Louis Bernard DUMONT Félicité DUMONT Jean-Baptiste DUMOND Louis DUMONT Pierre DUMOND Mary Francis DUMOND Thérèse Ann DUMOND Desirée PINOT Edward Caliste DUMOND Solomon D Lewis DUMOND Isabella DUMOND Sarah M HAGA Mannet DUMOND Virginia DUMOND Reges DUMOND Israel A DUMOND Félicité CAILLOT Mini tree diagram
Caliste DUMOND

Caliste DUMOND3,6,4,5,1,2,7,8

about 18253,4,5,6,2 - 29th Apr 18636,2

Life History

about 1825

Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory.3,4,5,6,2

about 1848

Married Desirée PINOT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3

Nov 1849

Birth of daughter Mary Francis DUMOND in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,4,9

Aug 1852

Birth of daughter Thérèse Ann DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,4,10,11,12,13

about 1858

Death of Desirée PINOT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,2

8th May 1859

Married Sarah M HAGA in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6


Resident 1860 census Arkansas County, Old River Township, P O Swan Lake in Swan Lake, Old River, Arknsas County, Arkansas

10th Jan 1860

Birth of son Edward Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas.14,15,16,4,2,9

2nd Oct 1861

Birth of son Solomon D Lewis DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.17,18,19,2,20,21,6,9,22

29th Apr 1863

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,2

after 29th Apr 1863

Buried in Saint Peters Cemetery, New Gascony, Jefferson County, Arkansas.1,2

about 1864

Birth of daughter Isabella DUMOND in Arkansas.6


  • Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain would tell the family story that her great grandfather [or an earlier ancestor, they were uncertain] stowed away on a boat from France, and settled in Arkansas County.  The family did not know any details about him, even his name.

    I searched and searched for further information, and after a long hiatus, suddenly one evening in February 2008, I finally ran up on a flood of information.  I was searching for the name Edward Dumond, originally looking for details on a cousin of the Dumonds I had not clearly connected in Arkansas County and Jefferson County, Arkansas.

    Then I found a census in 1860 with Edward C and his father Caliste, both of whom were born in Arkansas.  This indicated the family was in Arkansas even earlier, and the original Dumond was at least one further generation back.

    When I found that Edward C's father was named Caliste, this seemed to indicate that the spelling of Edward Collise's name was actually originally Caliste, a recognizable French name.  Several genealogies have Caliste's son listed as Edward Caliste.  I have found only one with the name as Edward Collise Dumond, the form known by the family in Arkansas County, Arkansas.

    Looking for other family names, I uncovered a whole set of family genealogies with Caliste, and his whole family lineage.  The trail from Arkansas did not lead, at least immediately, to France, but north up to Quebec.  The family genealogies then traced the seemingly aristocratic family from Québec, New France, back to France.

    Thus the story about the stowaway on a ship could very well have been on a river boat from New France (Quebec) down the Mississippi, then up the Arkansas and White River to Arkansas County.  Alternatively Louis could have come around the Atlantic route to New Orleans, then up the Mississippi from the Gulf, into Arkansas from the South.  Félicité (Felicity) Caillot's family had come south along the river system.  Félicité was born in 1791 in Missouri, a territory of Louisiana Province, under Spanish rule.

    Arkansas Post is on the Arkansas River where it meets the Mississippi, and near the junction of the White River with the Mississippi.  The Arkansas and the White were the main entries for settlement of the Arkansas Territory.

    Félicité's family had moved to Arkansas County of New Madrid District of Louisiana, what is now the eastern part of the state of Arkansas.  It was here in Arkansas that Félicité married Louis Dumont.  Historical facts reported in the genealogies, ultimately from Spanish records, indicated that Caliste Dumond was born in Arkansas County.

    The combination of all these factors indicate that Louis could still have come by either of the routes from Quebec, down the river system like Félicité's family or by ship around the Atlantic coast to New Orleans and up the Mississippi and White Rivers.  Louis Dumont and Félicité Caillot were married in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, and Louis died there.  Arkansas Post had been the administrative center for the French and Spanish Administrations and the first American administration of the Arkansas area of Louisiana Territory.  All the early French and Spanish land grants were around there and this was the major supply point for the new settlers.

    I found the family in the 1840 census for Arkansas County, Arkansas, under the name of Lewis (Louis), Caliste's older brother.  Their father had died and Lewis was the oldest male in the household.  Their mother is reported as the oldest female in the 50-60 year-old range.  She is a widow.  Genealogies tell us Louis B died in 1833-34 in Arkansas Post.  See details of the 1840 census for this family in the Notes for Félicité Caillot, Caliste's mother.

    In August 1850, Caliste bought land in either Desha or Arkansas County, depending on just where the county line was drawn at that time.  The land is described as being "north of the River."  This would make us think it was in Arkansas County, but then some land is designated as Desha County that seems to be on both sides of the River.  And this record reports that this grant is north of the River but part in each county.  In the 1860 census, Caliste is enumerated at a location in Desha County.

    Arkansas, Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908
    Caliste Dumond
    Land Office Helena (Phillips County)
    Document #5591, Issued 10 Aug 1850
    Authorized under Act or Treaty of April 24, 1820
    Sale-Cash Entries
    60.56 Acres, North Of Arkansas River
    Arkansas & Desha Counties, Arkansas
    Land Description 1 S½ NW 5TH Prime Meridian Yes 8S 2W 29

    In the 1850 census, Caliste (spelled Calist by the enumerator) is enumerated in Desha County, Chester Township to be exact.  He has married Desirée Pinot and they have one child, a daughter Mary, age 11 months in the November census report.  This seems to make her birth date November 1849.

    1850 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 1 November, Chester Township, page 71 (141), Hse/Fam #268
    Calist Dumond 24 M Farmer $1000 Real Estate  born Arkansas
    Desira [Desirée] Dumond 25 F born Arkansas
    Mary Dumond 11 months F born Arkansas

    The genealogies say Caliste was first married to Desirée Pinot about 1850.  The date of 1850 is too late to account for this census report.  The date of marriage of Caliste and Desirée would be about January 1849 at the very latest.  I am reporting it as about 1848.

    I also thought this spelling of her name in the record a bit odd, since Desiré is a masculine form and Desirée is the normal feminine form used as a woman's name.  (It is the past participle of the verb desire, so the name means "Desired.")  You can see in the census entry the attempt to spell this name in English phonetics as Desira (final syllable pronounced as ray).

    It appears that most of these genealogies have copied the information for this generation from each other or a common source -- and few give any sources for the information.  Some of the genealogies have original information, apparently from their respective family source.  Also different ones do give us different bits of information on some of the individuals.

    The genealogies all report this child in the 1850 census as Mary Francis.  The second daughter of Desirée is named Thérèse Ann.  We see her in the 1860 census under the spelling Toresa (probably meant to represent the English form of the name, Teresa).

    These two girls appear in the baptismal registry of St Peters Church, the only church serving this territory, located on the south side of the River and upriver from Arkansas Post.  The resident priest traveled around the area periodically performing religous services and rites.  Earlier the priests were Spanish or French.  In the mid 1800s, the priest was an Irishman, PatrickMcGowan.  Caliste and Desire *(Desira, as well as Desirée's mother Amelia Brinsbac Pinot,  were buried in this parish cemetery.  One other unidentified Pinot, Emelia E, was buried there also.

    Baptismal Register of St. Peter's Church, New Gascony, Jefferson County, State of Arkansas, 28 May 1850 - 4 Oct 1888 (Index)
    DUMOND/BRANBAR (Brinsbac), Charles Felix at Post of Ark   p 9
    DUMO (Dumond )/PINO (Pineau [Pinot]), Mary Elizabeth at Post of Ark   p 4
    ** DUMO [Dumond]/PINEAU [Pinot]. Mary Francis at Post of Ark   p 6 **
    ** DUMO [Dumond]/PINO [Pinot], Teresa Ann  p 18 **
    Baptisms performed by Father Patrick McGowan, parish priest of St Peters Church, New Gascony, Jefferson County, Arkansas, and itinerant for Jefferson and Arkansas Counties.
    --  Archives of the Diocese of Little Rock, GPHS Bulletin, Oct 1982,  p 5, http://digitalcollections.uark.edu/cdm/ref/collection/CAPA/id/294, accessed 6 June 2015
    Original Source:  Core, Dorothy Jones. “Baptismal Register of St. Peter’s Church, New Gascony, Jefferson County, State of Arkansas, May 28th 1850.” Grand Prairie Historical Society Bulletin 25, nos. 3 & 4 (October 1982): 3-16

    I discovered that in September 1850, another Dumond, James Dumond, died in Desha County, Arkansas.  This James was 14 years old, thus born about 1836.  Cause of death was "Fever."  I have not been able to clearly tie him to our known family.

    In 1860 Caliste and his family are in Old River Township of Arkansas County.

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3-4 September, Old River Township, PO Swan Lake, page 96, Hse #757, Fam #701
    Dumond, Calist M 35 Farmer  No Real Estate $1000 Personal Estate born Arkansas
    Dumond, Sarah M  F 24 born Tennessee
    Dumond, Mary F 10 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Toresa  F 8 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Edward C  [Son] 8 months born Arkansas [born January 1860]

    Caliste's wife here is Sarah M.  Genealogies tell us that this is Sarah M Haga, the second wife of Caliste, whom he married in Arkansas County on 8 May 1859.

    Caliste and Desirée had two daughters, Mary Francis [Frances?], born about 1850, and Thérèse Ann, born about 1852.  We see them here as the first two children in this census enumeration.  Thérèse is spelled in a somewhat anglicized manner as Toresa [Teresa].  It appears their mother had died, and Caliste remarried.

    Edward Caliste is the first of three children borne by Sarah Haga Dumond.  This census tells us he was born in January 1860.  This matches the exact birth date of 10 January 1860 that Bertie Dumond McSwain records from the family information of the Arkansas County Dumonds.  From this birth date, we can estimate that Caliste and Sarah married in early 1859.  Note the 7 year gap since the birth of Thérèse.

    Before the next census, Sarah bore two other children, Solomon Lewis, about 1862, and Isabella, about 1864.  I hope to gradually find all the census entries of this family.

    According to his age in the 1860 census, Caliste was born in about 1825.  Some genealogies reflect sources indicating he was born in 1820.  Some report both these possibilities.  But these do not share the specific sources.

    Living a distance away (2 census pages away) is a Lewis Dumond, 17 years old.  I thought at first this might be the elder son of Caliste.  But the genealogies do not give any information of any earlier children before the two daughters of Desirée Pinot.

    I found that Caliste had an older brother Louis.  Perhaps this Lewis in the census is that son of the elder Louis.  That name was spelled both ways on all sides for both given and last names

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3-4 September, Old River Township, PO Swan Lake, page 96, Hse #773, Fam #716
    Dumond, Lewis 17  Farm Laborer  born Arkansas [b abt 1843]

    Lewis is living with the family of a planter names James L Johnson, who was born in British America (the Northwest).  There are two households, but one family number.  Lewis is listed as one of the household of Therecia Johnson, age 41, who is a Housekeeper in the family, and a Mary Jane [no last name], age 13.  I wonder if Therecia is a Dumond who had married a Johnson but is now widowed.

    On the Dumont Discussion group on RootsWeb, R A Dumond reports that he has found listings for C Dumond and J Dumond in the Desha County Militia for the Confederate States of America.  It appears that these would be the brothers Caliste and Jean Baptiste.
    --  http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/DUMONT/2001-09/1000658009

    One genealogy also reports that Caliste participated in the Civil War as a member of the Desha County (Arkansas) Battalion Militia, enrolling in 28 November 1861.  This source also reports that Caliste lived near Arkansas Post at that time, the location where he is reported to have died.
    --  Mary Jo Freeman, http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=merrygo&id=I11089

    Desha County Battalion Arkansas Militia
    DUMOND, C.
    DUMOND, J.
    Enlistment as Nov 28, 1861
    Laconia [Desha County], Arkansas
    "A copy of a letter dated Laconia, (AR) Nov 28, 1861, attached to the roll is addressed to Gov. H.M. Rector, Commander in Chief, Arkansas Militia, b T. C. Fluornoy, Col. C.D.C.M. and it shows that the Court of Desha County, Ark in accordance with an ordinance of the State Convention passed in June 1861, organized the militia of the county according to the following plan: The county was divided into military districts (believed to be 13) and a company ordered to be organized  in each district. This was done in July 1861 and all the officers of the battalion were commissioned from the County Court. If the emergency arises, which may require the services of the Desha County Battalion to the field, a call will be promptly responded to."
    --  Civil War in Arkansas, http://www.couchgenweb.com/civilwar/deshabn.htm

    We don't know if Caliste was killed in a Civil War battle in 1863 or if he died from other causes during the war.  There was one battle at Arkansas Post on January 9-11, 1863.  Caliste's date of death in 29 A[pril 1863.

    Arkansas Post was on the northern side of the Arkansas River, in what is still Arkansas County.  The Post itself was moved three time, and there was one location that was in what is now Desha County.  The memorial historic Arkansas Post is on the Arkansas County side of the River.  In 1850, Caliste is reported as resident in Desha County, Arkansas, the county whose militia he joined in 1861.  His land grant in Arkansas is designated as "North of the Arkansas River," but is further described in the registration as including land in Arkansas and Desha Counties.

    In the 1860 census we see that he is enumerated in Old River Township of Arkansas County, with a Post Office at Swan Lake.  This is in the west of Arkansas County, on the northeast side of the Arkansas River (before it turns more directly east).  In a map of the area near the end of the century, this area is in Jefferson County, though on the northern side of the river.  This is quite a way from Arkansas Post.  But most of his family are listed as in Chester Township of Desha County,  For three censuses, Caliste's brother Israel is reported resident in that township, in Desha County: 1850, 1860, and 1870.

    Desirée is buried in the St Peters Cemetery in Old Bogy Township of Jefferson County, Arkansas.  The date entry in the cemetery list is incorrect.

    Burial Abt. 1858
    "Dumond, Desera ?  4-29-1863 Caliste"
    Saint Peters Cemetery, Jefferson County, Arkansas, http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arjeffer/st_peters_cemetery.htm

    The entry is confusing, since the one date here is in the place that should designate Desirée's death, but is the date given in genealogies for Caliste's death.  I discovered that this was an addition by compilers of the list.  A photo of the gravestone appears on Arkansas Gravestones.  The photo is copyrighted and cannot be downloaded.  Here is the link.
    --  http://arkansasgravestones.org/view.php?id=424631

    The stone has only her name and "wife of Dumond."

    Wife of

    The stone at her burial site has no dates.  The memorial on Find a Grave originally reported her date of death as 29 August 1863.  But this date, later corrected, was an error, apparently picked up from the erroneous emendation by the volunteer editors of the St Peters Cemetery burial list cited above from RootsWeb.  That date is the date of her husband Caliste's death.  Her gravestone does report she is the spouse of Caliste.

    In the 1860 census, Caliste's wife is Sarah Haga, and their marriage record reports they married on 8 May 1859.  So Desirée died some time before that date.  We report her death as about 1858, but it could have earlier.  Her last child was born in 1852.

    The name on her grave is an attempt to spell her French name in English phonetics, Desira, for Desirée.

    Desirée's revised FAG memorial now reports her birth date as 1825, the approximate date we proposed, but changed the date of death to Unknown, rather than our proposed date of about 1858.   The updated information from the revised memorial is presented here.

    Desera Pinot Dumond
    Birth [abt] 1825
    Death Unknown [she died about 1858]
    Daughter of Pierre Pinot and Amelia Brinsback Pinot (1804 - 1859)

    Inscription:  "Spouse of Caliste"
    Spouse Caliste Dumond (1825 - 1863)
    Married to Caliste Dumond around 1848

    Caliste and Desera were the parents of:
    Mary Frances Dumond Wells (15 Jan 1850)
    Therese Ann Dumond Harris (21 Aug 1852)

    Burial Saint Peters Cemetery, Jefferson County, Arkansas
    Created by 4losthistory Feb 16, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #48221820, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Dumond&GSiman=1&GSst=4&GRid=48221820&

    We posted the following memorial for Caliste on Find a Grave on 4 June 2015.

    Caliste Dumond
    Birth (Abt) 1825 Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Death Apr 29, 1863 Arkansas County, Arkansas

    Caliste was the son of French Quebecois immigrants who moved to what is now Arkansas when it was part of the Arkansas County of the New Madrid District of the Louisiana Territory. His parents Louis Bernard Dumont and Félicité Caillot married in Arkansas Post in 1810, two years before the creation of the Missouri Territory. Caliste was born in about 1825, the 6th child of this pioneer couple.

    Caliste married Desirée Pinot about 1848.  We know of two daughters, Mary Francis and Thérèse Ann, who were born before Desirée died in about 1858.  Caliste then married Sara M Haga on 08 May 1859.  They had 3 children Edward Caliste (sometimes seen in later family references as Edward Collise), Solomon D Lewis and Isabella.

    Caliste had land in Arkansas County and Desha County, and not too far from the Jefferson County line.  County lines were adjusted several times under U S administration.  In 1850 his residence was in Desha County, and in 1860 it was in Arkansas County, and in the US Civil War he served in the Confederate forces for Desha County.

    Caliste died 29 Apr 1863, we think in Arkansas County, but it could have been in nearby Jefferson County, where he was buried in St Peters Cemetery.  Records do not clarify whether Caliste died in battle, or incidentally during the war.

    Spouse Desera Dumond (____ - 1863 [b abt 1825, d abt 1858])

    Burial Saint Peters Cemetery, Jefferson County, Arkansas, USA

    Created by Orville Jenkins Jun 04, 2015
    --  Find a Grave Memorial #147435145, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=147435145


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