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Charlotte GREEN4,2

17821,2 - 18603

Life History


Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2


Birth of son Daniel GREEN in South Carolina.3,5,6,7


Birth of son John GREEN in South Carolina.1


Birth of son David GREEN in South Carolina.8

6th May 1804

Birth of daughter Lucresa GREEN in North Carolina.9,10,11,12,13,14


Death of son John GREEN in Cass County, Georgia.1

8th Apr 1857

Death of John GREEN in Hall County, Georgia.4


Died in Gordon County, Georgia.3

Other facts


Married John GREEN


  • Early sources for Charlotte Green were limited, and it was not certain what Charlotte's maiden name was.  It came to light that her maiden name was likely Green also, with her parents being attested as William D Marion Green and Drucilla McBrayer.  William's parents are not known in some genealogies, but one reports his parents as Joseph Green 1715 - 1771 and Mary Sarah McEntire 1735 - 1817.  The biography in his memorial on Find a Grave makes a reference to his mother and stepfather, but does not name them, nor his father.

    There are several lines of Greens in the Carolinas and Georgia.  Some have this John Green connected to my Green line, a son of Meshack and Lucretia Green, thought to be of full or part Cherokee descent.

    One or two had identified this John Green with another unrelated line of Greens in North Carolina.  Members of that prominent Green family in Rutherford County, South Carolina, are of European background, and are also reported in this genealogy, associated with the McSwains, Bridges, Padgetts, Moores and Washburns from prerevolutionary times.  Many of these Carolina families, however, intermarried with the Cherokee, the populous indigenous people of the Carolina area.

    A genealogy containing John and Charlotte Green, with the matching details, few they be, for our John and Charlotte, indicated her maiden name was also Green.  This source puts her in Rutherford County, with parents I had in the McSwain-Padgett-Moore-Green lineages in this database, but had only one child, Henry.

    The source genealogy had only two children, Lucretia and Balous.  My previous family sources for the other Green line of John did not have either of these children for our John and Charlotte.  Furthermore the approximate date of birth for Lucretia clashed with the exact date of birth for John and Charlotte's daughter Lucinda, born 9 May 1804.  The birth state of North Carolina, however, matched.  Mismatches of census ages and even family-reported birth dates is always a bane for genealogy, so this is not insurmountable.

    But I am still cautious of confirming that this is the same Charlotte and John as in the Meshack Green lineages.  Lacking other details for Charlotte, I will assign these details to her, while searching for confirmations or corrections.  However, a great sign of the reliability of this source is that they also have the parents of Charlotte's husband John Green.

    Another red flag is that this genealogy reports that John's mother was Mary Polly Wiseman, yet in 1800 the wife named in Meshack's will in Lucretia (Creasy).  The name of the daughter here, Lucresa (Lucretia) seems to point to Lucretia as John's mother.  But many source have only one or some of the children.  I have found nothing definitive to tie the family with the son Balous to the John and Charlotte related to Meshack with a daughter Lucresa or Lucretia.  Some also report a son Jeremiah, but that appears to be yet again another couple.  So more forensics are ongoing here.

    Charlotte Green
    Birth 1782 in Rutherford, North Carolina
    Death 1860 in Gordon, Georgia
    William D Marion Green 1753-1832
    Drucilla McBrayer 1755-1828
    Spouse John Green 1786-1860
    Lucresa Green 1804-1862
    Balous E Green 1810-1899
    --  Shoemaker, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/4816116/person/199070439?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Some genealogies with no discussion or documentation, like the above, have reported that Charlotte's maiden name was Green.  Several have her as Charlotte Brown.  One other genealogy has these same parents, but has Charlotte's last name as Brown.  Several genealogies report her maiden name was Charlotte Brown, not Charlotte Green.  But I have not found her parents.

    Since none of these genealogies tells us where they got their information or discusses the problems with the family or differences from other genealogies, they are not reliable or definitive.  I have gleaned basic information, but am aware that the configuration of the Green family in this generation is precarious.

    Firm information from family indicates that John and Charlotte's daughter Lucresa, matching Lucinda in some sources, was born in 1804 (most genealogies say in North Carolina, thought all other information on the family report they lived in Pendleton District, South Carolina) and died in 1862 (gravestone in Walker County, Alabama) with supporting stories and consistent information on her husband and their migration from North Carolina.

    I am uncertain about the other children, with two different sets reported for John and Charlotte, and confusion of this John with a Daniel, supposedly his brother, who is also called Daniel John and his wife Mary, with genealogies for both men showing the same death date and place in Hall County, Georgia, where a death date is even reported.

    Other children I think are associated with these parents, from the sources I have seen are:
    Daniel b abt 1799
    John b abt 1800
    David b abt 1802


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