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Edward I King of England PLANTAGENET1,4,3

17th Jun 12391,2,3 - 7th Jul 13072,1,3

Life History

17th Jun 1239

Born in Westminster Palace, Greater London, England.1,2,3

1st Nov 1254

Married Eleanor of CASTILE in Monastery of Las Helgas, Burgos, Castile.1,9,3,3

7th Aug 1282

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Isabel of Rhudlan Princess PLANTAGENET in Rhuddlan Castle, Flint, Wales.5,1,6,2,7

25th Apr 1284

Birth of son Edward II King of England PLANTAGENET in Caernarvon Castle, Caernarfon, Arfon, Gwynedd, Wales.1

27th Nov 1290

Death of Eleanor of CASTILE in Harby (Herdeby), Nottinghamshire, England.8,5,6,2,3

10th Sep 1299

Married Marguerite Princess of France CAPET in Canterbury.1,3

7th Jul 1307

Died in Burgh-on-the-Sands, Cumberland, England.2,1,3

27th Oct 1307

Buried in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Greater London, England.1,3

Other facts


Titled: Ascended the throne of England as Edward I.1


  • "Edward was known as Longshanks, because he was a tall man for the age.  He was called in to moderate a dispute among the Scots over their royal succession, and he used the occasion to assert his suzerainty over the Scots.  This led to a centuries-long animosity and military conflict.  He was married twice.  To preclude an invasion of England's province of Gascony (The Basque area of the Pyrenees bordering Castile on the North), Edward's father Henry III married him to Eleanor of Castile, the half-sister of King Alfonso X of Castile."
    --  Wikipedia, "Edward I of England," http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_I_of_England

    "Edward was born at the Palace of Westminster on June 17 or 18, 1239. He married twice. His first marriage - to Eleanor of Castile - produced sixteen children, and her death in 1290 affected Edward deeply. He displayed his grief by erecting the Eleanor crosses, one at each place where her funeral cortège stopped for the night. His second marriage - to Marguerite of France, the daughter of King Philippe III of France - produced a further three children."
    --   Biography Base, http://www.biographybase.com/biography/Edward_I_of_England.html

    Netherlands, GenealogieOnline Trees Index, 1000-Current
    Edward 1 Longshanks King of England
    Birth 17 jun 1239 Westminster Gb
    Death  7 jun 1307 Burgh-On-Sands, Cumbria, Gb
    Death Age 67
    Father Hendrik 3 Plantagenet King of England
    Eleonora Van Castilië
    Margaretha Van Frankrijk
    Mother Eleonora Berengar van Provence
    Edmund Woodstock
    Margaretha Van York
    Eleonora of England
    Edward 2 King of England
    Thomas of Brotherton
    Joan of Acre Plantagenet
    Elizabeth Plantagenet of England
    --  http://www.genealogieonline.nl/en/stamboom-baris/I5612.php

    Edward I
    Birth Jun. 17, 1239 Westminster, City of Westminster, Greater London, England
    Death Jul. 7, 1307 Burgh-by-Sands, City of Carlisle, Cumbria, England

    English Monarch. The eldest son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence, he was known as Longshanks and "Hammer of the Scots". He ascended the throne upon the death of Henry in 1272, but was not formally crowned until August 19, 1274. He married Eleanor of Castile at Burgos, Spain on October 18, 1254. To her he was a loving and devoted, if not entirely faithful, husband and they had 16 children. After Eleanor's death in 1290, he married Margaret of France on September 8, 1299. They had three children. Much of Edward's reign was spent at war. He completed the conquest of Wales, defeating and uniting the Welsh marches, and defended his duchy of Gascony in France. But the latter half of his reign would be consumed by trouble in Scotland.

    The death of the young Margaret, Maid of Norway left the throne of Scotland vacant, and Edward siezed upon the opportunity to establish his control. He appointed John Balliol to the throne, but retained direct rule over the Scots and Balliol. In 1297 William Wallace rebelled and recovered much of the country, but Edward crushed the rebellion, captured Wallace and had him executed. He then summoned a complete Parliament, including elected Scottish representatives, and it was decided that a Council would rule Scotland under Edward's supervision. But Robert the Bruce unexpectedly rebelled and murdered his fellow Councillors. Despite failing health, Edward once again went north. He died en route to Scotland at Burgh-On-Sands, Cumbria at the age of 68. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Edward II. (bio by: Kristen Conrad)

    King Henry (1207 - 1272)
    Eleanor of Provence (1222 - 1291)
    Eleanor of Castile (1241 - 1290)
    Marguerite de France (1282 - 1318)

    Katherine Plantagenet (____ - 1264)
    Joan Plantagenet (1265 - 1265)
    John Plantagenet (1266 - 1271)
    Henry Plantagenet (1267 - 1274)
    Eleanor Plantagenet (1269 - 1298)
    Joan of Acre (1272 - 1307)
    Alfonso Plantagenet (1273 - 1284)
    Margaret of England (1275 - 1318)
    Berengaria Plantagenet (1276 - 1278)
    Mary Plantagenet (1278 - 1332)
    Isabella Plantagenet (1279 - 1279)
    Elizabeth Plantagenet (1282 - 1316)
    King Edward II (1284 - 1327)
    Thomas Plantagenet of Brotherton (1300 - 1338)
    Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock (1301 - 1330)
    Eleanor Plantagenet (1306 - 1311)

    Margaret Plantagenet (1240 - 1275)
    Béatrice of England (1242 - 1275)
    Edmund Plantagenet (1245 - 1296)
    Richard of England (1247 - 1250)
    John of England (1250 - 1252)
    Katherine of England (1253 - 1257)
    Henry of England (1260 - 1260)

    Burial Westminster Abbey, Westminster, City of Westminster, Greater London, England
    GPS (lat/lon): 51.50008, -0.12923

    Maintained by Find A Grave, Record added Jan 01, 2001
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #1955, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=1955


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