Walker County, Alabama, USA
    Death Dec. 15, 1924

    Private-Company L 1st Alabama Cavalry USA.
    3/1/1865 Enlisted Stevenson, AL
    4/18/1865 Mustered In Nashville, TN
    4/20/1865 Sick in Hospital Nashville, TN
    10/20/1865 Mustered Out

    Service records compiled by Glenda Todd and used with her permission.This and other information about the history of the First and the menwho fought with the unit can be found in her book, "First AlabamaCavalry, USA: Homage to Patriotism".
    From The Cullman Democrat 18 Dec 1924
    Submitted by Robin Sterling

    Pioneer Minister Buried

    Rev. Arm Blevins, one of the oldest and most respected ministers inthe county, died at his home on Bremen Route 1, on Monday. He was 83years of age at the time of his death. He was preceded in death by hiswife, who passed away two years ago. Mr. Blevins spent his long lifemostly in this county. The funeral was conducted by the Masons and hewas buried Wednesday in the Blevins cemetery in Bremen.

    From "Mama White" Cynthia Almeadia Blevins: Armstead Jr. was hergrandfather and says that he wanted badly to go to war but his parentsand his brothers wouldn't let him go. So he ran away, traveled up theSipsey River to the Tennessee River where he swam across and joinedthe Union Army. He spent only about 8 months however, in the army andmost of that was in a hospital in Nashville.

    From History of Methodism in Alabama and West Florida, by Marion ElizaLazenby, 1960, North Alabama Conference and Alabama-West FloridaConference of the Methodist Church, page 698
    Submitted by Robin Sterling

    A.E. Blevins enlisted March 1, 1865, in the Union Army and wasmustered out in October 1865. In 1867 he was born of the spirit andunited with the M.E. Church. He was licensed to preach in 1890. Heserved from 1897 until 1913, when he retired. He loved the church andwent cheerfully to every charge to which appointed.
    Buried: Blevins Family Cemetery, Cullman Co., AL

    A letter from Keener Barnes, The Director of Archives and History forThe United Methodist Church, North Alabama Conference wrote a letterof reply on Jan 7, 1971 to Mrs. Lee Blevins 405 White Circle, Cullman,AL and relayed this info:

    "In 1867, Armstead E. Blevins was recorded in the history of theMethodism Episcopal Church. He was licensed to preach in 1890. Heserved from until his retirement in 1913. "He loved the Church", thehistorian Dr. M. E. Lazenby stated, and "went cheerfully to everycharge to which he was appointed." This would seem to explain why hisname was not listed on the Centennial program in Gadsden, Nov 16, 1970as he was not licensed to preach until 1890."

    The 1860 Census shows the family living in Winston County, AL and thatall the children were born in AL. They homesteaded 160 acres of landin the eastern section of Winston County in the southern part of FlatRock Community near Rock Creek, now Smith Lake.

    Armstead Jr. (later Reverend), enlisted in the Union Army when he wasabout 18. The "History of Methodism in Alabama and West Florida" byM.E. Lazenby has the following to say about "Uncle Arm":

    In 1867, Armstead E. Blevins was born of the Spirit and united withthe Methodist Episcopal Church, licensed to preach in 1890, joined theAlabama Conference in 1897, he served charges from 1897 until 1913when he retired. He loved the church and went cheerfully to eachcharge to which he was appointed."

    "Uncle Arm" as he was called by his friends, faithfully served theFlat Rock Charge from 1907 to 1912. Eldredge Thomas had this to sayabout "Uncle Arm":

    "He was a minister I always enjoyed hearing preach. He would telljokes part of the time and war stories. He would always spend thenight with Uncle Tom Morrow and they would talk most of the nightabout their experiences in the Civil War."

    FROM papers given to me by Mickey Campbell and his father:

    26 May 1888: Declaration of Invalid Pension: A.E. Blevins, Jr.contracted rheumatism caused from chronic diarrhea and chills andfever while stationed at Hodge's Springs near Mouton, AL, in theswamps; also contracted measles at Nashville, TN, about 25 Mar 1865resulting in impairment to his eyesight. Not treated for rheumatismbut treated for diarrhea in camp and for measles in General HospitalNo. 14, Nashville, TN.

    26 May 1888: Post office address: Garrison's Point, Blount Co, AL.Residence: County of Walker, now Cullman County.

    19 Feb 1892: Takes oath that he contracted hernia or…while on duty inthe army in year 1865. That he was not much disabled…until about 3years ago, when it got so bad that he could hardly walk or ride, andin place of getting better, it is getting worse. And it is so now thathe is fully ¾ disabled. He further states that said disease wascontracted while in the army and that it still exists in a greaterdegree--is not the result of any vicious habits or intemperance.

    Served in Co. L, 1st Regiment Alabama Calvary, Co. Lt. H. L. Boulton(Bolton) 1 March 1865-20 Oct 1865. Enlisted at Stevenson, AL, inhospital at Nashville 20 Apr 1865, Present for Muster Roll May, June,July and August.

    Address 2: June 1915 Route 1, Bremen, AL
    Address at Enlistment: Houston P.O. Box Winston County, AL

    27 April 1912 says scar on back of neck or "carpunkel," 5' 10" Tall,fair skin, color of eyes: grey, Hair: dark

    In 1924 was paid at a rate of $50 per month pension.

    Reverend Armstead was married on Oct 28, 1868 to Juleyan Campbell,daughter of Adam and Lucretia Green (a Cherokee). She is reported tohave had red hair like her father. She applied for citizenship for hersons in the Cherokee nation. Known children are: General Jackson(probably named for Juleyan's brother General Campbell), Peggy,Minolevia 'Minnie", Dillard, Byrd Bartimus., John Robert, ArmsteadAlzie, Mary, Benjamin F., and Joseph.

    Armstead Elza Blevins (1812 - 1882)
    Celia Cranford Blevins (1812 - 1890)
    Spouse Juleyan Campbell Blevins (1844 - 1921)

    General Jackson Blevins (1870 - 1949)
    Byrd Bartimus Blevins (1878 - 1950)
    John Robert Blevins (1879 - 1959)
    Joseph Blevins (1881 - 1957)
    Dillard E Blevins (1884 - 1963)
    Armstead Alzie Blevins (1888 - 1959)

    Dillard Blevins (1836 - 1862) Half-sibling
    John Blevins (1837 - 1863) Half-sibling
    Joseph S. Blevins (1840 - 1876)
    Sarah Jane Blevins Campbell (1845 - 1922)

    Inscription: A.E. Blevins
    Feb 17, 1844
    Dec 15, 1924
    Co. L 1st Reg U.S. Army

    Burial Blevins Family Cemetery, Cullman County, Alabama, USA

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