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Mary Lou DAVIS

Mary Lou DAVIS1,8,5,2,9,3,10,11,4

20th Feb 19381,2,3,4,5 - 8th Jan 19991,2,7,4,5

Life History

20th Feb 1938

Born in Fredericktown, Knox, Ohio.1,2,3,4,5

24th May 1964

Married George Lloyd LEVERING in Morrow County, Ohio.9

22nd May 1968

Divorced from George Lloyd LEVERING in Morrow County, Ohio.11

14th Jun 1969

Death of George Lloyd LEVERING in Mount Gilead, Morrow, Ohio.9

20th Jul 1969

Married Harold Wayne LITTLE in Crawford County, Ohio.9

about Feb 1973

Married Clarence Edwin WOLF in Crawford County, Ohio.9,4

24th Jul 1974

Divorced from Harold Wayne LITTLE in Crawford County, Ohio.11

20th Aug 1977

Married Claude E THRUSH in Coffey County, Kansas.9

27th Oct 1979

Death of Clarence Edwin WOLF in Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio.9,4,12

before 31st Dec 1981

Divorced from Claude E THRUSH.9

5th Feb 1983

Death of Claude E THRUSH in Coffey County, Kansas.9,2,13

8th May 1983

Married Wayne Eugene DUMOND in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.8,3,10,14

24th Jun 1986

Divorced from Wayne Eugene DUMOND in Harris County, Texas.3,10

8th Jan 1999

Died in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.1,2,7,4,5

A car crash; Dusty was on the way to visit family in Ohio

after 8th Jan 1999

Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.6

Other facts


Married Living NELSON


Married Living WHITED


Birth of daughter Living WOLF


  • Mary Lou "Dusty" Wolf was Wayne Eugene Dumond's second wife, whom he married in Arkansas.  They lived in the Wynne area.

    Mary Lou's name of Wolf was one of her earlier married names.  She married Clarence Edwin Wolf in 1966 in Crawford County, Ohio.  Mary Lou was married 7 times.  See note below on Mary Lou's 7 marriages.  I discovered her maiden name on her death certificate (electronic on in March 2008.

    Her father's surname was Davis and her mother's maiden name was Fisher.  Their first names are not given on the death certificate, but they are fond on May Lou's Social Security recrods.  Her gravestone gives her name as Mary Lou "Dusty" Wolf Dumond.  The Davis Weller genealogy gives the names and dates of all the marriages, but does not provide the documentation.

    Her Social Security application indicates her name as Mary Lou Whited, giving us her first husband's surname.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Mary Lou Whited [Mary Lou Levering] [Mary Little] [Mary Wolf] [Mary Thrush] [Mary Nelson] [Mary Lou Davis]
    Birth 20 Feb 1938 Fredericktown (Knox County), Ohio
    Death Date 8 Jan 1999
    Father George W Davis
    Mother Mary E Fisher
    SSN 302321179
    Sep 1954 Name listed as MARY LOU WHITED; Sep 1965 Name listed as MARY LOU LEVERING; Sep 1968 Name listed as MARY LOU LITTLE; Feb 1973 Name listed as MARY LOU WOLF; 19 Sep 1977 Name listed as MARY LOU THRUSH; 20 Jan 1982 Name listed as MARY LOU NELSON

    The Davis Weller genealogy knows of only 6 marriages.

    Mary Lou Davis
    Birth 20 FEB 1938 in Fredericktown, Knox County OH
    Death 08 JAN 1999 in Crawford County OH
    George Wilson Davis 1912-1997. Mary Elizabeth Fisher 1911-1996
    Marriage 16 JAN 1954 Knox County OH to <Private>
    Divorced 10 Feb 1964 Morrow County, Ohio from  <Private>
    Marriage 24 May 1964 Morrow County, Ohio to George Lloyd Levering
    Marriage 28 Oct 1966 Crawford County OH to Clarence Edwin Wolf
    Marriage 20 Jul 1969 Crawford County OH to Harold Wayne Little
    Marriage 20 Aug 1977 Coffey County KS to Claude Thrush
    Marriage 31 Dec 1981 to Thomas Nelson
    --  Davis-Weller,

    Note that the Davis Weller genealogy reports that Mary Lou married George Levering in 1964, then married in Clarence Edwin Davis in 1964.  But Ohio divorce records show Mary Lou and George did not divorce until 1968.  No marriage or divorce records have been found for her marriage to Davis.

    We have found the marriage information for Harold Little in the divorce record for him and Mary Lou.

    Ohio Divorce Index, 1962-1963, 1967-1971, 1973-2007
    Harold W Little
    Birth Year 1934, Married 3 Times
    Residence Galion, Crawford County
    Spouse's Name Mary L Little
    Spouse's Birth Year 1939, Married 3 Times
    Residence Out of State
    Married for 6 Years, 1 Child
    Husband granted divorce on the grounds of Willful Absence and Gross Neglect
    Decree 24 Jul 1974 Crawford County
    Recorded Crawford Coiunty Divorce Record, Volume 2933, Cerificate #24647

    I note that with these 6 marriages, the Davis-Weller genealogy is unaware of her marriage to Wayne Dumond.  So Mary Lou was married 7 times.  Wayne and Dusty were married in 1983 in Ethel, Arkansas, where Wayne had grown up.  She divorced him in Houston, Texas, in 1986.

    Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002
    Wayne E Dumond; Estimated birth year: abt 1950
    Spouse's name Mary L [Dumond]
    Spouse's Age 48, Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: abt 1938
    Marriage Date 8 May 1983, 0 Children
    Divorce 24 Jun 1986 Harris County (Houston), Texas

    After her divorce from Wayne in 1986, Dusty lived in Spring, Texas, near Houston.  There are listings also for Wayne at this address, which indicate she was still advocating for him and handling correspondence for him at her address while he was in prison in Arkansas.

    "His second wife, Dusty, staunchly supported him throughout his imprisonment in Arkansas, but died in a car crash January 8, 1999, after the approval of his parole but prior to the approval of his release plan."
    --  "Wayne DuMond," Wikipedia,

    Wayne's cousin Edith Marie McSwain Jenkins reports that she met Dusty at on one occasion, about 1985.  Edith found Dusty's gravestone in the Mt Pleasant Cemetery in Ethel, Arkansas.  Even though she and Wayne had been divorced, her body was transported and buried in Ethel, where she and Wayne were married.  As the divorce record indicates, they never had any children.

    After the divorce, Mary Lou continued to live for a few years in Spring, Texas.  She later moved back to Arkansas, living in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County.

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
    Mary Lou Dumond
    Birth Date 20 Feb 1938
    5007 Sitca St, Spring, TX, 77389-3855 (1993)
    817 W 20th Ave, Pine Bluff, AR, 71601-6319 (1995)

    Social Security Death Index
    Mary L Wolf Dumond
    Born 20 Feb 1938, Died 8 Jan 1999
    Last Residence De Witt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    SSN 302-32-1179 issued Ohio (1954-1955)

    A different residence address was reported on her death certificate.  She died in Ohio, and the Ohio death certificate reports that Dusty's place of residence at the time of her death was Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio.  She died in the OSU Medical Center, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.  The cause of death is not entered, but she was an inpatient in the hospital.

    The Davis-Weller Genealogy, compiled by Todd Davis, reports a different final residence address (Crawford County OH) than the Social Security Death Index, which gives her last address as DeWitt, Arkansas.  Since she was an inpatient and died at the Ohio State University Medical Center, it makes sense that she would have had an Ohio address at that time.  Perhaps she had been there only a short time, or it was a family address, before and during her treatment in the hospital.

    Mary Lou Davis
    Birth 20 FEB 1938 in Fredericktown, OH - Knox County
    Death 08 JAN 1999 in Crawford County - OH (other sources indicate Dusty died due to a car crash in Ohio, death was actually in University Medical Center, Franklin Co, OH)
    Parents George Wilson Davis 1912-1997
    Mary Elizabeth Fisher 1911-1996
    Marriage 8 May 1983 Ethel, AR to Wayne Eugene Dumond
    --  Davis-Weller,

    The birthplace is also different here from what I found in public records, which indicate Dusty was born in  Columbiana County, Ohio, though the date of birth matches.  I expect what the genealogy has reported is the residence of her parents at the time of her birth.  This genealogy provides no documentation, so is not credible in this regard.  However, the amount and level of overall detail indicates this compiler was drawing on family sources.  Thus it seems we can use this source for details missing in other sources, like the actual date of marriage to Wayne Dumond.

    Ohio, Death Records, 1908-1932, 1938-2007
    Mary Lou Wolf Dumond
    Birth 20 Feb 1938 Columbiana, Ohio, United States
    Residence Lorain, Lorain, Ohio 72046
    Occupation Legal assistant, education 2 years college
    Married, Age at Death 60
    Injured in Ohio [car wreck]
    Social Security #320-32-1179
    Father's Surname Davis
    Mother's Maiden Name Fisher
    Hospital Inpatient
    Death 8 Jan 1999 08:20 PM at OSU Medical Center, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
    Death Certified by Physician, Not Referred to Coroner, No Autopsy performed
    Removal for burial out of State
    Certificate #002847 filed 27 Jan 1999
    (no image available)


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