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Mannet DUMOND1

about 18271 - about 18492

Life History

about 1827

Born in Arkansas Territory, USA.1

2nd Oct 1845

Married Daniel B HAINES in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas.6

about 1847

Birth of daughter Mary F HAINES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,4,5

about 1849

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2


  • Some genealogies spell this name Mannet and some Mannett.  The latter spelling would probably be an English spelling of a pronunciation Mah-NET spelled in French as Mannette.  The French spelling Mannet or Manet would indicate it was pronounced Mah-NAY, with no T at the end.  (It is possible American French retained the final T longer than Continental French.)  But the form Mannet may also be another English spelling attempting to represent the French Mah-NET.

    It seems likely that Mannett's husband D B Haines was a son of B D Haines, who lived two doors away from Félicité Dumont/Dumond and here children in 1840.

    1840 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Arkansas Township, p 2
    B D Haines  1 Male 5-10  1 Male 15-20  1 Male 20-30  1 Male 30-40
    1 Female 40-50

    Either of these three sons would be a possible match for Mannett, who was in the 5-10 range.  If she was 10 that would make her born in 1830.  If she was born earlier (and they reported her age correctly) she would have been counted in a different category.  The one older daughter counted in 1840 has to be Virginia, who is older than Mannett.  Thus the earliest date for Mannet's birth which fits the facts we have is 1830.

    We know Mannett got married by about 1847, because her daughter Mary Haines was born about 1848.  Mary is in the household of her grandmother Felicity in 1860 and is age 12 then, so this establishes Mary's birth about 1848, perhaps 1847.  (In later findings, Mary Haines is reported as 7 years old in the October 1850 census.)  Mannett would be about 17 at time of marriage, which would work out.  Mannet may have died in childbirth.  She is thought to have died by 1849.

    1860 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 2 August, Chester Township, PO Redfork, page 13, Hse/Fam #95
    Felicita [Félicité] Dumond 65 F Housekeeper $6000 Real Estate  $1200 Personal  born Arkansas
    John Dumond 14 M
    Mary Haines [granddaughter] 12 F Arkansas

    Patrick Noonan reports in his Dumont genealogy that Mannett married D B Haines on 2 Oct 1845 (? year is uncertain) and that their daughter Mary was born in 1846.  This does not match her reported age 12 in the 1860 census.  And she would have been only 15 in that year.  It is possible she was married at that age, but the other information matches a later marriage year closer to the 1848 birth of Mary indicated by her age of 12 in 1860.  Another genealogy also reports that date of marriage but adds the detail of the town, which does match other information for the Dumond family.

    Mannett Dumond
    Birth BET 1825 AND 1830, Death ABT 1849
    Parents Louis B. Dumond 1777 - 1861
    Felicite Caillot 1791 - 1862
    Marriage to D. B. Haines 2 Oct 1845 Arkansas Post, Arkansas Co., AR
    --  Snodgrass, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/9549386/person/-782458021?ssrc=&ftm=1

    No sources are given in any genealogy I have seen that reports this date.  I found the marriage record, which supports the date reported by the unsourced genealogies.

    Arkansas Marriages to 1850
    Dumond, Manett
    Spouse Hains, D. B.
    Marriage 2 Oct 1845 Arkansas Post, Arkansas County

    Only in August 2011 did I find an 1850 census record for D B Haines.  The details there match the birth of ary Haines and the death of her mother about 1849.  This census record for 35-year-old D B Haines and family records Mary F Haines as 3 years old.  D B's wife is Elizabeth, also 35 years old, and her children named Stillwell from her first marriage.  It appears that D B married Elizabeth after Manett's death.

    1850 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 10 October, Arkansas Township, p 4A, Hse/Fam #51
    D B Hains 35 M Farmer $600 Real Estate b Ohio [born abt 1815]
    Elizabeth Hains 35  Georgia [born abt 1815]
    Eliza Stillwell 12 M Arkansas [born abt 1838]
    Albert Stillwell 10 M b Arkansas [born abt 1840]
    Mary Stillwell 8 M Arkansas [born abt 1842]
    James Stillwell 6 M b Arkansas [born abt 1844]
    Asher Stillwell 4 M b Arkansas [born abt 1846]
    Mary F Hains 3 M Arkansas [born abt 1847]


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