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Little Berry STRANGE2,1,4

2nd Jul 18071,2,3 - 27th May 18885

Life History

2nd Jul 1807

Born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1,2,3

15th Nov 1827

Married Elizabeth BRICE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.4,4


Resident The family moved to Chattooga Co., GA near Broomtown at the foot of Taylor's Ridge in Chattooga County in Chattooga County, Georgia.4


Married Margaret BRICE in Chattooga County, Georgia.4

Oct 1852

Death of Elizabeth BRICE in Chattooga County, Georgia.4,4

19th Feb 1878

Death of Margaret BRICE in Chattooga County, Georgia.4

27th May 1888

Died in Brownstown, Chattooga, Georgia.5


  • Some sources give his name as Littleberry with no middle name.  This given name appears in several families in this era, sometimes was one word/name and sometimes as two.  Common also was the given name Berry.

    I have followed the date from a descendant, Charles Dill, with a birth year of 1807.  One source had the same day, 20 July, but the year of 1789.  This differs from a genealogy by a descendant that seems to fit with other family details.  1789 was the year that his parents married.  The date of the marriage, given in various sources,  was 15 July 1789.  The genealogy date of 1807 seems more reasonable, and matches the sequence of birth dates for all the children.  It appears Littleberry was the 6th child, not the first.

    Charles Dill comments that the birth might have been in Laurens County, South Carolina, instead of Spartanburg County.  This, however, seems unlikely, since Charles agrees with other sources that the next child, Amos Bradford Strange, was born in Spartanburg County.

    Little Berry is reported to have married twice.  One genealogy reports wives and children as follows:
    LITTLEBERRY STRANGE was born 02 Jul 1807 in Laurens Co., SC or Spartanburg Co., SC, and died 27 May 1888 in Brownstown, Chattooga Co., GA. He married (1) ELIZABETH BRICE 15 Nov 1827 in Spartanburg Co., SC. She was born 1804 in SC. He married (2) MARGARET A. BRICE 1853 in Chattooga Co., GA. She was born 1818 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

    2. i. JOHN A. STRANGE, b. 12 Sep 1825, Spartanburg Co., SC; d. 27 Jan 1863, Savannah, GA.
    ii. WILLIAM W. STRANGE, b. 29 Oct 1828.
    iii. LORENZO L. STRANGE, b. 1830.
    iv. AMOS ALEXANDER STRANGE, b. 1833.
    v. DAVID C. STRANGE, b. 1835.
    vi. SARAH ANN STRANGE, b. 1837.
    vii. THOMAS F. STRANGE, b. 1839.
    viii. MARGARET E. STRANGE, b. 1841, Chattooga Co., GA.
    ix. AUGUSTUS E. STRANGE, b. 1844, Chattooga Co., GA.
    x. HARRIET W. STRANGE, b. 1848, Chattooga Co., GA.
    xi. JAMES BERRY STRANGE, b. 11 Dec 1849, Chatham Co., NC.

    xiii. LUCINDA R. STRANGE, b. 1855.
    --  Charles Dill

    1840 Federal Census, Laurens District, South Carolina, page 285
    Berry Strange  2 male under 5 years, 2 male 5-10, 2 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40
    1 female under 5 years, 1 female 30-40

    Little Berry Strange
    Birth Jul. 2, 1807 Laurens County, South Carolina
    Death May 27, 1888 Chattooga County, Georgia

    Little Berry Strange was born July 2, 1807 near Spartanburg, Laurens Co., later Spartanburg Co., SC, the son of Amos Bradford Strange (1759-1842) & Francis Bailey Strange. Little's first name was for a family friend and Berry is a family name, although it is also seen as Littleberry, and even Littlebury in some sources.

    Grandson of Edmond Strange (1729/30-1800) & Martha Ellis (1730-1775)
    Great-grandson of Henry Strange (1685-1746) & Mary Liptrot (1695-1750)
    2nd gr-grandson of Alexander Strange, Sr. (1665-1725)

    On Nov. 15, 1827, he married Elizabeth Brice. In 1841, the family moved to Chattooga Co., GA near Broomtown at the foot of Taylor's Ridge in Chattooga Co. Little Berry and his brother, William Bradford Strange, founded a church, school, cemetery, and a camp meeting ground, called South Carolina Camp Ground.

    Two of his sons, Lorenzo L. and David C. Strange became Methodist ministers. Two more sons, John A. & Thomas F. Strange, gave their lives for the South, during the Civil War. After Elizabeth died in 1852, he married her sister, Margaret, widow of his nephew, Henry [who had died just a few weeks earlier]. Little Berry died May 27, 1888, and his tombstone read, "A Faithful Class Leader for Forty Years."

    Amos Bradford Strange (1759 - 1842)
    Francis Elizabeth Bayley Strange (1774 - 1860)

    Margaret Brice Strange (1819 - 1878)
    Elizabeth Brice Strange (1804 - 1852)

    John A. Strange (1826 - 1864)
    William Bryce Strange (1828 - 1899)
    Lorenzo L. Strange (1830 - 1875)
    Amos Alexander Strange (1833 - 1906)
    Thomas F Strange (1839 - 1865)
    Augustus Edward Strange (1844 - 1920)

    William Bradford Strange (1791 - 1848)
    Mary E. Strange (1795 - 1800)
    Marshall Strange (1799 - 1810)
    Rebecah Strange (1801 - 1810)
    Rachel Strange (1803 - 1810)
    Little Berry Strange (1807 - 1888)
    Amos Bradford Strange (1809 - 1875)
    Permela Strange (1814 - 1820)

    Inscription:  A Faithful Class Leader for Forty Years

    Burial South Carolina Campground Cemetery, Holland (Chattooga County), Chattooga County, Georgia

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