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George Franklin MCSWAIN

George Franklin MCSWAIN9,1,2,3,10,4,5,6,7,8,11,12

29th Sep 18691,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 16th Apr 19479,10,6

Life History

29th Sep 1869

Born in Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

18th Jul 1900

Married Julia Emiline CASTLEBERRY in Delta County, Texas.12,6,30

10th May 1901

Birth of daughter Esther MCSWAIN in Texas.11

11th Aug 1904

Birth of son Russell Murphy MCSWAIN in Ben Franklin, Delta, Texas.13,1,4,3,6

19th Apr 1906

Birth of son Ernest J MCSWAIN in Arkansas.14,15,1,6,3,11

30th Jul 1907

Birth of son Millard Eldon MCSWAIN in Trent, Taylor, Texas.16,17,1,3,7,11,11,18,19,6,18

before 1910

Death of daughter Esther MCSWAIN in Texas

5th Jul 1910

Birth of son Owen N MCSWAIN in Texas.3,20,1,11,21

8th Jun 1911

Birth of daughter Ruby Bele MCSWAIN in Taylor County, Texas.4,3,6,23,11

25th Dec 1913

Birth of son Albertus MCSWAIN in Seymour, Baylor, Texas.4,3,24,25,26,11,27,6

10th Feb 1918

Birth of son William Franklin MCSWAIN in Seymour, Baylor, Texas.28,3,4,6,23,18,25,11,29

30th Apr 1936

Death of daughter Ruby Bele MCSWAIN in Brownfield, Terry, Texas.22,6

16th Apr 1947

Died in Lubbock County, Texas.9,10,6

Acute cardiac dilation, contributory arteriosclerosis and prostatic obstruction

17th Apr 1947

Buried in Gaines County Cemetery, Seagraves, Gaines County, Texas.6


  • 1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 July, Prairie Township, PO St Charles, page 15, Hse/Fam #118
    McSwane, John F 30 M W Farm Laborer $No Real Estate $140 Personal Estate NC (b abt 1840)
    McSwane, Mary 26 F W Keeping House NC (b abt 1844)
    McSwane, George F 9mos  b Oct 1869 M W Tennessee

    Note the 1870 census says he was born in North Carolina.  Most later censuses say he was born in Tennessee, but the 1900 census reports his birth place as Arkansas.  There may be two George McSwains involved here.  I have not found a matching entry for 1880.

    In 1900, we find George in Delta County, Texas, as a grocer, boarding in the home of Edward J Conway.  Note that he reports his birth date here as Sept 1869, though his parents (presumably) reported in 1870 that he was born in October 1869.  George's granddaughter reports his birthday as 29 September 1869, favoring the 1900 census report over the 1870 report.

    1900 Federal Census, Delta County, Texas, 21 June, Justice Precinct 3, District 36, page 18B, Hse #320, Fam #332
    Conway, Edward J Head W F Jan 1868 32 Married 13 years GA AR SC Farmer Rents
    Conway, Sarah E Wife W F Sept 1869  30 Married 13 years 6 children/6 living TX MS MS
    Conway, William A Son W M Feb 1889 11 TX GA TX
    Conway, Thomas J Son W M Sept 1889 10 TX GA TX
    Conway, Fred A Son W M Feb 1892  8 TX GA TX
    Conway, Roni M Dau W F May 1895 5 TX GA TX
    Conway, John H Son W M Nov 1896 3 TX GA TX
    Conway, Edward W Son W M Aug 1899 9mos TX GA TX
    McSwain, Geo F  Boarder W M Sept 1869 30 AR AR AR

    According to the report in the 1910 census, George married soon after the 1900 census, to a widow, Julia Castleberry Gross.  They are living in Taylor County, Texas, which is the Abilene area.  This is 280 miles away in West Texas.

    1910 Federal Census, Taylor County, Texas, 4 May, Justice Precinct 3, District 271, page 12, Hse/Fam #197
    McSwain, G F 40 Married 10 years  TN NC NC Photography Owns
    McSwain, J E  Wife F W 34 Second Marriage Married 10 yrs 8 children/5 living AR MS GA
    Buman, Gross  Stepson M W 12  TX Unknown AR
    McSwain, Russel Son M W 6  TX TN AR
    McSwain, Ernest Son M W 5  TX TN AR
    McSwain, Elden Son M W 3  TX TN AR
    McSwain, Owen Son M W 10mos  TX TN AR

    Notice that George and Julia's first son is named Russell.  A descendant, Judy McSwain Miller, contacted me in November 2011 and told me that according to a family Bible, George had three brothers that I had not found in records.  One of them was named Russell.  The others were John and Charlie.

    In censuses of Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas, among the McSwains there, there was a Russell McSwain I could not account for, who did not belong to any of the families enumerated there.  In 1900 he is age 21, living in the home of a Cook family, near Wiley Carey McSwain.  That would make him 9 years younger than George.  This is likely George's brother Russell.  There are other Russells in the Arkansas County McSwain clan.

    George's son Eldon's Bible has a list of all the chdilren and their birthdays.  I have no other reference to the last one listed, named Ester [Esther?].  She is not in lists of the children, and I note that her birth date would be before Russell.  Maybe she is a chidl who died as an infant before the 1910 census.

    George Franklin McSwain  Sept 29, 1869
    Julia McSwain  June 24, 1875
    Russell McSwain  Aug 11, 1904
    Ernest McSwain  April 19, 1906
    Eldon McSwain  July 30, 1907
    Ernest McSwain  April 19, 1906
    O N McSwain July 5, 1910
    Ruby McSwain  June 8, 1911
    Albertus McSwain  Dec 25, 1913
    Frank McSwain  Feb 10, 1918
    Bumon Gross  Feb 14, 1897
    Ester McSwain May 10, 1901
    [The last two lines are written in a different hand]
    Benyamen [Benjamin,] Texas Time 715 AM March 11, 1952
    Marion Franklin McSwain went in service March 11, 1952
    --  Bible of Millard Eldon McSwain, courtesy of Judy McSwain Miller, daughter of McSwain Neal McSwain, 14 August 2014

    Judy McSwain Miller also commented that Julia's first husband was named Gross.  Note the first child in 1910 is George's stepson.  The names on this page are faded and scrawled.  The entry appears to be Buman, but may be Bowman, Gross.  The surnames are first in all cases except this one.  Buman Gross is also listed in the list of births of the McSwain family.  Marion Franklin McSwain is a son of Millard Eldon McSwain and Olive Bell Howry.

    Judy further reported that after the 1910 census George and Julia moved to Seymour, in Baylor County, Texas, and lived there until 1931.
    --  Howard Randy Martin,

    1920 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 7 January, Justice Precinct 1, District 10, page 2A, Throckmorton Rd, Hse #21, Fam #22
    McSwain, George F  Head Owns M W 50 TN NC NC Farmer (b abt 1869)
    McSwain, Julia E  Wife M W 48 AR TN AL (b abt 1871)
    McSwain, Russel M Son M W 17 TX TN AR (b abt 1902)
    McSwain, Ernest J Son M W 15 AR TN AR (b abt 1904)
    McSwain, Eldon M Son M W 12 TX TN AR (b abt 1907)
    McSwain, O N [Owen] Son M W 10 TX TN AR (b abt 1909)
    McSwain, Ruby B Dau F W 8 TX TN AR (b abt 1911)
    McSwain, Alburtus Son M W 6 TX TN AR (b abt 1913)
    McSwain, William F Son M W 1yr10mos TX TN AR (b abt Mar 1918)

    1930 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 11 April, Justice Precinct 5, District 7, page 5A, South Hwy 30, Hse #83, Fam #86
    McSwain, George F Head Rents, Owns a radio M W 60 First Married at age 29 TN NC NC Farmer [b abt 1870]
    McSwain, Julia E Wife F W 53 First Married at age 22 AR MS MS [b abt 1867]
    McSwain, Russell M  Son M W 25 Single TX TN AR Farmer [b abt 1905]
    McSwain, Ruby B  Dau F W 18 Single TX TN AR Farmer [b abt 1905]
    McSwain, Elbertus Son M W 16 Single TX TN AR No Occupation [b abt 1914]
    McSwain, William F Son M W 12 Single TX TN AR No Occupation [b abt 1918]

    Their son Millard, called Eldon in earlier censuses, is living next door to them in his own household.

    1930 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 11 April, Justice Precinct 5, District 7, page 5A, South Hwy 30, Hse #84, Fam #87
    McSwain, Millard E Head Rents, Owns a radio M W 22 First Married at age 19 TX TN AR Farmer [b abt 1808]
    McSwain, Olive B Wife F W 19 First Married at age 16 TX TX TX No Occupation [b abt 1811]
    McSwain, Millard N  Son M W 1 Single TX TX TX No Occupation [b abt 1929]

    1940 Federal Census, Gaines County, Texas, 4 April, Seagraves, District 83-1B, page 4B, Hse #74, Owns $1000
    McSwain, George Head M W 70 Married Grade 7 Tennessee Rural Terry County TX in 1935 Farmer [b abt 1870]
    McSwain, Julia Wife M W 64 Married Grade 7 b Arkansas Rural Terry County TX in 1935 [b abt 1876]

    1940 Federal Census, Gaines County, Texas, 4 April, Seagraves, District 83-1B, page 4B, Hse #77, Owns $20
    McSwain, Bert Head M W 26 Married Grade 6 Texas Rural Terry County TX in 1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 11914]
    McSwain, Helen Wife M W 18 Married Grade 5 b Texas Rural Kiowa Co OK in 1935 [b abt 1922]

    In his genealogy of the McSwains, Howard Randy Martin reports that George died in Seagraves, Gaines County, Texas on 16 Apr 1947.  However, the Texas Death Index reports his death as occurring in Lubbock County.  This appears to mean that his home address at the time of death was Gaines, but he died in Lubbock.  He was likely in the hospital or a nursing home there.

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Certificate #17858
    George F. McSwain
    Death 16 Apr 1947 Lubbock County

    George's death certificate reports different parents than other sources.  The informant was his son Russell Murphy McSwain, so you would think he had accurate information.  Russell reports that George's parents were George McSwain and Ida McSwain.  But others family sources indicate that George Franklin's parents were John Franklin McSwain and Mary G McSwain.

    Some genealogies report that Mary (Polly) G McSwain (maiden name) had the nickname of Ida.  Thus this could be the proper reference as we have it.  George is the most popular name in the McSwain lineage, so it is likely that George's son Russell just got his grandfather's name wrong in the death certificate report.  It is not unheard of, either, for the info from the informant to be written down wrong on the certificate.  Birth certificate names are also often misspelled or erroneous.

    Many details and several family genealogies support John F McSwain as George's father.  I have not been able to correlate a George and Ida that could have been parents of a George McSwain that might match.  All the siblings, places and family details match the son of John Franklin McSwain and Mary (Polly) G "Ida" McSwain.

    George Franklin McSwain
    Birth Sep. 27, 1869, North Carolina
    Death Apr. 16, 1947 Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas

    Son of George & Ida [nee McSwain] McSwain
    Husband of Julia Emiline [Castleberry] McSwain

    [From his death certificate]
    George F. McSwain
    Residence Seagraves, Gaines, Texas
    Rooming House Operator
    Death 16 Apr 1947 Plains-St.Mary's Hosp, Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas
    Cause of death acute cardiac dilation, contributory arteriosclerosis and prostatic obstruction
    Death Age 77 years 6 months 19 days
    Birth 27 Sep 1869 North Carolina [all censuses but one report Tennessee, one says Arkansas]
    Father's Name George McSwain, born  North Carolina
    Mother's Name Ida McSwain (Correct Maiden), born North Carolina
    Informant Russel McSwain (son)
    Burial Seagraves, Texas, 17 Apr 1947 by Joe H Webb Funeral Home, Seagaves, Texas
    Certificate #17858
    Filed 23 April 1947, Filed State 7 May 1947

    Spouse Julia Emiline Castleberry McSwain (1875 - 1952)
    Russell Murphy McSwain (1903 - 1963)
    Ruby Bele McSwain (1911 - 1936)
    William Franklin McSwain (1918 - 1968)

    Burial Gaines County Cemetery, Seagraves, Gaines County, Texas

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