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David CRAWFORD1,2,3,5,4,6

16621,2,3,1,4 - Sep 17621,2,4

Life History


Born in New Kent County, Virginia.1,2,3,1,4


Married Elizabeth SMITH in Jamestown, James City County, Virginia.3,4,2,4


Birth of son David CRAWFORD in Virginia


Birth of daughter Judith CRAWFORD in Hanover County, Virginia.1

before 1727

Death of Elizabeth SMITH

Sep 1762

Died in Amherst County, Virginia.1,2,4


  • I have found several Crawford genealogies that report seemingly reliable information about the David Crawford and his lineage.  I have found three reported birthplaces in Virginia for this same David Crawford:  New Kent Co, the family estate Tusculum in Amherst Co, James City County, Scotland. Some of these sources may be guessing, or there may be confusion and mixing of sources int he collections for more than one generation of David Crawfords.

    "David CRAWFORD, Birth: Amherst Co, Va (Tusculum); Partnership with: Elizabeth SMITH, Child: Judith CRAWFORD"
    --  RootsWeb, Crawford, http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jeanette/p00000c6.htm#I17315

    David Crawford
    Born Sep 1662 in Jamestown, James City, Virginia
    Died Sep 1762 in Amherst County, Virginia
    David Crawford Esq 1625-1710
    Jane Unknown 1633-1710
    --  Crawfords in Salzar Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8170547/person/-928446944?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    David Crawford
    Spouse: Elizabeth Smith
    Parents: David Crawford
    Birth 1662 Kent Co, VA
    Marriage Date: 1695
    Death 1762 Amherst Co, VA

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    David Crawford
    Gender: Male
    Birth 1662 VA
    Spouse Name: Elizabeth Smith
    Spouse Birth Year: 1665
    Marriage Year: 1695

    Some genealogies report David had a wife named Ann Anderson, but do not state any source or provide any information.  I cannot find any marriage record or anything to connect these two names. It appears from her age and other records, however, that Ann married this David's son, who was born in 1697.

    Ann Anderson is reported to have been born in 1705-1708 (after some of David's children) and to have died in 1803.  But Elizabeth Smith, for whom I find multiple reports and records as Captain David's wife, died in 1767 (making her 102 years old, not likely).

    There is an indication that there was a generation missed in the sources I originally referenced.  This appeared to be confirmed when in July 2013 I found a report in an application for the Sons of the American Revolution reporting Ann Anderson as the wife of David Crawford born in 1697, who was the son of David Crawford born in 1662.  This seemed to resolve the conflicts in the previous sources.

    Elizabeth's death year was probably 1727.  Undocumented genealogy reports place her death in Amherst (in 1767), but I have not found a record to that effect.

    "Captain David Crawford b: 1662 in New Kent Co.VA d: September 1762 in Amherst Co, VA; parents David Crawford b: 1625 in Ayrshire, Kilburney, Scotland d: December 13, 1689 in New Kent Co, VA + Jane ? m: 1654 in James City, VA b: 1633 in VA; married Ann Anderson m: 1727 in Hanover Co, VA b: 1708 in Hanover Co, VA d: 1803 in Amherst Co, VA; among his children:  Judith Crawford b: 1705 in Hanover Co, VA d: 1772"
    --  Descendants of David Crawford, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bjcasey/crawford.htm

    Note that the wife of David Crawford (born 1662) is reported here as Ann Anderson born 1705.  There is a reference to Ann Anderson in Terry family tradition.  Jacque Watkins, another Terry descendant, and I have worked on the Terry lineages and have reviewed sources she has collected from others.

    "Lewis Terry's parents: Thomas Terry (1732-1818) and Nancy Dalton (daughter of Robert Dalton and Mary Key). Thomas Terry was the son of Joseph Terry and Judith Crawford (daughter of David Crawford and Ann Anderson)"
    --  Jacque Watkins, email correspondence to Orville Boyd Jenkins, September 2008, citing Don Johnston, husband of a descendant

    This source does not comment on the birth of Judith Crawford and of Ann Anderson virtually coinciding.  And the source does not document the source for these bits of information.  Genealogies with full information for Ann report she was born in 1708 (3 years after Judith was born) and died in 1803.

    Other sources indicate that Ann Anderson married David Crawford who was born in 1697, the son of David Crawford and Elizabeth Smith.  This creates a problem for the Terry record from Thomas Terry who reports that the parents of his mother Judith were David Crawford and Ann Anderson, though these women were about the same age.  It appears that Judith was the daughter of David Crawford born 1662 and Elizabeth Smith.

    The dates of David's marriage to Elizabeth and their other children indicate Elizabeth is Judith's mother.  There may also be some confusion over two individuals named David Crawford.  There are mixed records in the data collections, referencing Hanover County.  There may two Crawford lines with similar names in Hanover and New Kent Counties.  There is also some indication that the same David Crawford (son of John Richard) received land in Hanover and New Kent Counties.

    Family Data Collection - Deaths
    Capt David Crawford
    Death Date 1762
    Amherst County, VA USA


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