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Wayne Eugene DUMOND2,7,10,4,5,1,8,9,11,12

10th Sep 19493,4,5,1 - 31st Aug 20053,6,7,5,8,9

Life History

10th Sep 1949

Born in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,4,5,1

about 1968

Married Lywanda Gean STRAIN in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.10,4,8,19

about 1968

Married in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas to Lywanda Strain

after 1983

Divorced from Lywanda Gean STRAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.11,8

8th May 1983

Married Mary Lou DAVIS in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.18,1,8,11

between 1986 and 1993

Resident in Spring, Harris, Texas.1,2

24th Jun 1986

Divorced from Mary Lou DAVIS in Harris County, Texas.1,8

8th Jan 1999

Death of Mary Lou DAVIS in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.13,14,15,16,17

Aug 2000

Married Terry Sue NIEDERLAND in Smithville, Clay, Missouri.8,8,2,12

31st Aug 2005

Died in Cameron, Clinton, Missouri.3,6,7,5,8,9

Natural causes; he had cancer of the vocal chords, according to a prison official

2nd Sep 2005

Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,5

Other facts


Military service in Vietnam


Married in probably Arkansas to Mary Lou "Dusty" Wolf


Married in in Missouri to Terry Sue <Last Name Unknown>


Birth of son Living DUMOND


Birth of son Living DUMOND


Birth of son Living DUMOND


  • Wayne Eugene Dumond was a carpenter and a veteran of the Vietnam War.

    He married Lywanda Jean Strain before Wayne went to the Vietnam War, perhaps when Wayne was 18 or 19.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Wayne E Dumond
    Spouse's Name Lywanda Strain
    no date reported

    Wayne's cousin Edith Marie McSwain Jenkins says that Wayne married Lywanda Strain about 1968 in DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas.  They had three sons.  Their marriage record online has no date of marriage.

    Lywanda Strain mar Wayne Eugene Dumond
    Children Dale Wayne, Michael Shawn, Joey Edwin
    --  RootsWeb, Heureux Genealogy,

    The marriage ended in divorce at an unknown date.  All the residence records for her use her maiden name.

    (Excerpt from a news article in an Orlando, Flrida, newspaper about Wayne Dumond and Forrest City, Arkansas)

    In 1976, he was arrested and charged with rape in his hometown of DeWitt, Ark. Charges were dropped when the woman involved refused to testify.

    After his arrest in DeWitt, Dumond's marriage dissolved. He took two of his three sons and moved to Forrest City, a place where he knew no one, and no one knew him.

    One of the first people Dumond met in Forrest City was an older woman, a widow named Mary Lou Wolf. She calls herself Dusty. Dusty Wolf introduced herself one day with a knock on Dumond's door.

    "I brought him a kettle of stew and a chocolate pie with whipped cream," she said, "and I invited him to church."

    They met in February and married in May. She worked at the Forrest City Sanyo plant, making television sets. He worked at the Holiday Inn as a maintenance man and later as an automobile mechanic. They moved to a house out in the country.

    "We were just going to live in the woods, mind our own business and go to church," she said.
    Eighteen months later, Forrest City police came to the Dumonds' home and arrested Dumond and charged him with the rape of the daughter of a prominent Forrest City businessman. Dumond contends that he was home sick when the rape occurred.
    --  The Orlando Sentinel, 8 January 1989,

    Wayne Eugene Dumond
    Marriage 8 May 1983 Ethel, AR to Mary Lou Davis
    --  Ancestry Trees, Davis-Weller,

    "Wayne DuMond was born on September 10, 1949, in DeWitt (Arkansas County), one of two sons of Ira Eugene DuMond and Ethel Christine DuMond. His father, an automobile mechanic, also had two sons and a daughter by another wife. DuMond was a soldier in the Vietnam War and worked as a handyman and carpenter in communities around DeWitt and Forrest City and in Texas.  He was married three times: to Lywanda Jean Strain at DeWitt in 1968, to Mary Lou “Dusty” Davis at Ethel (Arkansas County) in 1983, and a woman identified in sources only as “Terry Sue” at Smithville, Missouri, in 2000 after his parole from Arkansas.  He had three sons with his first wife; the marriage had apparently ended by 1983."
    --  "Wayne Eugene DuMond (1949-2005)," The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture,

    While he was married to Dusty, Wayne was convicted of a rape murder of a local cheerleader in Forrest City, Arkansas, in 1984.  She divorced him in 1986, but remained loyal to him, continuing to maintain his innocence until her death in 1999.

    The Orlando Sentinel article tells us that Mary Lou (Dusty) moved to Houston, Texas.

    "After Dumond's conviction, his wife moved to Houston to live near the oldest of her four children. She rarely tells anyone in Texas about her life.  "When you tell people your husband is in prison for life for something he didn't do, not many people believe you," she said."
    --  The Orlando Sentinel, 8 January 1989,

    There she got a divorce from Wayne.  The Arkansas marriage and divorce records for Wayne and Dusty report they married on 8 May 1983 and divorced on 24 June 1986.

    "His second wife, Dusty, staunchly supported him throughout his imprisonment in Arkansas, but died in a car crash January 8, 1999, after the approval of his parole but prior to the approval of his release plan."
    --  "Wayne DuMond," Wikipedia,

    After Wayne's release on a parole agreement in October 1999, he moved from Missouri in August 2000 and married a woman named Terry Sue Wood.

    "Following his 1999 parole, DuMond moved to Smithville, Missouri in August 2000, where he married Terry Sue, a member of a church group who visited him while he was incarcerated in Arkansas.  On June 22, 2001,  DuMond was arrested and charged with the September 20, 2000, rape and murder of Carol Sue Shields of Parkville.  DuMond was convicted in the summer of 2003."
    --  "Wayne Dumond,"

    DuMond's case became notorious in Arkansas when he claimed he was castrated while awaiting trial for a 1984 rape at Forrest City, Ark. No one was ever charged in the assault. Stephens is a distant relative of former President Bill Clinton, who was governor of Arkansas at the time of the rape.

    DuMond moved to Missouri after being paroled from Arkansas and shortly afterward was arrested for the Sept. 20, 2000, murder of Carol Sue Shields of Parkville. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

    Prosecutor Dan White in Clay County, Mo., said the Appeals Court for the Western District of Missouri upheld Dumond's appeal Tuesday of his first-degree murder conviction.

    White said Dumond was also the lead suspect in a murder in Platt County, Mo., but had never been charged in that case.  [Another story iindicats that charges had been prepared and were abotu to be filed when DuMond's death occurred.]
    --  The Free Republic newspaper, Kansas City, Missouri, 31 August 2005,

    After his conviction in Missouri, Wayne died in prison in of apparent natural causes, suffering from recently diagnosed vocal chord cancer, but the day after the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld his Missouri murder conviction.

    DuMond moved to Smithville, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, in August 2000 and married a woman named Terry Sue, who had been in a church group that had traveled to the Arkansas prison to visit him. Only days later, on September 20, Carol Sue Shields, thirty-nine, of nearby Parkville was raped and murdered. The next June, Sarah Andrasek, twenty-three, who was pregnant, was raped and murdered.

    On June 22, 2001, DuMond was arrested and charged with Shields’s murder and was convicted in the summer of 2003. Charges were being prepared for Andrasek’s murder in the fall of 2005, but DuMond was found dead in his cell at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri, on September 1 [but see news story below; he was found on 31 August], a day after the Missouri Court of Appeals unanimously upheld his conviction in Shields’s murder.
    --  "Wayne Eugene DuMond (1949-2005)," The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture,

    While his death occurred immediately following the bad news of his appeal;, he was also suffering from cancer of the vocal chorde.

    Missouri prison officials said DuMond had been diagnosed two months ago with cancer of the vocal cords and that his death appears to have been natural.

    DuMond was pronounced dead at 7:03 a.m. by medical staff of a prison infirmary at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., said Wanda Seeney, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Corrections.  Prison guards found DuMond unresponsive during a routine inmate count earlier that morning and tried to revive him before taking him to the infirmary, she said.

    Two months ago, DuMond was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal chords, she said.  "He was being treated for cancer, but it was still a shock because his cancer had not progressed to where they were expecting him to die at any moment," she said.
    --  The Free Republic newspaper, Kansas City, Missouri, 31 August 2005,

    Wayne's funeral was held in his home community, at Belleview Missionary Baptist Church, Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.  Funeral and burial were prepared by Essex Funeral Home, DeWitt, Arkansas, on 2 September, two days after his death was discovered.  George Oliver McSwain provided some information about Wayne from personal knowledge of his cousin.  See documentation notes on facts.

    A copy of Wayne's obituary from the newspaper was provided by a family member.  The clipping does not indicate which newspaper it was printed in, but it appears to be the DeWitt Era-Enterprise.  I got the name of other family members and children from the obituary.  With these names I was able to find further information on some family members, which appears on their profiles, from public records in Arkansas and Missouri.

    Obituary of Wayne Eugene Dumond
    Born 10 September 1949 in DeWitt, Arkansas
    Died Aug 31 2005 (location not given)
    Funeral and burial 2 September 2005
    [buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas]
    By Essex Funeral Home, DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    --  DeWitt (Arkansas) Era-Enterprise, After 2 Sep 2005.

    Wayne Eugene DuMond
    Birth Sep 10, 1949 De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Death Aug 31, 2005

    [The source of the followng conviction record is not given in this profile.  This is a serious breach of reserach protocol, but this appears to be an official record from a law enforcement source]

    Sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison for rape in Arkansas in 1985
    Released in October 1999
    Sentenced to life in prison in 2003
    Died in prison on August 31, 2005
    Classification Murderer, Serial rapist
    3 victims
    Date of murders 1972 / 2000 - 2001
    Arrest June 22, 2001
    Birth September 10, 1949
    Victims profile A woman / Carol Sue Shields / Sara Andrasek
    Method of murder Hitting with a hammer / Suffocation
    Oklahoma/Missouri, USA

    Ira Eugene Dumond (1926 - 1998)
    Christine Dumond (1926 - 1956)
    Sibling Stephen Earl Dumond (1947 - 1977)

    Burial Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #110403412,


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