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John GREEN1,2,4,5

1784 - 8th Apr 18571

Life History


Born in Rocky River, Pendleton, South Carolina.1,2

(most likely)


Birth of son Daniel GREEN in South Carolina.6,7,8,9


Birth of son John GREEN in South Carolina.2


Birth of son David GREEN in South Carolina.10

6th May 1804

Birth of daughter Lucresa GREEN in North Carolina.11,12,13,14,15,5

28th May 1825

Property John Green to his daughter Lucinda, a "tract of land & all gold of mineral reserve pursuant to Adam Campbell Mine" near Beaver Creek; 28 May 1825 by John Green before Judge Alford Richardson, 96 District, SC (later Pendleton District, then Anderson Co) in ew Hope Baptist.3

17th Dec 1829

Property John Green deeds to his dau Lucinda, both "being of heathen blood," a land tract & all gold of "Ad(am) Campbell Mine" near Beaver Creek; 17 Dec 1829 before Judge Alford Richardson, 96 District of SC (later Pendleton, then Anderson Co); repeats 1825 deed in ew Hope Baptist.3


Death of son John GREEN in Cass County, Georgia.2

8th Apr 1857

Died in Hall County, Georgia.1



(less likely)

Other facts


Married Charlotte GREEN


  • Most genealogies consider John's mother to be Lucretia Franklin.  The Shoemaker genealogy, and perhaps others, reports a second wife of Meshack as his mother, Mary Polly Wiseman.  However, this conflicts with the report in Meshack's will in 1800 that his surviving wife is Lucretia (Creasy).

    Compilations on this generation of Greens are mostly confused and several generations seem compressed into one, and more than one line combined in different ways in different sources.  Very difficult to sort out.

    This line of Greens is attested at various levels as being Cherokee or part Cherokee.  Some report it in the Green line of Meshack, and others report that Lucretia's Franklin line were Cherokee.  A prominent Green branch is Gardner Green, who appears to be from this same Green lineage.  They claim to be fully Cherokee, but moved north to the Midwest.  This lineage was online for a while but has since disappeared.
    --  Gardner Green,

    Some of that information on this Gardner Green Cherokee family is found in discussion lists on
    --  Gardner Cherokee Green, "Gardner Green, Cherokee 1735-1835,"

    "I am a descendant of Lucressa and Adam Campbell. Cressa is what some call her. Her father was John Green from the Carolina's. She was of Native heritage, but I am not sure how much. Adam and Lucressa settled in Jasper Alabama and owned land near Smith Lake. This was before the Civil War. They had at least two sons who fought for the Union Army. They both died of sickness during the war. Adam and Lucressa were common law husband and wife because she was considered a woman of color by law, due to her Native heritage. I understand that John Green's father was a Meshach, but have no evidence. Lucressa and Adam are both buried near Smith Lake."
    --  P J Martin, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 12 May  2014

    A researcher cousin named Sheri Horton reported to me in May 2014 that she had found the Missouri Cherokee registration cards for persons in this line, in which both Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin were reported as fullbood Cherokee.  But multiple requests to Sheri for a copy of the document or documents with wording relating to this have been unfrutiful.

    "I just got my card from the Northern Cherokee Nation for proving John Horton, wife Nancy Anne Green daughter of Meshack Green(e) . I found therm on the Emmigration rolls of 1817-1835 That Meshack, Creasy, and Nancy Anne were full Cherokee!  ... They are recognised by the state of Missouri and are working on Federal recognition."
    --  Sheri Horton, Ancestry Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 10 May 2014

    There are several lines of Greens in the Carolinas and Georgia.  Some have this John Green connected to my Green line, a son of Meshack and Lucretia Green, thought to be of full or part Cherokee descent.  He may be a brother to my direct ancestor Daniel John Green.  Some sources give the same death date for John as others give for Daniel John.  They may be the same person, but other details of children do not match.

    In some genealogies, these two persons are combined under the name of either John Green, Daniel Green or Daniel John Green, with mixed details that seem to me to come from three different Green lineages!  No notes or explanations are found in any of these confusing genealogies.  I have had some direct contact from some individuals in these genealogies who provided some few family details on one or two individuals in their line.  All my sources are fully documented here.

    A deed in 1825 granted land to Lucinda Green, daughter of John Green.  The document identifies Lucresa as Lucinda Green.  It does not mention Lucinda/Lucresa's husband Adam Campbell, but the land includes the Adam Campbell gold Mine.

    John Green deeds to his daughter Lucresa (here called Lucinda), a "tract of land & all gold of mineral reserve pursuant to Adam Campbell Mine" near Beaver Creek
    Signed 28 May 1825 by John Green with His Mark, before Judge Alford Richardson
    28 May 1825 96 District (South Carolina (later Pendleton District, then Anderson County), South Carolina, USA
    --  Document courtesy of the reserch of "Brad" on the Campbell Family Tree, accessed 13 October 2019

    A second deed dated 17 December 1829 basically repeats this same grant with slghtly different wording.  The notable addition in 1829 identified both as  "of heathen blood," meaning of Indian heritage.

    John Green, "being of heathen blood," deeds to his daughter Lucresa, "being of heathen blood" (called Lucinda in this document), a tract of land & all gold of mineral reserve "pursuant to Ad(am) Campbell Mine" near Beaver Creek
    Signed 17 Dec 1829 by John Green before Judge Alford Richardson
    96 District of South Carolina (later Pendleton District, then Anderson County)
    filed in Anderson, SC Court Records, Vol S, page 623
    --  Document courtesy of the reserch of Scott Campbell of Jasper, Alabama; posted on Ancestry by "Brad" on the Campbell Family Tree, accessed 13 October 2019

    One or two had identified this John Green with another unrelated line of Greens in north Carolina.  Members of that prominent Green family in Rutherford County, South Carolina, are of European background, and are also reported in this genealogy, associated with the McSwains, Bridges, Padgetts, Moores and Washburns from prerevolutionary times.  Many of these Carolina families, however, intermarried with the Cherokee, the populous indigenous people of the Carolina area.

    John Green b 1784
    Father Meshack GREEN b: 1720
    Mother Lucretia FRANKLIN b: ABT 1755
    Marriage wife Charlotte <Unknown maiden name> b 1782
    --  Ancestry Trees, Jess Headley,

    Some genealogies have information on Charlotte as Charlotte Brown, with a nickname Lottie reported by some.  But I have found no parents for her.  (One confused genealogy has parents named Green for her, though her surname is Brown.)  More likely it should be Charlotte Green, with parents named Green.  She appears to be the Charlotte Green in another line of Greens for whom we have found no connection to Meshack's family.  That Charlotte Green was the daughter of William Marion Green and Drucilla McBrayer of Rutherford County, North Carolina.

    "Charlotte had a daughter named Lucretia aka Lucressa aka Lucinda, aka Cressy.  She married a man named Adam Campbell.  They are buried on property off of Lake Smith Dam Road in Walker County Alabama.  Lucretia is my GG Grandmother."
    --  Clint Norwood, note on the genealogy site, 1 July 2011

    More genealogies have gradually come out providing reasonable details that seem to reflect family sources, though they do not provide documentation.  The following one provides the maiden name of John's wife Charlotte.  Another indicates her nickname was Lottie, a common nickname for Charlotte.  This also provides a middle name for their daughter Lucinda, which makes her named after John's mother Lucretia.  The name on Lucinda's gravestone is spelled Lucresa.

    John Green
    Birth 1784 in Rocky River, Pendleton Dist, South Carolina
    Death 8 Apr 1857 in Hall, Georgia
    Spouse Charlotte Brown
    Birth 1782 in South Carolina
    Death 1860 in Gordon, Georgia
    Daughter Lucinda Lucresa Green
    Birth 09 May 1804 in North Carolina
    Death 13 Sep 1862 in Smith Lake, Walker, Alabama
    --  Rosenbaum/Driscoll,

    Rocky River was the name of an old settlement on the railroad in Pendleton District, South Carolina.  The area is now in Anderson County, one of the several divisions of old Pendleton in the 1800s.  Rocky River community was near the Rocky River, a few miles south of the city of Anderson.

    The data of death here is the same as for a Daniel John Green, reported by many genealogies as a son of this same Meshack and Lucretia.  It had seemed odd before that there was a Daniel John and John who were brothers, though many families in this era reused the same names for two of their children.  However, reported wives and children of John Green and Daniel John Green were different.  Both are reported to have had a son named John, both born about 1800.  Otherwise there is no similarity to reported children for the two.

    But there is one genealogy that has the same family information for John Green as above, but the man's name there is Daniel John.  Most of these genealogies have incomplete families, so the family configurations are not definitive.  I do think the same death date indicates perhaps a confusion of two persons or a confusion in the naming.  I may have misinterpolated information from these spotty sources, as may have some of the other more complete genealogies I have more recently found and drawn upon!


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