Ancil Cunningham GREEN Daniel GREEN Mini tree diagram


17871 - about 18151

Life History


Born in Old 96th District, South Carolina.1

about 1802

Married Ancil Cunningham GREEN in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1

about 1810

Birth of son Daniel GREEN in South Carolina.2,3,1

about 1815

Died in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1


  • Ansel Cunningham Green
    BIRTH 11 FEB 1786 South Carolina
    DEATH 29 OCT 1881 Murray County, Georgia
    1st Wife Sarah L "Sally" Bearden
    BIRTH 1787 Old 96th, now Spartanburg Co. SC
    DEATH ABOUT 1815 -1817 Probably Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Marriage ca. 1802-1804 Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Son Daniel Green
    BIRTH 1810-1812 South Carolina
    DEATH AFTER 1866-BEFORE 1870 Tunnell Hill, Whitfield, Georgia
    2nd Wife Frances Chastain (Widow of ------- Champion)
    Daughter Martha Jane Green
    BIRTH 5 APRIL 1828 North Carolina
    DEATH 29 MARCH 1892 Cass County, Texas
    --  Irene Keller,


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