Shadrack JACKSON Moses Andrew JACKSON William W JACKSON James JACKSON William Daniel JACKSON Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON Stillar JACKSON Winnie Alice JACKSON James Toliver JACKSON Samuel Westfall JACKSON Enoch Avery JACKSON Talitha GREEN Mary Prudence FINLEY Mini tree diagram

Abraham B S JACKSON11,2,3,12,13,3,8,9,10,6

about 18371,2 - about 18797

Life History

about 1837

Born in Alabama.1,2


Resident in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.2

15th May 1860

Licence obtained for marriage to Talitha GREEN in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.14

17th May 1860

Married Talitha GREEN in Cooke County, Texas.33

18th Nov 1861

Military: Rank Pvt Enlisted Nov. 18, 1861, Ft. Arbuckle by Mercer Fain; Near Davis, Oklahoma, a little north of Ardmore, where Jacksons later lived, as well as farther south near Marietta in Ft. Arbuckle, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3

about 1862

Birth of son William Daniel JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.15

between Jun 1862 and Jun 1863

Military service: Honey Springs became the major staging area for the Confederates, after the Federals took Ft Gibson about 20 miles north of Honey Springs, in April 1863 in Honey Springs, Indian Territory.3

19th Oct 1863

Birth of daughter Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.16,15,4


Resident On tax rolls, p 10 in Cooke County, Texas.8

Apr 1865

Military service: Wells Regiment Texas Cav, Abraham Jackson, Pvt Company A, Apr 1865, Absent without leave since Apr 15, 1865 in Honey Springs, Indian Territory.3


Resident On tax rolls, p 9A in Cooke County, Texas.9

about 1868

Birth of son Stillar JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.15

11th Dec 1869

Resident Issued with residence permit, employed by Benjamin Franklin Overton, later governor of the Chickasaw Nation. -- source Kati Jackson Cain, research from Chickasaw Nation archives in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.10


Residence2: Abraham's daughter Alice was born here in 1870. It is possible only Abe's wife Talitha went there for the birth. Other members of the Green family and related Barnetts lived here. in Wise County, Texas.4

21st Feb 1870

Birth of daughter Winnie Alice JACKSON in Wise County, Texas.1,17,4

9th Sep 1870

Trial: Warrant issued by the Western District of Arkansas and Indian Territory for the arrest of Abe and his two brothers-in-law Jacob and Daniel Green in Ft Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas.5,6

Jackson-Green Charges for Rustling -- Indian Territory -- Warrant for Arrest 1870

9 September 1870
Warrant issued 9 September 1870, Western district of Arkansas For the arrest of Daniel Green, Jacob Green, Abraham Jackson; this document does not name witnesses; (Abraham is Jacob and Dan's brother-in-law, married to Talitha Green) Charged with stealing 16 head of cattle from C L Roff Document courtesy of Cynthia Ann Mixon Beam and Marion Mixon, Green-Jackson Researchers

5th Mar 1872

Birth of son James Toliver JACKSON in Hill County, Texas.18,19,20,21,15,4,22,1,23

8th Jan 1874

Birth of son Samuel Westfall JACKSON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.24,15,25,1,26

1st Oct 1877

Birth of son Enoch Avery JACKSON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.27,28,1,29,15,30,31,32

about 1879

Died in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.7

about 1879

Buried in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory


  • Various genealogies have tried to shoehorn Abraham into different Jackson lineages where he just does not fit.  He has been inserted in at least three different unrelated genealogies where the facts of the matter and lack of supporting documentation disprove these connections.

    Many of these alleged connections involve contradictory facts.  Some people want Abraham to fit so badly they keep trying to force him into somebody else's family line.  Little public documentation is available.  There are many Jacksons and Abraham was a popular name in the 1800s.  There is a Jackson clan in Hill County, Texas, where related Greens and others lived.  This looks promising but no firm connections there have been confirmed for our Abraham.

    One family that some have tried to hard to identify with Abraham Jackson is Abraham Jasper Jackson of Montgomery, Alabama.  But Abraham Jasper was born in Georgia, then his family moved to Montgomery, while what info we do have indicates that Abraham B (or B S) Jackson in Gainesville, Texas, was born in Alabama.  His details do not match our Abraham.  In June 2015, I did make a connection of one son of Abraham Jasper Jackson with Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas.

    A widow of one Robert Lewis Jackson made application in 1913 for a Confederate widow's military pension.  Her application indicates that they had lived in Hillsboro for 29 years before.  Robert Lewis was a son of Abraham Jasper Jackson of Montgomery, Alabama.  And Robert Lewis served in an Alabama Unit of the Confederate army.  But no clear connection has been found to our Abraham Jackson.

    Back in October 2007, I first analyzed the census entry of 1860 for Abraham and Talitha.  They were in Cooke County, Texas, near Gainesville.  They are enumerated as a separate family in the same household with a Moses A Jackson, age 31.  We suspected Moses was Abe's brother, and later Chickasaw Nation residence records found only in 2015 seemed to support that.

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, Gainesville, page 58 (scan 253), Hse #484, Fam #501
    Moses A Jackson 31 M Farmer $320 real estate $130 personal b Illinois [b abt 1829]
    Anna Jackson 21 F b Indiana
    Charlotte Jackson 3 F b Texas
    James Jackson 3 M b Texas
    Rhoda Jackson 6mos F b Texas [abt Jan 1860]

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, Gainesville, page 59 (scan 254), Hse #484, Fam #502
    A Jackson 23 M Farmer born Alabama [b abt 1837]
    Talitha Jackson 17  born Georgia [b abt 1843]
    James Jackson 25 M born Alabama [b abt 1835]

    A Jackson (our Abraham) is 23, married to Talitha, age 17.  One member of their family appears to be a brother of Abraham, James Jackson, age 25.  Both Abraham and James were born in Alabama.  It seems likely that Moses is also a relative, and the age would indicate he is a brother, but his birth state is given as Illinois, and his wife is from Indiana.  This could be accounted for in migration of the family, and an error of state of birth is common in the censuses.  It is possible, however, that they just happen to be boarding with another family named Jackson.

    Further informatoin came to light later and in February 2016 more calrity came on Moses Jackson and his lineage.  His parents were Shadrack )or Shadrick) Jackson and Anna B Hyatt.  His parents are buried in Plano, Collin County, Texas.  The Maynard Genealogy of this Jackson family has extensive records and family informaion, and has no Abraham.

    A commont by another Moses Jackson genealogist also seems to eliminate Abraham from this family as a son of Shadrack and Prudence.

    Merritt, McKnew, Beasley, Sandy, Dabbs, Richards Family Tree
    "Children: Shadrack [Jackson] and Prudence Finley had 8 children but only 3 lived"
    --  Lisa Rosseisen, 3 Jun 2010, citing History of Bond and Montgomery County, Illinois, Ancestry Comments,

    Three living children reported by family trees are Moses Andrew, Shadrack/Shadrick Joshua, and Frances M.

    James Jackson in the 1860 census is 2 years older than Abraham. It is interesting that James Jackson is listed as a member of Abraham's family, and not in Moses' family.  This may indicate a closer relationship with Abraham than with Moses.  I have been unable to find any further information about this Moses Jackson.

    Note that A (Abe) Jackson and James Jackson are both born in Alabama.  If they are all three brothers, it would mean that the family moved from a former location, probably South Carolina or Georgia, where many other Jacksons live, some of whom also married Greens of this same family.  With this birth information, they would have had to move first northwest to Indiana, then within 6 years moved southwest to Alabama.  They then moved straight west to Texas as a family, perhaps?

    A cousin and co-researcher on the Jacksons and Greens, Kati Jackson, reported finding that someone had entered a maiden name for Moses Jackson's wife Anna in comments on the census posted at  This person names her Anna Hyatt.  This might open up some more leads to learn more about these other Jacksons.

    The census information indicates Anna (Hyatt) was born about 1939 in Indiana.  Kati found a family tree that has her spouse as Moses Andrew Jackson, filling out the detail of the 1860 entry for her husband.  This matches the family Abe and Talitha are living with in 1860 in Gainesville, Texas.

    The names A S Jackson & A B S Jackson on Texas tax records seem to be for the same person as Abraham Jackson, known to the Green family as Abe.  These correlate with Chickasaw Nation residence permits & other Indian Nation records for Greens & Jacksons.  Members of this Green-Jackson family were also present in Indian Territory during the Civil War while maintaining residence south of the border in Cooke County, Texas.

    A Civil War record seems to refer to our Abraham Jackson, in the Scanland Squadron, Texas Company A.  This was part of the Wells Regiment.  They were stationed in Ft Arbuckle, Oklahoma.  The Jacksons later lived not far south of here, in the Ardmore and Marietta areas.  This Squadron was active in CSA operations in northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas.  This also provides a likely link to court records we have found with names of Abraham Jackson and related Greens, Jacob, Daniel and Jack, in the Ft Smith, Arkansas area.

    Two other Jacksons are in the list, and may be kin to Abraham.  It may be that William is another brother of Abe.  He named his first son William Daniel.  (This may also indicate that Abraham's father was named William.)  Ben does not otherwise show up in any family information.  But this William may be the William H Jackson who was given a residence permit to live in Chickasaw Nation about the same time as Abe and his family, and Abe's father-in-law Toliver Green.  That William H Jackson was enrolled in the Chickasaw Nation as an intermarried white, in Pontotoc County.  He received his residence permit 3 days before Abe and Talitha and Toliver received theirs. (See below.)

    Later called the Wells Regiment
    Jackson, Abraham Rank Pvt  Enlisted Nov. 18, 1861, Ft. Arbuckle by Mercer Fain
    Jackson, Ben    Pvt.    June 23, 1862,  Ft. McCulloch by Capt. Scanland
    Jackson, Wm.    Pvt.    June 23, 1862,  Ft. McCulloch by Capt. Scanland

    CSA Wells Regiment Texas Cavalry Indian Territory, Co B
    Abraham Jackson
    June 1862-June 1863
    Company B of Wells Regiment, Texas Cavalry
    Formerly Scanland's Squadron, Texas Cavalry
    Scanland's former Squadron was merged with Wells Regiment as Companies A and B.
    Company A of Wells Regiment Texas Cav was formerly known as Scanland's Squadron.  Scanland's was merged with Wells and became Company A & B of Wells.
    --  Fold 3,, courtesy of Jackson-Green researcher Marion Mixon

    When the Civil War began, the Federal troops in Indian Territory received orders from Washington to withdraw to Texas.  The Confederacy moved in to established control and alliances with the Five Civilized Tribes.  The indian Territory became a district of the Confederacy.  Ft Gibson, in the western part of Cherokee Nation, had come under Cherokee Troops' control when the Federals withdrew in 1857, before the war.  The Cherokees were largely taken out of the picture by their own civil war, as two factions of the tribe disagreed over alignment and leadership.  This division continues today.

    Chickasaw Nation was closely aligned culturally and economically with the Confederacy.  A large proportion of the Chickasaws owned slaves, and a high proportion were mixed-blood.  There was a high rate of White-Chickasaw intermarriage, and the Chickasaws were the richest of the Five civilized Tribes.  The primary duty of the Texas and Confederate troops assigned to Indian Territory was to protect the allied Nations from the unaligned and unsettled tribes in the unassigned and leased lands.  Jacksons and Greens intermarried with Chickasaws in this and later generations.

    Abraham and his family are placed in Wise County, Texas, in 1870, a fact I discovered from the death certificate of his granddaughter, Gertie Philpot Handy.  Gertie's death certificate reports the places of birth of her parents.  Gertie's mother, Alice Jackson Philpot is reported born in 1870 in Wise County, Texas.  Wise County is a few counties south of Cooke County (south of Ft Worth), where Abe and Talitha married and were enumerated in the 1870 census.

    There may have been some of Talitha's Green and Barnett family still living there at the time.  It is not known if Abe and Talitha themselves had a residence in Wise County.  It is also possible that only Talitha went there for the birth.  It could also be that the Wise County as Alice's place of birth is an error of faulty memory in the younger generations of the family, which we have seen in several other cases.  Since there are other family associations with Wise County, that location may have gotten confused in time and events inconsistent with the actual timeline of Alice's parents' life.

    They were not enumerated in the 1870 census there.  Legal records from about 1870 to 1875 also place Abraham in Indian Territory.  No specific location is identifiable.

    We started reconstructing this family from the known marriage of Abraham Jackson and Talitha Green in Cooke County, Texas, in May 1860.  We had no family information for Abraham, no father's name or other clues.  It has involved quite a journey through several states and differing genealogies that led back to different starting points.  Note that the Moses Jackson in the same household was born in Illinois, and his wife Anna born in Indiana.  This may indicate a migration from the east through the Midwest, or a movement from Georgia or Alabama to the Midwest before coming to Texas.  It is also possible the name Jackson is only coincidental.

    Some others had made a tentative connection with an Abraham Jasper (or Abraham J) Jackson in Montgomery, Alabama.  There are so many Abraham Jacksons in Alabama, with uncertain connection to similar Jackson families in Georgia and South Carolina.  Some genealogies have mixed different Jackson family lineages, trying to make Abraham fit into some Jackson lineage.  This has created confusion on just how to reconstruct the correct family of Abraham Jackson who married Talitha Green in Texas, and later raised their family in Indian territory and Texas.

    In the 1850 census for Montgomery County, Alabama, an Abraham J's mother has died.  His father Abraham B Jackson is head of the household with all the children at home.  On the same page, living nearby are three other Jackson households:

    John Jackson and his wife Temperance and 8 children.  John and Temperance were both born in North Carolina, as were their first 3 children, so they are probably not directly kin to Abraham's family.

    Lewis Jackson and wife Aramenta L Jackson.  Lewis was born in North Carolina, and Aramenta was born in Georgia.  If Lewis married his wife in Georgia, where she had been born, this family could have crossed paths with Abraham's family in Georgia.

    Lewis and John are age 44 and 42 respectively, and they live next door to each other.  It seems likely that they are kin, maybe brothers or cousins.  John, though the younger one, married about the same time as Lewis, from the ages of their first children.

    Lewis' wife was born in Georgia while the younger John's wife was born in North Carolina.  All Lewis and Aramenta's children were born in Alabama.  This seems to indicate that Lewis and Aramenta met and married in Alabama.

    A third Jackson is 21 year old Philip, who married Elizabeth, now 17, and they have one child William H, only 5 months old at the census.  Philip was born in North Carolina, and Elizabeth in Alabama.

    These three Jacksons living next to each other are likely part of the same family, despite the uncertainty of time when they moved to Alabama.  Philip is likely the son of John and Temperance, as the ages would match and he is born in NC as the other three older children still in their household.

    I have not yet found a connection to indicate they are kin to our Abraham and his family.  In 2007 I had found several genealogies that filled out the family of Abraham Borland and his son Abraham Jasper in previous generations. I had followed the mixed clues and included these two in my genealogy, with Abraham Jasper as the wife of Talitha Jackson.

    In October 2007, I found some other genealogies with more information.  A co-researcher on the Jackson-Green lineage, Cindy Beam in North Carolina, found some others.  It became clear that the line with Abraham Borland and Abraham Jasper had difficult discrepancies in matching the family in Texas and Oklahoma.

    We started re-evaluation with Abraham Borland, reported to be the father of Abraham Jasper Jackson, born in Georgia, though some say he was born in South Carolina.  Our Greens also came from Georgia, and the Carolinas before that.  Talitha Green's husband Abraham is reported born in Georgia in the 1860 census, though his daughter's 1900 census record says her father was born in Georgia.

    So the two lines may some connections, but none has been found.  There were Jackson who married Greens and some of them moved together to Arkansas from Georgia.  These Greens are from the same family.  It is likely that the Jacksons who married the Greens then moved to Arkansas are part of the same Jackson line who moved to Texas then married Greens out there.

    Other Jacksons have a lineage from Virginia.  Various ones went to the two Carolinas, then some went on westward.

    One proposed mother for Abraham was Mary Polly Beavers.  One genealogy gives her husband's name as Abraham B Jackson.  The son of Abraham B and Polly Beavers is given the name of Abraham J (or Jasper) Jackson.  The set of children, however, match the other lineage of wife of Abraham Borland Jackson and Mary Hudnall.  A couple more genealogies found since have apparently copied this one or vice versa, but I find no discussion or documentation verifying their reconstruction.  These are two separate genealogies.  I have been unable to find any connection of our Abraham Jackson with either of these families.
    --  Ancestry Trees,*v25t1081&id=I296

    Other genealogies that have Mary Polly Beavers as the wife of Abraham Jackson father of Abraham Jackson show the elder Abe's name as Abraham M, not Abraham B or Abraham Borland.  This seems more likely to be the lineage we are looking for.

    What we can document is that Abraham Jackson is in Gainesville, Texas, and married to Talitha/Delitha Green in 1860.  Tax records in Cooke County also seem to record his presence under the name A S Jackson and A B S Jackson in 1865 and 1866.

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    A S Jackson
    Cooke County, Texas 1865, p 10 (penned)
    citing Comptroller's Office, State Archives, Austin
    --  Courtesy of research by Kati Jackson Cain, from FamilySearch, accessed 2015

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    A B S Jackson
    Cooke County, Texas 1866, p 9A (penned & stamped)
    citing Comptroller's Office, State Archives, Austin
    --  Courtesy of research by Kati Jackson Cain, from FamilySearch, accessed 2015

    All the later records we find and family information puts them in Indian Territory, not in counties of Tesas farther south.  Another cousin, Kati Jackson Cain worked with cousins Orville Boyd Jenkins and Marion Mixon to find and analyze clues on the dark period in the Chickasaw Nation after the Civil War.  Through onsite research at the Chickasaw Cultural Center Reserch Center she was able to find some important details, which she lines out below.  Copies of some of the documents she mentions are attached to this genealogy and the corrolary genealogies of this research trio.

    The Chickasaw Nation issued permits to White citizens so they could work and live in the Chickasaw Nation.  We know that the Greens and Abraham and Telitha moved in Chickasaw Nation after 1868.  I have found permits for "T. Green" and his license is issued under Francis (Colbert) Cochran, now we also know how Daniel Green and Francis Colbert met.  There's also a permit for a William Jackson.  He ended up married to a Chickasaw woman named Annie Donovan.  Here's a link to the enrollment card he shows up on:

    His father is shown as James M Jackson.  And guess what?  Three days later two permits are issued for J. M. Jackson & family and A. S. Jackson and family.  A. S. Jackson matches the last tax record Abraham shows up on in Cooke County.  I think this is a pretty good start to more clues.
    --  Kati Linn Cain, report on findings in Chickasaw National Records, Chickasaw Cultural Center, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins and Marion Mixon, 24 October 2015

    The Chickasaw Registration information for William H Jackson and his family are included here.  Names on this card are clues to confirming Abraham's family connectoins, his parents and lineage.

    Dawes Census Cards for Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914
    Residence (1897) Franks, Pontotoc Co, Indian Territory, P O Viola, IT 10/31/02
    No 6 P O Coatsworth, IT 4/13/05
    Enrollment 1897 Pontotoc Co p 52 Application for enrollment 5 Sept 1898 (yet year in enrollment section is 1897)
    Enrolled 14 Sep 1903:
    Dawes #199, 1 Jackson, William H Age 46, Birth Abt 1851, Intermarried White (p 81) Father James M Jackson, Mother Elizabeth Jackson, non-citizens
    Enrolled 12 Dec 1902:
    Dawes #655, 2 Jackson,  Annie D Wife Card #40 Age 36 F, Birth Abt 1864, 1/2 Chickasaw Father Thos Donovan Dead non-citizen, Mother Salina Matubby Dead Pontotoc Co
    Dawes #VOID, 3 Jackson, Viola Dau (NO Card #) Age 21 F, Birth Abt 1876, 1/4 Chickasaw Father #1, Mother #2
    Dawes #656 (Cancelled) 4 Colbert H Son Card #24 Age 20, Birth Abt 1877, 1/4 Chickasaw (died before enrollment) #1, #2
    Dawes #657, 5 Jackson, Lizzie Card #22 Dau Age 18 F Birth Abt 1879, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #658 6 Jackson, Crudip Card #21 Son Age 17 M Birth Abt 1880, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #659 7 Jackson, Zenobia Card #28 Dau Age 14 F Birth Abt 1883, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #660 8 Jackson, Thomas P Card #15 Son Age 11 M Birth Abt 1880, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #661 9 Jackson, Wm Byrd Card #14 Son Age 10 M Birth Abt 1887, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #662 10 Jackson, Juanita Card #12 Dau Age 8 F Birth Abt 1889, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #663 11 Jackson, Wynona Card #11 Dau Age 7 F Birth Abt 1890, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #664 12 Jackson, Othelo Card #7 Son Age 3 M Birth Abt 1894, 1/4 Chickasaw  #1, #2
    Dawes #665 13 Jackson, Jerrold W Card #1 Gr Son Age 2mo M (Appears to be just added), 1/8 Chickasaw  #6, Mother Essie M Jackson non-citizen

    #1 on Chickasaw roll as W H Jackson, married Sept 5 1874
    #4 on Chickasaw roll as Colbert Jackson
    For child of #5 See NB (Apr 26 '06) Card No 461
    #9 on Chickasaw roll as William B Jackson
    #10 on Chickasaw roll as Waneta Jackson
    #11 on Chickasaw roll as Nona W Jackson
    #12 on Chickasaw roll as Othela D
    #6 is now married to Essie M Jackson non-citizen; evidence of marriage filed May 10, 1902; transferred to Chickasaw #156 Apr 26 1906
    For child of #6 See NB (March 3 '05) #362
    #4 died Nov 19, 1901; Enrollment cancelled by department Dec 28 , 1902
    #3 Transferred to Chickasaw Card #886 with her husband Hindman H Burris Dec 21 1900

    Betty Jackson Hess, in a letter to Linda Martin Hanks, gives the names of the children od Abe and talitha.  She mentions only 4 boys as sons of Abraham and Talitha:  Will (William D), Sam (Samuel Westfall),  James (James Toliver) and Ean (Enoch).  Other family sources have the names Enoch A and Stillar.  I have found Enoch A and his family and children's family in Oklahoma and California.

    Another cousin, Cindy's brother Butch Mixon, who got us all together on this topic, helped me put together the documentation on Samuel Westfall Jackson and his family, who moved to California in about 1915-18.  Some of this family of Jacksons and Greens are still hiding in the missing documentation of Indian Territory.

    We have some indication that Abraham and his family were living in Indian Territory by about 1869, but we do not have clear information on which Nation.  Abe and Talitha's daughter Winnie Alice was born in Indian Territory, according to the 1900 census in Chickasaw Nation (central and southern Oklahoma).  However, her daughter Gertie Philpot Handy's death certificate reports that Alice was born in Wise County, Texas.  Either one of these could be based on faulty family memories.  Abe's son James Toliver was born farther south in Hill County, Texas, where other members of the Green family have connections in that era.  The family may have moved back and forth across the Red River, as other families did.

    In the 1900 Census, Alice is enumerated as the wife of Newton Philpot.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 8 June, Township 8S, Range 2E, District 151. page 4B-5A, Hse #60, Fam #65
    Philpot, Newton Head W M Jan 1868 32 Married 10 yrs MS TN MS Farm Laborer
    Philpot, Alice Wife W F Feb 1870 30 Married 10 yrs Ind Terr  MS GA
    Philpot, L[illegible] Dau W F Dec 1890 9 TX MS  Ind Terr
    Philpot, Gertie T W F Jan 1893 7 Ind Terr  MS  Ind Terr
    Philpot, Samuel C Son W M Oct 1896 3 Ind Terr  MS  Ind Terr
    Jackson, Talitha Mother-in-law  W F Dec 1842  57  Widow  9 children, 6 living GA NC NC
    Randolph, Fannie C Sister-in-law  W F May 1881  19  Single Ind Terr  TX GA

    Talitha's brother Jacob Green is up north in Cherokee Nation by the 1900 census.  Abraham likewise seems to be in eastern Indian Territory (Oklahoma) by 1870, where from that year we find legal documents charging him and three of his wife's brothers with various crimes.  (It is not definite that these are the same individuals, but indications are very similar.)  The place name Oak Lodge shows up in connection with a Joseph Jackson, who we are not sure is part of our Jackson family.  Oak Lodge is in Choctaw Nation (later LeFlore County, Oklahoma), not far west of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

    The charges and trials are in Van Buren, the government center near Fort Smith, which was the legal court governing the "western territories:"  Western Arkansas and Indian Territory.  The extent of authority and just what crimes were charged is uncertain, but American citizens charged with crimes in parts of Indian Territory apparently were charged in this court.  The Fort Smith jurisdiction is famous for "Hanging Judge" Parker, who tried to clean up his part of the Wild West.

    Butch Mixon, a cousin on the Green side, sent me copies of documents from the archives of this court, now a historical landmark in Fort Smith.  The archives are indexed on the Internet and paper copies of whole case files may be ordered.  There are sources for electronic versions of these also.  Mixon's sister has discovered the documents indicating this was quite a lawless bunch, consistent with the territory's reputation.

    The documents we have found document these encounters with the law by Abraham and his brothers-in-law Jacob, Daniel and a Tom Green I cannot identify with our family in that generation.  With so many similar names, it does lead us at this stage to think this is the same family group.  But we continue to seek more details and background information.  There is little detail on that generation in the Green family history.

    Interestingly enough, in the next generation, one of my cousins named Terry on the other side of the family was a sheriff in Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, the main town in what became LeFlore County.  This is the first county across the border in Oklahoma from Fort Smith.

    There is one somewhat firm indication that Abraham Jackson died about 1879.  His son James Toliver remarked at one time to his daughter Betty Jackson Hess that his father (Abe) had died when he (James) was about 7 years old.  James was born in 1872.  Abe was not in the 1880 census with Talithat, who was reported as a widow.  A couple of careless genealogies have attached to Abe a death record for an Abraham Jackson who died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1879.  Our Abraham Jackson never was in Pennsylvania.


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