Toliver GREEN Abraham B S JACKSON William Daniel JACKSON Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON Stillar JACKSON Winnie Alice JACKSON James Toliver JACKSON Samuel Westfall JACKSON Enoch Avery JACKSON Elijah RANDOLPH Francis Telitha Cindy Clarinda RANDOLPH Daniel David GREEN Mary GREEN Jacob GREEN Thomas Jackson GREEN Winna GREEN Elizabeth GREEN Cynthia Almeda GREEN James Toliver GREEN Winney Ann BEARDEN Mini tree diagram
Talitha GREEN

Talitha GREEN2,11,3,4,5,12

also known as Delitha GREEN8

also known as Delithia GREEN9

also known as GREENE10

Dec 18422,3,4,5 - about 19057,1

Life History

Dec 1842

Born in Gilmer County, Georgia.2,3,4,5


Resident in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.4

15th May 1860

Licence obtained for marriage to Abraham B S JACKSON in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.8

17th May 1860

Married Abraham B S JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.32

about 1862

Birth of son William Daniel JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.9

19th Oct 1863

Birth of daughter Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.15,9,16

about 1868

Birth of son Stillar JACKSON in Cooke County, Texas.9

11th Dec 1869

Resident Husband and family, and her father, issued residence permits for Chickasaw Nation, employed by Chickasaws. in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory


Residence2: daughter Alice born here, source death certificate of Alice's daughter Gertie, reporting Gertie's mother born in Wise County, Texas. Given their recorded presence in Chickasaw Nation in Dec 1869, this report may be in error, due to faulty family memory. in Wise County, Texas.6

21st Feb 1870

Birth of daughter Winnie Alice JACKSON in Wise County, Texas.17,5,16

5th Mar 1872

Birth of son James Toliver JACKSON in Hill County, Texas.18,19,20,21,9,16,22,17,23

8th Jan 1874

Birth of son Samuel Westfall JACKSON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.24,9,25,17,10

1st Oct 1877

Birth of son Enoch Avery JACKSON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.26,27,17,28,9,29,30,31

about 1879

Death of Abraham B S JACKSON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.7

about 1880

Married Elijah RANDOLPH

25th May 1881

Birth of daughter Francis Telitha Cindy Clarinda RANDOLPH in Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma.9,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,35,40

about Jan 1897

Death of son William Daniel JACKSON in Parker County, Texas.9,13,14


Residence3 in Township 8, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

about 1905

Died in Pickens District, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.7,1

about 1905

Buried in Pickens District, Chickasaw Nation


  • The Green family line of James Toliver Green in Oklahoma, researched by Loretta Gregory Gay, know her name as Talitha, while Linda Hanks reports that the name is known in Texas as Delitha, a close phonetic match, apparently based on Talitha's marriage license, where her name is spelled Delitha.  She is listed in the 1850 census as Telitha and in 1860 as Talitha.  Most listings have some spelling of the name starting with T.

    Hanks' and Gay's information also match on the identity of Talitha/Delitha's husband.  Loretta's maternal Green family knew him as Abe, while the full name was reported in Linda's information: Abraham Jasper Jackson.  My later investigation into the family of Abraham Jasper Jackson of Montgomery, seems to indicate this is the wrong family.

    "Toliver Green b.1812 SC. Married Winnie Ann Bearden in Gilmer Co. GA. Had the following children all born in GA, Delitha b.1842, Daniel (David) b1844, Mary b.1846, Jacob b.1849, Jackson b.1850, Winna b.1852, Elizabeth b.1854 and Cynthia b.1857"
    --  Linda Hanks, RootsWeb Discussion Lists, 14 Aug 2004 (

    There are many Abraham Jacksons, and two major lineages that I have found forms of.  Some genealogists have forced Talitha's husband Abraham into one of the other Jackson lines, where I cannot find him otherwise evidenced.  I continue to search for more specific information on the Jackson lines, working with other Jackson researchers.  I have found no evidence of a middle name for our Abraham.  The firm name we have for Talitha's husband is only Abraham Jackson.

    Talitha's family name is spelled Greene in some sources.  The Green family members I have known in Oklahoma consistently spell the name Green.  I noticed that the death certificate of her son Samuel Westfall Jackson gives her maiden name as Greene.
    --  State of California, California Death Index, 1940-1997

    Talitha is the daughter of Toliver Green and Winnie Ann Bearden.  Talitha was born in Georgia, likely Gilmer County.  In the 1850 census she is with her parents in Gilmer.

    1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, page 397B (scan #100), Hse/Fam #691
    Toliver Green 33 M Farmer born SC
    Winney Green 28 F born GA
    Telitha Green 7 F born GA

    The family moved to northern Texas a little before 1860.

    Talitha's great grandson Lloyd Jackson reports some background information on the Green family.  Referring to his father William Jackson and William's mother, he says:

    "Papa's folks, you know, cousins and things like that, their name was all Green.  But I can't remember none of their given names.  But they was all Greens, all his folks on his mother's side, you know, his cousins.  They's all sort of mixed Indians, just a little bit.  My daddy [William Daniel Jackson] was mixed with a little Indian, but he didn't have enough to amount to anything, you know.  He never did get anything out of that....  He didn't draw money or get any land.  My daddy had a aunt who was full-blood Indian.  I've seen her but I don't remember what her name was.  I's just a little kid.  [This is probably Fannie Colbert, a Chickasaw whose first husband was Daniel David Green (b 1844).]"
    --  Lloyd Jackson, Cassette tape interview, interviewer, date and place unknown, transcribed by Orville Boyd Jenkins February 2012

    In 1860, Talitha is married and living in Cooke County, Texas.  Her husband Abraham is listed as a farmer, but their post office address is Gainesville, the county seat, just south of the Red River border with Oklahoma, which was Indian Territory at that time.  Abe and Talitha are living with a Moses A Jackson and wife Anna and their family, enumerated with the same house number, and a separate family number.  See notes for Abraham Jackson for more discussion on this family and possible family origins for Abraham Jackson.

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, PO Gainesville, page 59 (scan 254), Hse #484, Fam #501
    Moses A Jackson 31 M Farmer $320 real estate $130 personal b Illinois
    Anna Jackson 21 F b Indiana
    Charlotte Jackson 3 F b Texas
    James Jackson 3 M b Texas
    Rhoda Jackson 6mos F b Texas [abt Jan 1860]

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, PO Gainesville, page 59 (scan 254), Hse #484, Fam #502
    A Jackson 23 M Farmer born Alabama
    Talitha Jackson 17  born Georgia
    James Jackson 25 M born Alabama

    Talitha's parents Toliver and Winney are living just a few houses away from Abe and Talitha in the Jackson household.  Toliver's name is spelled as Taiferro, close to the original Italian form of this name Talliaferro.  This might indicate that the family still at that time retained awareness of the formal origin and form of the original name.  The name Talliaferro belongs to a British family of Italian origin, who were prominent in colonial Virginia.  There are Talliaferro families living in North Texas today, like the family I knew growing up in Quanah, Texas.

    We see the name commonly used in the eastern states in the more English-sounding derivative Toliver, which gradually developed as a separate family name, and became a popular given name.  Toliver is a common name in the 1800s for many Green lines deriving from Georgia and Carolina.

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, PO Gainesville, page 58, Hse #481, Fam #496
    Taiferro [Toliver] Green  48 M Farmer [No real estate value] $250 Personal Estate  born SC
    Winna [Winney] Green  38 F Georgia
    Daniel Green  16 M born Georgia
    Mary Green  14 F born Georgia
    Jacob Green  12 M born Georgia
    Jackson Green  10 M born Georgia
    Winna Green  8 F born Georgia
    Elizabeth Green  6 F born Georgia
    Cyntha Green  3 F born Georgia

    One record places Talitha and Abraham in Wise County, tExas, a bit southwest of Gainesville, Texas, in 1870.  Their daughter Alice was born here, according to the death certificate of Alice's daughter Gertie.  This death certificate rpeorts the place of birth of both parents, reporting Gertie's mother Alice Jackson as born in Wise County, Texas.

    The next public record we have of Talitha is the 1900 census.

    In 1900, Talitha Jackson is a widow, living with her daughter Alice and her husband Newton Philpot.  They are in Township 8 of Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.  This census tells us that her daughter Winnie Alice was born in Indian Territory in February 1870.  This is interesting, since the next child, James Toliver Jackson, has been reported in family sources as born in Hill County Texas, while the last two children of Abe and Talitha, Samuel Westfall Jackson and Enoch A Jackson are both reported as born in Indian Territory (1874 and 1876 respectively).

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 8 June, Township 8S, Range 2E, District 151. page 4B-5A, Hse #60, Fam #65
    Philpot, Newton Head W M Jan 1868 32 Married 10 yrs MS TN MS Farm Laborer
    Philpot, Alice Wife W F Feb 1870 30 Married 10 yrs Ind Terr  MS GA
    - page 5A -
    Philpot, [illegible] Dau W F Dec 1890 9 TX MS  Ind Terr
    Philpot, Gertie T Dau W F Jan 1893 7 Ind Terr  MS  Ind Terr
    Philpot, Samuel C Son W M Oct 1896 3 Ind Terr  MS  Ind Terr
    Jackson, Talitha Mother-in-law  W F Dec 1842  57  Widow  9 children, 6 living GA NC NC
    Randolph, Fannie Sister-in-law  W F May 1881  19  Single Ind Terr  TX GA

    Note that in this census, the father of Alice is reported as born in Mississippi, rather than Alabama, as in the census entries for Abraham Jackson.

    There is one other young woman in this household, Fannie C Randolph, who is listed as a sister-in-law of Newton Philpot.  This would seem to mean a sister of Alice, and thus a daughter of Talitha Jackson.  Family genealogists had worked a long time trying to figure out exactly what this relationship is.  Marion Mixon, a grandson of Fannie, reports that she told him her father was named Randolph, but she grew up in the household of Talitha Jackson, and went by the name Jackson because all the other children did.  Marion's sister Cindy Mixon Beam tells me that Fannie said mother Talitha told her that her father's name was Elijah, and he was born in Mississippi.

    In September 2007, a set of letters was discovered, written about 1984-5 by Betty Jackson Hess, a daughter of James Toliver Jackson, a son of Talitha and Abraham.  Betty tells about the marriage of Talitha to a man named Randolph after the death of Abe Jackson.  She does not tell us Mr Randolph's name.  One reason there is little information on this man is that, according to Betty, he left Talitha before the child was born.  That child was Talitha's last child, Frances (Fannie), who later married a Brinkley.  Fannie's daughter Lucille Mixon Brinkley provides some more information, in letters made available to me in August 2010 (originals now in the possession of Beverly Mixon Hill, Burleson, Texas).

    "I remember mama saying an ole man showed up in Okla, and said [he]" was Randolph's brother from Camp Pot Miss."
    --  Lucille Brinkley Mixon, Letter to Linda Martin Hanks, "Monday the 10th" p2

    "I don't know where mama [Frances Randolph] was borned.  You'll laugh when you know her full name.  She was named after all the aunts.  Francis Telitha Cindy Clarenda (miss spelled probably).  Her father Alegia [Elijah] Randolph left Oklahoma a month before she was borned.  He took his son Lee Randolph who was 10 years with him.  He went to Weatherford to sell land.  He never came back. [p2] She said they thought he was from Campot [Camp Potts], Miss."
    --  Lucille Brinkley Mixon, Letter to Linda Martin Hanks, "Unknown Date" p1

    Lucille mentions Lee Randolph a couple of other times in her letters to Linda Hanks.  She says that Elijah's brother was once in Oklahoma and saw them, telling them that is where the Randolph family had come from.  Perhaps the town they were referring to as Campot or Camp Pot is Potts Camp, in Marshall County, Mississippi.  I have found Randolphs in Potts Camp.  There is also a Randolph County in Mississippi.

    It is good to get the aunts' names from Lucille.  Clarenda is Clarinda Barnett, a direct ancestor of mine.  Clarinda was the daughter of Jorile/Jorial (Joseph Royall) Barnett and the wife of Jackson Green.  Their son Toliver Jorile Green was the grandfather of my mother, Lou Ila Gregory Jenkins.

    Cindy was Cynthia Green, Sister of and Jackson Green, children of Toliver Green.  Telitha (Talitha) was their sister who married Abraham Jackson.  Francis is Frances Colbert, the Chickasaw wife of Daniel David Green, another  brother of Talitha.  Other sisters of Talitha and Jackson were Elizabeth, Mary and Winna or Winnie.

    Lucille mentions other children of Elijah.

    "Randolph had two daughters in Weatherford and one's name was Kirkendoll."
    --  Lucille Brinkley Mixon, Letter to Linda Martin Hanks, "Monday the 10th" p2

    The 1900 census reports Fannie's birth date as May 1881, which would make her the last born of the children, following Enoch A (Ean) Jackson, born October 1876.  Birth state is Indian Territory, which would also match.  Since Talitha seems to have been married to Elijah Randolph at that time, this would mean that Abraham Jackson had died between 1876 and 1880-81.  The time span would allow for him to have died and Talitha to have remarried and had one child during that time.

    In a cassette tape interview near the end of his life, Talitha's grandson Lloyd Jackson, son of William Jackson, tells the following about the second marriage.  He is speaking of his father's grandparents, Abraham and Talitha.  Lloyd seems to compress two generations here, because he refers to "Papa" which seems to be his father William, and "his daddy" which would seem to mean William's grandfather, Enoch.  But the facts fit William's grandparents, Enoch's "papa" or "daddy" and mother, Abraham and Talitha.

    "She married again, after his [grand]daddy [William's father Abraham Jackson] died.  She married a fellow by the name of Rambo [Randolph] - seems like he said it was Rambo.  That's what he said his sister's name was.  They didn't ever have no sisters theirselves, brothers and sisters on their daddy's side [sic].  But they had a half-sister.  She married a man named Brinkley, Forrest Brinkley."
    --  Lloyd Jackson Cassette tape interview, Interviewer unknown, 14 December 1983, transcribed by Orville Boyd Jenkins 23 February 2012

    Lloyd is saying "Papa," and "his daddy" by which I think he does mean to refer to his father William (Papa) and William's father Enoch.  His references and pronouns are not clear.  It may be he meant to use the term "Papa" for his grandfather, but sometimes it seems to refer to his father.

    But the facts he mentions about "Papa" fit William's grandfather Abraham and William's grandmother Talitha, mother of Fannie Randolph.  This is confirmed by the mention of the daughter Fannie, who married Forrest Brinkley.  The half-sister is definitely Talitha's daughter Fannie Randolph, who married Forrest Brinkley.

    The report about the second marriage of (Lloyd's great grandmother) Talitha Green Jackson matches other family memories, even with Lloyd's uncertainty over the surname of the second husband.  The one discrepancy is that in the 1900 census, Talitha is enumerated under the name Talitha Jackson, while Fannie is listed as Fannie Randolph.  There are various family memories about Elijah and the Randolph connection, but not enough details to get the whole picture.

    One source in our multi-lateral discussions on this subject said it was thought in their family tradition that Fannie was not Talitha's child but that she agreed to raise the child for Elijah Randolph, whose wife had perhaps died.  Elijah is reported to have gone to Parker County, Texas, where there are other Jackson relatives, to buy some land.  It may indicate he died while in Parker County.   They never heard of him again, and we have found no record of his death or burial in Parker County.

    None of the family researchers have been able to find any record of Abraham and Talitha between 1870 and 1900 or of Abraham's death and burial.  We have been unable to find any clear details about the Elijah Randolph that may have married Talitha.  After a long period of fruitless searching a military trecord for Abraham was found in Indian Territory.  See Notes for Abraham Jackson.

    We have some reports of an Abraham Jackson in trouble with the law around 1870 in eastern Indian Territory.  It is not certain that this is our Abraham Jackson, but the presence of several men named Green with the same names as Talitha's brothers make it highly likely that this Abraham Jackson is her husband.  So perhaps they lived in northern Chickasaw Nation, or Cherokee Nation, during the 1860s and till after 1870.  Winnie Alice was born in 1870 in Indian Territory, but we do not know where exactly.

    The reported place of birth, however, of Sam, is in southern Chickasaw Nation, probably in or near Marietta, in what became Love County, or a few miles north in Carter County.

    That leaves the anomaly of James Toliver's reported birth in Hill County, Texas.  It would match the events we now know if after the case with the law, Abe either was found innocent, or released after paying a fine, they moved away from the trouble area, to Hill County, Texas.  Talitha's brother Jackson was living there around this time.  His son Toliver Jorile, who also later moved to Oklahoma, was born in Hill County.

    Abe and Talitha could have then decided to move back to Indian Territory, but to the south this time, near their earlier home in Cooke County, Texas, near Gainesville.  This would account for the birth of one child in Texas, between two at some location in Indian Territory.

    Abe could have died after Enoch's birth in 1874, which was probably near Marietta or Ardmore in southern Chickasaw Nation.

    Lucille Mixon talks about the possible burial place of Talitha, suggesting Marietta Oklahoma, or possibly Ada.  She refers several times in her letters to a log cabin in Marietta where Talitha raised her children.

    "The only places I remember Mama saying anything about was Maryette [Marietta] and Ada.  Mostly Maryette.  The log cabin was still standing.  If the log cabin is still there someone in Maryette will know about it (as such things are landmarks)."
    --  Lucille Brinkley Mixon, Letter to Linda Martin Hanks, "Unknown Date," p3

    "As to Grandma Jackson I can't seem to find out where she was buried (Ardmore Okla and Maryette keeps sticking in my mind). ... She couldn't have been in Weatherford when she died or Mama would have surely told it."
    --  Lucille Brinkley Mixon, Letter to Linda Martin Hanks, "Unknown Date #4" p2

    Based on letters from Betty Jackson Hess and the 1900 census, it appears that Talitha died about 1905.  Several diligent researchers have so far been defeated in their search for burial information.

    Following the Jackson Family Reunion in Jackson reunion in Ringling, Oklahoma 29 May 2016, Descendant Marion Mixon commented:
    "We have come to the conclusion Telithia is more than likely buried with Enoch but no facts. Paul Jackson said he would go back and listen to tape. Not sure it will lead us anywhere."
    --  Marion Mixon, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5 June 2016


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