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Elizabeth SMITH

Elizabeth SMITH1,2,3,2

16651 - before 1727

Life History




Married David CRAWFORD in Jamestown, James City County, Virginia.1,2,3,2


Birth of son David CRAWFORD in Virginia


Birth of daughter Judith CRAWFORD in Hanover County, Virginia.4

before 1727



  • Connally-Terry family information (received from Don Johnston, married to a descendant of Eddy Connally) reports that Judith Crawford's mother was Ann Anderson.  A genealogy of the Blust, Reed and related families reports her mother (and wife of Capt David Crawford) as Elizabeth Smith.

    David Crawford, Capt, b 1662, d 1762, residence Amherst VA (birth year is questionable); father John Crawford b Scotland; married Elizabeth Smith (cf Ann Anderson from Terry-Connally family sources) in 1695.
    --  Ancestry World Tree, Blust-Reed, http://awtc.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm?cgi?op=GET&db=kardiblust&id=I0900

    Records have a wife named Elizabeth Smith, who seems to be the second wife of David Crawford.  Elizabeth is the first wife, and mother of David Crawford, born 1697.  Judith Crawford as born in 1705.  Information I have seen indicates Ann Anderson was not born until 1708.  She is reported to have married David Crawford in 1727.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    David Crawford
    Gender: Male
    Birth 1662 VA
    Spouse Elizabeth Smith
    Spouse Birth 1665
    Marriage 1695

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    David Crawford
    Spouse Elizabeth Smith
    Parents David Crawford
    Birth 1662 Kent Co, VA
    Marriage 1695
    Death 1762 Amherst Co, VA

    Marriage records indicate David Crawford married Ann Anderson in 1727.  But the death date recorded for his first wife Elizabeth Smith indicates Elizabeth did not die until 1767.  It may be that records for two different David Crawfords have been mixed or confused.  But it's possible there was an error in transcribing the Elizabeth's date of death, 1767 instead of 1727.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Elizabeth Smith
    Parents George Smith, Mary
    Birth 29 Oct 1673 New Kent Co, St Peter S Par, VA
    Marriage 1695 Jamestown, James City Co, VA
    Death 1767

    Some Terry descendants report family tradition that Ann Anderson was the mother of Judith Crawford.  No dates seem to be associated with this, and it seems they are unaware of Elizabeth Smith, plentifully documented as the wife of Captain David Crawford, whom she married in 1695, 10 years before Judith was born.

    "Lewis Terry's parents: Thomas Terry (1732-1818) and Nancy Dalton (daughter of Robert Dalton and Mary Key). Thomas Terry was the son of Joseph Terry and Judith Crawford (daughter of David Crawford and Ann Anderson)".
    --  Jacque Watkins, email correspondence to Orville Boyd Jenkins, September 2008, citing Don Johnston, husband of a descendant


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