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James Brissell HORTON

James Brissell HORTON1,1,3,4

27th Mar 17551,2 - Feb 17821

Life History

27th Mar 1755

Born in Stokes County, North Carolina.1,2

17th Jan 1778

Married Margaret BEALS in Tom's Creek, Surry, North Carolina.1,5,6,4

Feb 1782

Died in Chillicothe, Ohio Country.1


  • "Jonathan's brothers James (killed by Indians in Indiana [it appears to be Ohio Country at that time], where he moved with his wife's family), Issac, Abraham Jr (married Aditha Clark) and Daniel are all Rev War Patriots."
    --  Sheri Horton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 20 October 2010

    James HORTON
    Birth 27 Mar 1755 in Stokes or, Surry, North Carolina
    Death Feb 1782 in Chillicothe, what is to become Ross County in, Ohio
    Parents Abraham Horton 1722 - 1816
    Martha Brissell 1725 - 1808
    Margaret BEALS
    Birth 10 Dec 1757 in New Garden, Guilford, North Carolina
    Death 18 Nov 1833 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana
    --  Ryan Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5254929/person/-1437970079

    James, as three of his brothers, had the middle name of Brissell from his mother.

    James Brissell Horton
    Birth Mar 27 1755 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
    Death Feb 1782
    Parents Abraham Horton 1722 - 1816
    Martha Brissell 1725 - 1808
    Marriage 17 Jan 1778 to Margaret Beals
    --  Horton, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/6045713/person/-196328381

    "James Horton, son of Abraham, Surry Co., m. Margaret Beales, dt. Thomas, same place, 17-1-1778 at Tom's Creek. Wit: John Hiatt, Thos. Beales, John Beales, Samuel Bond, John Horton, John Burris, Ruth Beales, Mary Jessop, Sarah Beales, Hannah Sumner, Rachel Beales, Ann Hiatt."
    --  Marriages from the New Garden Monthly Meeting, North Carolina, http://www.newrivernotes.com/va/swift/newgarden_marriages.html

    The following entry announced the marriage in the minutes of the New Garden Friends Meeting.

    Westfield Monthly Meeting of Friends, Minutes p 174, Abt January 1778

    Whereas James Horton Son of Abraham Horton of Surry County North Carolina & Margaret Beales Daughter of Thos Beales of the Same Place, having declared their Intention of Marriage with each other before Several monthly meetings of the people called Quakers held in New Garden in Guilford County & nothing appearing to obstruct were left to their liberty to accomplish their marriage according to good order the which they did the 17 of 1st mo 1778 at Toms Creek meeting in Surry Conty also before many witnesses 12 of whose names are here inserted to Wit:
    Ruth Bealer   Mary Jesson   Sarah Beales   Hannah Summer   Rachel Beales   Ann Hiatt
    John Hiatt   Thos Beales   John Beales   Saml Bond   John Horton   John Burris

    "James Horton, was taken prisoner by the Indians and, from most reliable information that can be obtained, was carried to Old Chillicothe, near Frankfort, Ohio, and there put to death."
    --  Harlow Lindley, Thomas Beals: First Friends Minister in Ohio, Reprinted from Vol. LIII #1, Jan/Mar 1944, Pg. 55-60, The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly

    "James Horton and a dozen men from NC establish camp on Bluestone River in Kentucky. Horton and 6 men captured. 5 men killed. Horton and John Branson captured and taken to Old Chillicothe (now Frankfort), Ross County, Ohio and tortured and burned at the stake."
    --  From the research of Joanne Todd

    --  Geni genealogy, https://www.geni.com/people/James-Horton/6000000002578789080


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