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Andrew Jackson CHRISTIAN

Andrew Jackson CHRISTIAN1,2,7,5,3,6,4,8

4th Jan 18837,5 - 18th Aug 19483

Life History

4th Jan 1883

Born in Cass County, Texas.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

Jan 1883

Born in Texas.7,5

(less likely)

about 1885

Born in Texas.6

(less likely)


Residence1 in Cass County, Texas


Residence2 in Bismark, McCurtain, Oklahoma.2

5th Mar 1919

Birth of daughter Dorothy Inez CHRISTIAN in Bismarck, McCurtain, Oklahoma.9,5,1,10,11


Residence3 in Fowler Township, McCurtain, Oklahoma.1

17th Jan 1921

Birth of daughter Vivian Burnice CHRISTIAN in Oklahoma.12,5

31st Oct 1922

Birth of son Fred Lesley CHRISTIAN in Washita County, Oklahoma.5,10,13

14th Jan 1925

Birth of daughter Ora Orvella CHRISTIAN in Oklahoma.9

2nd Apr 1927

Death of daughter Ora Orvella CHRISTIAN in Oklahoma.9


Residence4 in Elk Township, Washita, Oklahoma.5

29th May 1933

Death of Verda Mae SMITH.4,4

6th Oct 1937

Death of daughter Vivian Burnice CHRISTIAN.12

18th Aug 1948

Died in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.3

Other facts


Married Verda Mae SMITH


  • 1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 13 January, Justice Precinct 3, District 22, page 13A, Hse/Fam #40
    Christian, D Z  Head  W M  Feb 1858  42 Widowed MS England AL Farmer
    Christian, Walter  Son  W M  Nov 1879  20  TX MS TX Farm Laborer
    Christian, Jack  Son  W M  Jan 1883  17  TX MS TX Farm Laborer

    The following record is considered by some family genealogists to represent our Jack Christian.  The location in McCurtain County fits, matching known members of the family and census records of Jack.  The name of the wife is similar to Jack's wife Verda Mae.  The birth date is three years different from the birth date in the 1900 census above, January 1883.

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Andrew Jackson Christian
    Residence Bismark, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
    Birth Date 4 Jan 1880
    Occupation Farming
    Wife Mrs Birdie Christian
    Medium Height and Build, Brown Eyes, Black Hair
    Registered 10 Sept 1918 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma
    Signed Jack Christian

    The 1910 census confirms the full form of Jack's name, and his family relationships, as we find him and his father in the same household.  Zene and Jack are living in the household of Jack's older brother Daniel W Christian.  Daniel Zene has apparently been widowed, although the enumerator left the marital status field on Zene's record blank, for some reason.  In the fashion of the censuses, we aer given another age and birth date for Andrew J here, yielding another alternative birth date in 1885.

    1910 Federal Census, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, 4 May, Mtn View Township, District 179, page 9A, Hse/Fam #107
    Christian, Daniel W  Head M W 28 Married 7 years TX TN TX  Laborer, Farm Hand Owns
    Christian, Lillie  Wife F W 22 Married 7 years 4 children/3 living TX TX TN
    Christian, Imalove Dau F W 6 TX TX TX
    Christian, Norman Son F W 2 OK TX TX
    Christian, Hazel Dau F W 4mos OK TX TX [b abt Nov 1909, based on census date of 1 April]
    Christian, Daniel Z  Father M W 50 [Marital Status unreported] Tenn England Alabama  Farmer
    Christian, Andrew J  Brother M W 25 Single TX TN TX  Farmer [b abt 1885]

    The 1920 census reports Zene and Verda there and to confirm the family identity, his father Zene is in the household.

    1920 Federal Census, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, 28 January, Fowler Township, District 137, page 14A,  Hse #266, Fam #270
    Christian, Jack  Head  Owns Free M W 39 Married TX MO TX Farmer [b abt 1885]
    Christian, Verda Wife F W 21 Married AR NC AR No Occupation
    Christian, Inez Dau M W 11mos OK TX OK
    Christian, Zene Father M W 64 Widowed MS MS MS Farm Laborer

    1930 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 13 May, Elk Township, District 14, page 12A, Hse #238, Fam #253
    Christian, Jack  Head Rents Does not owns a radio M W 46 First Married at age 34 TX MS TX Farmer [b abt 1884]
    Christian, Verda M  Wife F W 32 First Married at age 20 AR NC AR [b abt 1910]
    Christian, Inez  Dau F W 11 OK TX AR [b abt 1919]
    Christian, Vivian  Dau F W 9 OK TX AR [b abt 1921]
    Christian, Fred  Son M W 7 OK TX AR [b abt 1923]

    Andrew Jackson "Jack" Christian
    Birth 4 Jan 1880 in Cash [should be Cass] County, Texas
    Death 18 Aug 1948 in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma
    Daniel Zene Christian 1856 - 1934
    Elizabeth Mahala Petty 1861 - 1892
    Verda Mae Smith
    Birth 27 May 1898 in Arkadelphia, Clark, Arkansas
    Death 28 May 1933
    --  Smith Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/18471277/person/663981033?ssrc=&ftm=1

    It appears that this genealogy has mistaken the county of Jack's birth.  I don't know of this family ever being as far south as Cash County (Houston Metro area).  The Christian clan were in Cass County and Hunt County in the northeast, before most moved to Indian Territory/Oklahoma.  Note that in the 1900 census, when Jack was 17 years old, they were still in Cass County.

    The date is a problem also.  The birth date reported by thsi genealogy is 4 January 1880, which comes from Jack's WWI registration.  This conflicts with his brother Daniel's birth date of 11 Nov 1879, found consistently in several records. Jack's age reported int eh censues varies from 1883 to 1885.  1900 reported the date as Jan 1883. 1910 age puts it abt 1885, 1930 abt 1884.

    A family source was found that confirmed the year of birth was 1883, as reported in the 1900 census.  The Smith Family Tree, by "LaQuittaOK," has this note on Jack's birth form the Family Bible:
    "Andrew Jackson Christian: In family bible: 'Andrew Jackson Christian was born January 4, 1883.'"


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