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Amos Bradford STRANGE3,4,5,6,7

1st Nov 18091,2,3,4,5,6 - 18757

Life History

1st Nov 1809

Born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1,2,3,4,5,6

22nd Jul 1828

Married Mary Ann HENDERSON in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.15,5

24th Mar 1833

Birth of son William Berry STRANGE in Laurens County, South Carolina.8,3

7th Feb 1835

Birth of daughter Francis Jane STRANGE in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.3,9

about 1837

Birth of daughter Nancy C STRANGE in South Carolina.6,3

about 1839

Birth of daughter Martha STRANGE in South Carolina.3

10th Jan 1840

Birth of son James H STRANGE in South Carolina.3,10

about 1841

Birth of daughter Mary Ann STRANGE in South Carolina.3,4

about 1844

Birth of son Amos Bradford STRANGE in South Carolina.3,6

about 1847

Birth of son Edwin J B STRANGE in Marshall County, Alabama.1,6,3,11

about 1849

Birth of son Marshall A STRANGE in Georgia.3,6,4


Resident in Summerville, Chattooga, Georgia.3

15th Dec 1852

Birth of son Robert Erwin STRANGE in Georgia.6,12,13,14,4

about 1860

Birth of daughter Hester STRANGE in Georgia.4


Resident in Eastern Division, Marshall, Alabama.6


Resident in Subdivision 45, Marshall, Alabama.4


Died in Sand Mountain, Marshall, Alabama.7


  • There aer several people in this line named Amos Bradford Strange.  A LeStrange family researcher explains where the name Bradford came from, along with other LeStrange lore.

    The name ... Bradford came from a town in England near where Alexander Strange SR. came from in about 1672. Alexander SR. was sent here by King George to keep an eye on the colonies, I do have the name of the ship he came on but can't lay my hands on it right now.

    If you don't know the Strange family in England were part of the noble class and the family castle still stands there. It was given to Hoel Le Strange in about 1050, it is called Hunstanton Hall. Hoel Le Strange was the 11th Count of Britttany and came with William the First when he invaded England.

    [The timeline is off for this explanation of events.  The castle date of 1050 is 16 years before the invasion of William the Conqueror when he enforced his heritable claim on the throne of the Anglo-Saxon-Danish kingdoms of Greatr Britain.  Facts available indicate that Hoel LeStrange either inherited or bought the land or received it as a fief unrelated to his later allegiance to William the Norman.  He was already setttled on the land by the time William invaded Britain.

    [The story of the Rose below indicates that Hoel LeStrange did support the Norman Conquest.  There were a strong familial and political relationships between Noramndy (Normans) and Brittainy (Celtic-Norman mix) and the famliy remained allied to the Norman dynnsty through the centuries.  It may be that the actual castle Hunstanton was not bestowed until after the invasion was successful, but Hoel was in Norfolk before the Conqueror invaded.]

    This is a document I found written in the 17th century by William Dugdale about the Strange family:

    The Le Strange Legend
    It is said that, at a justs held in the Peke of Derbyshire at Castle Peverell (of which have taken notice in my discourse on the family of Fitz Warin), which amongst divers other persons of note, Oweyn Prince of Wales, and son of the King of Scots, were present, there were also two Sons of the Duke of Bretaigne: and that the younger of them named Guy, was called Guy Le Strange, from whom the several families of Le Stranges did descend.

    Another one
    The Rose of Le Strange
    For meritorious services rendered, William the Norman, also known as William the Congueror and William I, made a gift of the historic Hunstanton Hall located near Sandringham, England, to be the Le Strange's and their descendants. The condition of the gift was that the Le Stranges were to annually present to the King on St. John the Baptist day a rose. Hence the estate and thte custom was know by the poetic name of "The Rose of Le Strange.
    --  Paul H. Strange, Ancestry Discussion Boards,

    Amos Bradford Strange appears in the 1830 census, when he would have been 21 years old.  He and his wife have one child less than 5 years old.

    1830 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, page 285
    Bradford Strange  males under 5 years 1, males 20-30 1, females 20-30

    Several genealogies of Strange and related lineages provide more details about A B.  Here is a general outline, from the compilation of Raymond Strange.

    Amos Bradford Strange
    Birth 1809-11-01 in Spartanburg [County], South Carolina
    Death 1875 in Sand Mountain, Marshall, Alabama
    Marriage 22 Jul 1828 Spartanburg, South Carolina to Mary Ann Henderson
    Birth 1809 in Germany, Death 1883 in Marshall [County], Alabama
    --  Raymond W. Strange,

    Note that even though this and some other genealogies report that Amos' wife Mary Ann was born in Germany, all of the three censuses below say she was born in South Carolina.  None of these genealogies provide a documentation sources for the birth in Germany.  Also this seems odd with a surname like Henderson.

    1850 Federal Census, Chattooga County, Georgia, 9 September, Summerville District, page 738 (scan p 267), Hse/Fam #1
    A B Strange 41 M Farmer SC [born abt 1809]
    Mary Strange 40 F SC [born abt 1810]
    James H Strange 21 M Farmer SC [born abt 1839]
    Wm B Strange 17 M Farmer SC [born abt 1833]
    Francis J Strange 15 F SC [born abt 1835]
    Nancy C Strange 13 F SC [born abt 1837]
    Martha Strange 11 F SC [born abt 1839]
    Mary A Strange 9 F SC [born abt 1841]
    Bradford Strange 6 M Farmer SC [born abt 1844]
    Edwin J Strange 3 M Farmer GA [born abt 1847]
    Marshall Strange 1 M Farmer GA [born abt 1849]
    Francis Strange 78 F SC [born abt 1772]

    1860 Federal Census, Marshall County, Alabama, 13 July, Eastern Division, PO Guntersville, page 89, Hse/Fam #598
    Amos B Strange 50 M Farm Laborer $202 Personal Estate b South Carolina
    Mary A Strange 51 F b South Carolina
    Nancy C Strange 22 F b South Carolina
    Mary Ann Strange 18 F b South Carolina
    Amos B Strange 15 M b South Carolina
    Edwin J B Strange 13 b Georgia
    Marshall A Strange 11 b Georgia
    Robert I Strange 7 b Georgia

    The child Amos B of the 1860 census matches Bradford of 1850, confirming that the full name is Amos Bradford Jr.  We are now told that Edwin J is Edwin J B.  Some family reports call him Edward, and the 1880 census naames his Edward.

    1870 Federal Census, Marshall County, Georgia, 29 June, Subdivision 45, Guntersville, page 34, Hse/Fam #245
    Strange, Amos B 60 M W Farmer $150 Personal  b SC
    Strange, Mary 60 F W Keeping House born SC Cannot read or write
    Strange, Marshall C 20 M W Farm Labor born GA
    Strange, Robert I 17 M W Farm Labor born GA
    Strange, Hester 10 F W At Home born GA
    Strange, Mary A 28 F W born SC
    Strange, John 7 M W born AL
    Strange, William T 5 M W born AL

    A descendant of Amos Bradford Strange reports his place of death as Martling, Alabama.  Other genealogy sources report the place as Sand Mountain in Marshall County, Alabama.

    "Amos Bradford Strange b: Spartanburg Co.  D: Martling, Alabama"
    --  Elisa J Strange-Von Rice, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 16 December 2008


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