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Pearl May BOND

Pearl May BOND1,2,3,4,14,9,5,14,12,11,3,15,6,7,13,8

also known as Pearl ROGERS9,1,5,6,10

also known as May SCHUSTER12,11

3rd Jul 18921,2,3,4,5,3,6,7,8 - 23rd Jul 19881,5,6,8

Life History

3rd Jul 1892

Born in Oklahoma.1,2,3,4,5,3,6,7,8

14th Apr 1908

Married William JOHNSON in Haskell County, Oklahoma.3

14th Apr 1908

Resident In her marriag record Pearl reported her residence as Kinta in Kinta, Haskell, Oklahoma.3

about 1909

Death of William JOHNSON in Oklahoma.4,9

31st Jul 1909

Birth of son Ridgely Prentice JOHNSON in Kinta, Haskell, Oklahoma.4,9,16,12,11,17,3

27th Apr 1910

Resident The 1910 census reported the residence of May (Bond) Johnson as a widow with one son in the home of her parents Ridgely and Sina (Colbert) as Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma. in Kinta, Haskell, Oklahoma.4

about 1912

Married Someone PHIPPS in Haskell County, Oklahoma.12

about 1913

Birth of daughter Emma PHIPPS in Haskell County, Oklahoma.11,12

28th Apr 1917

Married John Herman SCHUSTER in Haskell County, Oklahoma.12,3

20th Mar 1918

Birth of son Oscoe Frank SCHUSTER in Stigler, Haskell, Oklahoma.12,11,18,10

3rd Feb 1920

Resident The 1920 census reported Center in Haskell County, Oklahoma as the family's residence. in Center, Haskell, Oklahoma.12

about 1923

Birth of daughter Juanita SCHUSTER in Haskell County, Oklahoma.11,7

6th Sep 1924

Birth of son Wallace Boyd SCHUSTER in Kanima, Haskell, Oklahoma.15,11,10,7

10th Apr 1930

Resident Residence for the 1930 census is reported as Center in Haskell County, Oklahoma in Center, Haskell, Oklahoma.11


Resident Pearl Schuster was reproted on the voter registration rolls in 1934, her husband was not..  Her surname indicates she had not yet remarried at that time. in Long Beach City, Los Angeles, California.13

about 1935

Married Someone ROGERS in Riverside County, California.13


Resident The 1940 census for Pearl and her two children Juanita and Wallace reported they had been living in Coachella in 1935, but at census time ahd moved to Banning in the same county. in Coachella, Riverside, California.7

before 1940

Death of Someone ROGERS in Riverside County, California

16th Oct 1940

Resident Under the name Pearl Rogers, her 1940 census residence was reported as Banning, California, in her son's WWII draft registration. in Banning, Riverside, California.9,7,10

13th Nov 1953

Death of John Herman SCHUSTER in San Bernardino County, California.19,6

Dec 1981

Death of son Ridgely Prentice JOHNSON in Los Angeles County, California.14,16

23rd Jul 1988

Died in Vista, San Diego, California.1,5,6,8

after 23rd Jul 1988

Buried in San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma.6,8


  • -------------
    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914
    Choctaw Nation, P O Sans Bois, Sans Bois County, Indian Territory, Census Field #4606, 1896, All Enrolled 1896, p 26 (updates through 1905)
    1 Dawes' Roll #12740, Sina Bond, Age 33 (b abt 1863) 1/2 Choctaw #577 Father David Colbert Dead Chickasaw, Mother ? Dead Skullyville Co
    2 Dawes' Roll #12741, Florence Bond, Dau Age 10, F (b abt 1876) 1/4 Choctaw #578 Father Ridgely Bond Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    3 Dawes' Roll #12742, May Bond, Dau Age 7 (b abt 1889) 1/4 Choctaw #579 Father Ridgely Bond Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    4 Dawes' Roll #12743, Bennett F Bond, Son Age 4 (b abt 1892) 1/4 Choctaw #580 Father Ridgely Bond Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    5 Dawes' Roll #12744, Wallace Bond, Son Age 11mos (b abt 1895) 1/4 Choctaw #?(581) Father Ridgely Bond Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    6 Dawes' Roll #12745, Sidney Bond, Ward Age 11 (b abt 1885) 1/2 Choctaw #582 Father Wallace Bond  Dead Sans Bois, Mother Lily McGilbrary [sic] Dead
    7 Dawes' Roll #12746, Green M Bond, Ward Age 7 (b abt 1889) 1/2 Choctaw #583 Father Wallace Bond  Dead Sans Bois, Mother Lily McGilbrary [sic] Dead
    8 Dawes' Roll #12747, Nicholas Dyer, Ward  Age 17 (b abt 1879) full Choctaw #3513 Father Jim Dyer Dead Sans Bois, Mother Lucy  --- Dead Sans Bois
    9 Dawes' Roll #12748, Douglas Trahern, Son Age 17 (b abt 1879) M 1/2 Choctaw #11816 Father Lysander Trahern Skullyville, Mother No 1
    10 Dawes' Roll #12749, Martha Trahern, Dau Age 17 (b abt 1879) F 1/2 Choctaw #11816 Father Lysander Trahern Skullyville, Mother No 1
    11 Dawes' Roll #IW462, Ridgely Bond, Hus Age 47 (b abt 1892) M Intermarried White, Father George Bond ded Non-Citizen, Mother Rebecca A Bond Dead Non Cit

    No 4 on roll as Bennette Bond
    Evidence of marriage between No 1 & 11 filed Feby 14, 1903
    Evidence of divorce between No 1 & former husband filed Feby 14, 1903
    Approved by Secretary of the Interior 12 September 1903

    "I know we have a little bit of Indian blood and this was never talked about when I was young. We were all taught to say we were white, even though we are not really that white. I was never taught about my indian blood, except that we are Choctaw and Chickasaw, we have a great ancestor Levi Colbert."
    --  Jenifer Johnson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 May 2020

    Oklahoma, County Marriage Records, 1890-1995
    Pearl Bond, Age 18 (b abt 1890), resident of Kinta, Haskell Co OK
    Bill Johnson, Age 22 (b abt 1886), resident of Sans Bois, Haskell Co OK
    Marriage 14 April 1908 Haskell County, Oklahoma, USA
    Ceremony performed by J E Yandell, Minister of the Goaspel, of Sans Bois
    At the home of Mr and Mrs Peele in Haskell County, Oklahoma
    Witnesses Mr and Mrs Peele, Charles Allen, John Pearson (?)
    Recorded 16 April 1908 Haskell County Marriage Book, p 109

    Bill died about January 1910, according to the data in the 1910 census.  His wife May was reported as a widow, and she had a 3-month-old child, born in about January.  So he could have died any time since his conception.  But it would have been before the census taken in April.

    1910 Federal Census, Haskell County, Oklahoma, 27 April, Kinta, District 84, page 22A, Hse #121, Fam #131
    Bond, Ridgely Head M W 58 [b abt 1852] Marriage 2 Married 22 yrs MD MD MD White Farmer Owns
    Bond, Siny Wife F Ind 45 [b abt 1865] Marriage 2 Married 22 yrs 8 child/8 living Choctaw/OK Chickasaw/MS Choctaw/OK 1/2 choctaw/1/2 white English mother tongue
    Johnson, May Dau F Ind 17 [b abt 1892] Widow 1 child/1 living Choctaw/OK White/MD Choctaw/OK 1/4 Choctaw/1/4 White English mother tongue
    Johnson [Bond], Bennett F Son M Ind 15 [b abt 1895] Single Choctaw/OK White/MD Choctaw/OK 1/4 Choctaw/3/4 White English mother tongue
    Johnson [Bond], Wallace Son M Ind 12 [b abt 1898] Single Choctaw/OK White/MD Choctaw/OK 1/4 Choctaw/3/4 White  English Mother Tongue
    Johnson [Bond], Ridgely E Son M Ind 7 [b abt 1903] Single Choctaw/OK White/MD Choctaw/OK 1/4 Choctaw/3/4 White  English Mother Tongue
    Johnson [Bond], Margaret Dau F Ind 5mos [b abt Sept 1909] Single Choctaw/OK White/MD Choctaw/OK 1/4 Choctaw/3/4 White  English Mother Tongue
    Trahern, Douglas Stepson M Ind 13 [b abt 1897] Single Choctaw/OK White/MD (should be OK, father is Choctaw) Choctaw/OK 1/2 Choctaw/1/2 White  English Mother Tongue
    Johnson, Ridgely P Grandson M Ind 3mos [b abt Jan 1910] Single Choctaw/OK White/OK Choctaw/OK 1/8 Choctaw/7/8 White  English Mother Tongue

    At some point Perl May moved to San Diego County, California.

    "My great grandma Pearl and my grandpa Prentice moved here to California.  Prentice met my grandma and they married and divorced, they had 4 kids."
    --  Jenifer Johnson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 May 2020

    In1920, there was a younger child named Johnson, a daughter with an uncertain first name.  This Johnson daughter was 6 years old.  But in 1910, May Johnson was a widow then.  But then about 3 years later this daughter was born, and was listed with the surname of Johnson.

    1920 Federal Census, Haskell County, Oklahoma, 3 February, Center, District 28, page 1B, Hse #14, Fam #16
    Schuster, John H Head  Owns M W 36 Married AR NY Austria-Father's mother tongue German Farmer
    Schuster, May Wife M W 27 Married OK MD OK
    Johnson, Prentice Stepson M W 10 Single OK OK OK [b abt 1909]
    Johnson [Phipps], Phipps Sep-dau F W 6 Single OK IL OK [b abt 1913]
    Schuster, Frank Son MM W 1yr10mos Single OK OK OK [b abt 1918]

    Note that the enumerator in 1920 go confused over the surnames of the chilren  The 7-year-old daughter was reported with the surname Johnson, but what looks like Phipps was given as the firs name.  The 1930 census clarifies this my correctly reporting this daughter's surname as Phipps, and her first name as Emma.

    1930 Federal Census, Haskell County, Oklahoma, 10 April, Center, District 31-4, page 3A, Hse #47, Fam #48
    Schuster, John H Head Rents $8 Has Radio M W 45  First married at 32  OK Austria NY (parents oppostie of the 1920 report) Coal Miner
    Schuster, May Wife  F Ind 37  First married at 23  OK Mixed Choctaw [1896 Choctaw record and roll show her father was Intermarried White]
    Schuster, Frank O Son M Ind 12  Single OK Mixed Choctaw white]
    Schuster, Junita (Juanita?) Dau F Ind 7 Single OK Mixed Choctaw
    Schuster, Wallace B Son M Ind 5 Single OK Mixed Choctaw
    Johnson, Ridgely P Step-Son M Ind 20 Single OK Mixed Choctaw
    Phipps, Emma Step-Dau F Ind 17 Single OK Mixed Choctaw

    They moved to California some time after the 1930 census.  All records for them after that, other than Pearl's burial, were in southern California.  But they divorced out there.  In 1934, the Voter Registration rolls reported Pearl Schuster in Long Beach City,. Los Angeles County, California.  But her husband was not listed.  She was the only Schuster listed for the city.

    California, Voter Registrations, 1900-1968
    Schuster, Mrs Pearl M
    Residence 1934
    1122 1/2 Gladys Court, Long Beach City, Los Angeles County, California, USA
    Party Affiliation Democrat

    This is not definitive proof that they had divorced before that date.  John may just have not registered to vote.  But it is good circumstantial evidence and gives us an approximate date.  The 1940 census reports that by 1935, Pearl and her children Juanita and Wallace were living in Coachella, Riverside County.  John Schuster has not been found in the 1940 census, but is later reported in Coachella, and worked for the county of Riverside.

    In the 1940 census, Pearl May is reported as Pearl Rogers, and as a widow.  She is a single head of household with her daughter Juanita and son Wallace Boyd Schuster in the home

    1940 Federal Census, Riverside County, California, 11 April, Banning, District 33-66, Page 11A, 440 North Haywood, Hse #219, Owns $2000
    Rogers, Pearl Head M W 48 Widow Grade 8 b Oklahoma Coachella, Riverside Co CA in 1935 Laundress at Banning Laundry [b abt 1892]
    Schuster, Juanita Dau F W 17 Single Grade H4 b Oklahoma Coachella, Riverside Co CA in 1935 Laundress at Banning Laundry [b abt 1913]
    Schuster, Wallace B Dau F W 15 Single Grade H1 b Oklahoma Coachella, Riverside Co CA in 1935 [b abt 1915]

    I have not found a record for John in the 1940 census.  But in 1940 he did register for the WWII draft in Riverside County, where he reported he was working for Riverside County in a camp.  In this record he listed their son O F Schuster in the Navy in New York as his contact.

    Meanwhile, May's son Prentice registerd for the draft in Oklahoma, but reported his mother as his contact, under the name Pearl Rogers.

    Oklahoma, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945
    Printice Rigley Johnson
    Birth 31 Jul 1909 Kinta, Oklahoma
    Residence Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma, United States
    Nearest Relative Pearl Rogers, Mother, 440 North Hardgrave, Banning, Riverside County, California
    Occupation None
    6' 1" 165 Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Dark Complexion
    Registration 16 October 1940 Stigler, Haskell County, Oklahoma, United States
    Signed as name is entered here.  The surname is spelled as Ridgely in his father's records.
    Repository FamilySearch.org

    Her son Wallace reported Pearl as his contact in his WWII draft registration.  He reported her residence address the same as his in Banning, Riverside County, California.

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    Wallace Boyd Schuster
    Age 18
    Birth 6 September 1924 Kinema, Haskell County, Oklahoma, USA
    Residence 1174 North Almond Way, Banning, Riverside, California, USA
    contact Mrs Pearl Rogers, same address (mother)
    Employer Griffith Co, Los Angeles County, at Governmenr Hospital, Palm Springs, Riverside County, California
    5' 11" 145 lbs, Gray Eyes, Brown Hair, Light Complexion
    Registration 23 December 1942 Banning, Riverside, California, USA
    Signed with full name

    The last child of May and John, Wallace, was reported in the 1930 census as age 5, so born about 1925.  All later records for both John and May are in southern California, but never together or referencing each other.  Some time after the 1930 cesus, Pearl and John divorced, though no record has been found.  She maried someone named Roges.  From that time May went by the name Pearl Rogers.  Her grave has the name Pearl M Rogers.

    No information has been found about the Rogers husband, no marriage, death or burial record.  It would appear, from her these records, in addition to Pearl May's death and burial records, that she and John divorced some time after the 1930 census, she married someone named Rogers, for whom we have found no record, then he died before the 1940 census.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Pearl May Rogers, Female
    Death 23 Jul 1988 San Diego, California, United States
    Birth  03 Jul 1892 Oklahoma
    Father's Name Bond
    Mother's Name Colbert

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Pearl Rogers
    Birth Date 3 Jul 1892
    Death Date 23 Jul 1988
    Last Residence Vista, San Diego, California, 92083
    Social Security Number 559-03-0260 Issued Before 1951 in California

    Both John and Pearl died in San Bernardino County, but while he was buried in Riverside County, she was shipped back to Oklahoma for burial in her home town, Kinta.

    Pearl M Rogers
    BIRTH 3 Jul 1892
    DEATH 23 Jul 1988 (aged 96)
    BURIAL San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma, USA
    Inscription "Back home"
    Created by MillieBelle 5 Feb 2008
    --  Find a Grave Memorial 24420105, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/24420105

    An obituary for Pearl was published in the Oklahoman newspaper.

    Newspapers.com Obituary Index, 1800s-current
    Pearl M Rogers
    Death Age 96 (b abt 1892)
    Residence Vista (San Diego County), Caliornia
    Death Date July 1988
    Obituary published 26 Jul 1988 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with a Stigler, Oklahoma, dateline

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