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Dorcas FISHBACK3,4,5,6,7,2

about 17801,2 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1780

Born in Tennessee.1,2

about 1812

Birth of daughter Mary Jane GREGORY in Tennessee.2,8,9

25th Aug 1817

Married Richard GREGORY in Fauquier County, Virginia.3,4,5

9th Sep 1818

Birth of son Phillip GREGORY in Virginia.3,10,11

about 1819

Birth of daughter Lucretia GREGORY in Tennessee.2

about 1820

Birth of daughter Malinda GREGORY

about 1821

Birth of daughter Susan GREGORY in Tennessee.2,13,14,8

Apr 1826

Birth of son James Henry GREGORY in Tennessee.15,16,17,18,19,2

about 1832

Birth of daughter Cynthia GREGORY in Tennessee.3,21,22,20,23

about 1852

Death of Richard GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.3,24

about 1853

Death of daughter Lucretia GREGORY.12

about 1867

Death of daughter Susan GREGORY in Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tennessee


Death of son Phillip GREGORY in Bell County, Texas.3

before Jan 1902

Death of daughter Cynthia GREGORY in Baxter County, Arkansas.20

before 1910

Death of son James Henry GREGORY in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.15


Death of daughter Malinda GREGORY in Tennessee


Death of daughter Mary Jane GREGORY




  • There are uncertainties about Dorcas and her husband, presented by several poorly-documented genealogies as Richard Gregory.  Two versions of transcriptions of a marriage seem to refer to them, but the variations of Richard's last name may indicate that this was a different family lineage from the Gregory lineages of Virginia, North Carlina and neighboring states, many of whom appear to be kin, but connections have not been confirmed.

    The name Gregory is derived from an ancient Greek name, which means Swift or Adept, the name Gregory is associated with ethnic variations like McGregor, MacGregory, and spelled as Grigory and other variations, in various records or informal references, so there is nothing definitive about the name variations in the marriage records below.  Insufficient information is included to clearly document identities.

    One old publication has some partial information that notes the compiler (or informant) says they think Dorcas had two children.  the genealogies usually have four names, which have been somewhat documented.  We have been able to well-document a son Philip, but clear documentation of his parentage is weak.  Some details have been found on others, but it is uncertain this is the same family indicated, and clear parental relationship has not been established.

    John Philip Fishback
    Born 1728, Died May 1819, aged 91, in Fauquier Co VA.
    Will probated in that county 28 June 1819; he was a physician
    Married Jane Reed
    Daughter Dorcas Fishback, m[arried, husband not reported]
    Think she had two children

    Richard Gregory, No vital details
    George Washington Gregory 1790-
    Mary Hawkins
    Marriage 25 AUG 1817 Fauquier County, Va to Dorcas Fishback (1781-)
    Birth of Son Phillip Gregory 09-09-1818 Virginia
    Other Children, no dates or details:
    Miranda Gregory
    James Gregory
    George Gregory
    William Gregory
    Death of Son Phillip Gregory October 1895 Bell County, Texas
    --  Carolyn Cooper, Ancestry,

    Virginia, Compiled Marriages, 1740-1850
    Darcus Fishback
    Spouse Name Richard Megrigory (?)
    Marriage 25 Aug 1817 Fauquier County, Virginia
    (no image available to confirm)

    Steve Squier did an analysis of the early censuses on the family of Richard Gregory.

    Censuses of 1810, 1830, and 1840 for Richard's household (the 1820 census of Tennessee being lost). Here is how I propose to account for the tally-marks in each of those years:

    1810 Fauquier Co., VA
    male 26-44 = Richard Gregory
    female 26-44 = Lucretia Jones
    female <10 = Sarah Ann Gregory (b. ~1807 VA)
    male <10 = an unidentified son (b. 1801-1810) [appears to be William, based on later discoveries by Steve]
    female <45 = an elderly relative
    female <45 = an elderly relative

    1830 Jefferson Co., TN
    male 40-49 = Richard Gregory
    female 40-49 = Dorcas Fishback
    [note that Sarah Ann is out of the household, having been married the previous February]
    male 20-29 = unidentified son (b. 1801-1810) [William]
    male 15-19 = Few H. Gregory (b. ~1813 VA)
    male 10-14 = Phillip Gregory (b. ~1817 VA)
    female 10-14 = Lucretia Gregory (b. ~1819 TN)
    female 5-9 = Mary Jane Gregory (b. ~1820 TN)
    female 5-9 = Susan Gregory (b. ~1821 TN)
    male 5-9 = James Henry Gregory (b. Apr 1826 TN)
    male 60-69 = an elderly relative
    female 60-69 = an elderly relative

    1840 Jefferson Co., TN
    male 50-59 = Richard Gregory
    female 50-59 = Dorcas Fishback
    [the unidentified son and Few are now out of the household, Few having been married in 1834]
    male 20-29 = Phillip Gregory (b. ~1817 VA)
    female 20-29 = Lucretia Gregory (b. ~1819 TN)
    female 20-29 = Mary Jane Gregory (b. ~1820 TN)
    female 15-19 = Susan Gregory (b. ~1821 TN)
    male 15-19 = James Henry Gregory (b. Apr 1826 TN)
    female 5-9 = Cynthia Gregory (b. ~1831/32 TN)
    --  Steve Squier, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 August 2017

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Darcus Fishback
    Spouse Name Richard Megrig Mcgrigory
    Marriage 1817 VA


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