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Mary Ann HENDERSON1,2,3,4

about 18091,2,3,4 - 1883

Life History

about 1809

Born in South Carolina.1,2,3,4

22nd Jul 1828

Married Amos Bradford STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.3,14

24th Mar 1833

Birth of son William Berry STRANGE in Laurens County, South Carolina.5,2

7th Feb 1835

Birth of daughter Francis Jane STRANGE in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.2,6

about 1837

Birth of daughter Nancy C STRANGE in South Carolina.4,2

about 1839

Birth of daughter Martha STRANGE in South Carolina.2

10th Jan 1840

Birth of son James H STRANGE in South Carolina.2,7

about 1841

Birth of daughter Mary Ann STRANGE in South Carolina.2,1

about 1844

Birth of son Amos Bradford STRANGE in South Carolina.2,4

about 1847

Birth of son Edwin J B STRANGE in Marshall County, Alabama.8,4,2,9

about 1849

Birth of son Marshall A STRANGE in Georgia.2,4,1

15th Dec 1852

Birth of son Robert Erwin STRANGE in Georgia.4,10,11,12,1

about 1860

Birth of daughter Hester STRANGE in Georgia.1


Death of Amos Bradford STRANGE in Sand Mountain, Marshall, Alabama.13




  • Some family genealogies help complete names and other details in this family line.  Raymond W Strange helps identify Mary Strange as Mary Ann Henderson.  Raymond also provides more information on one of Mary and Amos' sons, William Berry.

    Mary Ann Henderson
    Birth 1809 in Germany
    Death 1883 in Marshall [County], Alabama
    Father Unknown Henderson, born Germany (no date) d 1812 (place unstated), Mother unknown
    Marriage 22 Jul 1828 Spartanburg, South Carolina to Amos Bradford Strange
    Birth 1809-11-01 in Spartanburg [County], South Carolina
    Death 1875 in Sand Mountain, Marshall, Alabama
    [one son reported] William Berry Strange
    Birth 1833-03-24 in Laurens, South Carolina
    Death 1906-08-06 in Marshall  [County], Alabama
    --  Raymond W. Strange,

    Raymond reports, as does several other genealogies, that Mary Ann was born in Germany.  I'd like to know more about this, with a family name Henderson, which I know as an English name.  Several Stranges in this line married Hendersons over several generations in Tennessee and the Carolinas.  I would assume that a claim like this is based on family information, but I note that the censuses from 1850 to 1870 report she was born in South Carolina.  Looks like there would be a note somewhere in one of these three censuses if she was born in Germany.

    1850 Federal Census, Chattooga County, Georgia, 9 September, Summerville District, page 738 (scan p 267), Hse/Fam #1
    A B Strange 41 M Farmer SC [born abt 1809]
    Mary Strange 40 F SC [born abt 1810]

    1860 Federal Census, Marshall County, Alabama, 13 July, Eastern Division, PO Guntersville, page 89, Hse/Fam #598
    Amos B Strange 50 M Farm Laborer $202 Personal Estate b South Carolina
    Mary A Strange 51 F b South Carolina

    The child Amos B of the 1860 census matches Bradford of 1850, confirming that the full name is Amos Bradford Jr.  We are now told that Edwin J is Edwin J B.

    1870 Federal Census, Marshall County, Georgia, 29 June, Subdivision 45, Guntersville, page 34, Hse/Fam #245
    Strange, Amos B 60 M W Farmer $150 Personal  b SC
    Strange, Mary 60 F W Keeping House born SC Cannot read or write

    I found that in the 1910 census, the record for what appears to be her son Robert reports his mother born in Germany.  It is probably from this report that the genealogies report her birth in Germany.  Most genealogies do not report their sources.  It is intriguing that Robert reported this.  Elisa Strange-von Rice also reports to me that she heard from family sources that Amos' wife was German, but she could not figure how, sicne Henderson is not a German name.  But the Henderson family did speak German.  Note that the censuses all report her born in South Carolina.

    "Amos Bradford is the one who was married to the German..  altho.. I haven't figured out how she was German.  Her name was Mary Ann Henderson and that certainly is not a German name. (neither is Bailey).   Mary Ann was susposedly born in Berlin.  I wondered if her father was perhaps a WWI soldier or in Germany for
    some reason.  I was always told growing up that we were German's.. I found that is not true altho the family did speak German...  (did they pick this up from the Texas Germans???)"
    --  Elisa Strange-von Rice, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 March 2010


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