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Daniel GREEN

Daniel GREEN1,2,3,4

about 18101,2,3 - before 18703

Life History

about 1810

Born in South Carolina.1,2,3

about 1836

Birth of son Ansel WRIGHT in Georgia.1,6

15th Jun 1862

Death of son Ansel WRIGHT in Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia.5

before 1870

Died in Whitfield County, Georgia.3

Other facts


Married Talitha A BEARDEN


  • It is not clear how this Daniel Green is kin to other Greens in our information.  Some indicate he is the brother of Toliver Green, and the ages would put them in the same generation.  At least one genealogy does list a Daniel Green among the siblings of Toliver, but this old genealogy has no footnotes or source info.

    Genealogies are incomplete and uncertain, and we continue reviewing the details as more comes to light.  I have not entered this Daniel Green into the family relationships of Toliver and siblings and their father, who appears to be Daniel John Green.  Some genealogists in our family accept the link and assign Daniel Green as Daniel, the brother of Toliver.  He also matches the son of Ancil Cunningham Green and his wife Sarah L Bearden.

    Most genealogies of the families that have the siblings of Toliver Green lack a Daniel.  There is some indication in some documents, however, that Toliver did have a brother named Daniel.  A strong negative factor is that he is not mentioned in the will settlement, which mentions an amount of $77 for several sons or sons-in-law.  But the list in the will does not include a son named Daniel.

    Also uncertain is the name Ansell Wright Green of a similar age as Daniel.  The apparent son, maybe a nephew, of Talitha Bearden and her husband in the 1850 and 1860 censuses is Ansell Wright (Tunnel Hill Township, Gilmer County, Georgia).  But some sources also have the same name for his father.  Precious little documentation is existent at all.

    At least one source has reported that Daniel and the older Ansell Wright Green are the same person, with the name Ansell Wright Daniel Green.  This seems too great a stretch for the thin information we have and the counter-indications.  Also the name Wright is definitely entered as a last name for Ansell, not a middle name.

    It is also uncertain where the name Wright would have come in for a Daniel in the line of our Greens, since there seems to be no Wright married into the Green line.  It would appear that Wright as a middle name retains some previous maiden name, but I have not been able to find it.  It could be from the Bearden side.

    An older Ansell Green, without the middle name Wright, also appears in a previous generation in other genealogies of this same Green lineage.

    In the 1940 census, we have an entry that matches Daniel Green, in the Georgia county of Gilmer.

    1840 United States Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia
    Daniel Green
    Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
    Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29: 1
    Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39: 1
    Persons Employed in Agriculture: 2
    Free White Persons - Under 20: 1
    Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 3
    Total Free White Persons: 4
    No Free Colored or Slaves

    1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, 9 November, Subdivision 33, Gilmer, Georgia, Hse/Family #1204
    Daniel Green 40 M Farmer  SC
    Telitha Green  41 F  GA
    Ansell Wright  [Green?] 13 M  GA

    There is a difference of only a few weeks or months between the ages of Daniel and Talitha.  Ansel was not born until Talitha was about 28 years old.  That would be in 1837.  So he may not be their child.

    But if he is their child, either Ansel is their first child or their last, or -- unlikely -- their only.  But if he is the first child, then where are the others?  He is 13 years old.  But if the last, there should also be a couple of others still at home, unless there is a very big gap since the last one.  Either way, it does not seem to leave room for a different father.

    Since he has a different last name, he could be a nephew.  But no relationship has been found to a Wright family.  It is taken by some genealogists that his name was Ansell Wright Green.  But see the 1860 census, where he is still Ansell Wright, and apparently married with his wife named Mary Wright.

    In 1854, Both Daniel and Talitha assisted a relative, William Flanagan, by serving as witnesses in William's heirs in their application for his military pension. William Flanagan was the father of Winifred (Winny or Winna) Flanagan Bearden, wife of Jacob Newton Bearden.  Jacob Bearden was a deponent in this case.

    The affidavits state that Winna Bearden and Priscilla Flanegan are the two surviving children of William and his wife Sarah Self Flanegan.  William had been a pensioner of the United States in Hall County, Georgia, before his death on 15 September 1845 and his wife Sarah after that until her death in Gilmer County, Georgia, on 26 June 1848.  These depositions on behalf of their daughters were made in May 1854.

    U.S., Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900
    William W Flanagan, Flanegan or Flannegan, born in Virginia, Pension Record #5275
    [In these documents the surname is spelled variously Flanagan, Flanegan or Flannegan, but never as Flannigan, the common modern spelling.]
    Original Pension Application, Notarized and signed with His Mark
    Widow's Application from Sarah, 1834, then the surviving heirs after her death
    Application from his daughters Winna Bearden and Priscilla Flanigan, amendments to the original application, and the testimony affidavits of Jacob Bearden, Daniel Green and Telitha (Bearden) Green, personal witnesses
    The heirs' Application, plus the personal documents which state the marriage and deaths dates of William and Sarah Flanagan/Flanegan, including Sarah's maiden name to be Self
    Another document states Winna' s (Winny, Winifred) birth year to be 1792
    Jacob Bearden's testimony states that Winna is his wife and the daughter of William and Sarah.  He states that William and Sarah married in 1783.
    Jacob Bearden also includes the names of the non-surviving children:  John, Sarah and Leroy Flanegan
    --  Documents accessed at, Publication Number M804, Archive Roll Number 986, Total Pages in Packet 37, Courtesy of the research of B Irene Keller, Ancestry,

    In 1860, Ansell is still living with Daniel and Talitha Green, but they are now living in Whitfield County, Georgia, in Tunnel Hill District.  Since the last census, Ansell Wright has been married and his wife Mary is in the household with them.  Ansell is working on the farm with Daniel and Talitha.  Note that the last name is still Wright, not Green, which strengthens the argument that Ansell is not their son.  This leaves the mystery of his parentage and exact relationship with the Greens.  Mary is apparently his wife.

    Note that Talitha's mother Winney (Winnifred) Flannigan Smith Bearden is now living with them.  This indicates that Winney's husband has died since the 1850 census.  Note also that in this census, Ansell's birth state is Alabama, not Georgia.

    1860 Federal Census, Whitfield, Georgia, 27 June, Tunnel Hill District, page 22 Hse #161, Family #151
    Daniel Green 49 M Farmer  $100 real estate $600 personal  born SC
    Talitha Green  51 F  GA
    Ansell Wright (Green?)  25 M  Farm Laborer  Alabama
    Mary Wright  22 F  Alabama [appears to be the wife of Ansell]
    Winney Bearden 67 F North Carolina []

    Daniel died some time before 1870.  In the 1870 census, Talitha is a widow living with her brother.

    In 1870, she is age 59, living in a separate house next door to her younger brother Andrew, age 35, a son of Jacob Bearden and Winifred Smith.  Talitha is listed as in a separate house (#55), but with the same household/family as Andrew (#52).

    1870 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 7 August, District 27, PO Tunnel Hill, page 46, Hse #55, Family #52
    Andrew Bearden, age 35
    Talitha Green  59 F GA (would make birth in 1811)

    In 2017 a genealogy was found that proposed parents for Daniel, the first such source in many years of searching.  This tree proposed his father and mother were Ansel Cunningham Green and Sarah l (Sally) Bearden.  No sourcing or discussion is provided.  Because of the type of information and detail, it appears this researcher is presenting family-sourced information.

    Ansel Cunningham Green
    BIRTH 11 FEB 1786 South Carolina
    DEATH 29 OCT 1881 Murray County, Georgia
    1st Wife Sarah L "Sally" Bearden
    BIRTH 1787 Old 96th, now Spartanburg Co. SC
    DEATH ABOUT 1815 -1817 Probably Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Marriage ca. 1802-1804 Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Son Daniel Green
    BIRTH 1810-1812 South Carolina
    DEATH AFTER 1866-BEFORE 1870 Tunnell Hill, Whitfield, Georgia
    2nd Wife Frances Chastain (Widow of ------- Champion)
    Daughter Martha Jane Green
    BIRTH 5 APRIL 1828 North Carolina
    DEATH 29 MARCH 1892 Cass County, Texas
    --  Irene Keller,

    However, there are genealogies for Ancil/Ansell Cunningham Green that have a long list of children, but no Daniel included.


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