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Ephraim Jefferson JENKINS

Ephraim Jefferson JENKINS1,2,1,4,5,5,10,8,11

also known as Jefferson E JENKINS6

also known as Ephriam J JENKINS3

about 18181 - 2nd Apr 18891,9,10,8

Life History

about 1812

Born in South Carolina.1

(less likely)

about 1818

Born in South Carolina.2,4,3,5,6

(most likely)

about 1839

Married Sarah GREELY.10,27

5th Mar 1840

Birth of daughter Mary Ann JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi.27,6

21st Mar 1842

Birth of son Samuel Oliver JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi.1,46,4,18,6

about 1845

Birth of daughter Margaret Ann JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi.1,4,47,48,49


Resident in Township 12 R 5 E, Attala, Mississippi.6

19th Aug 1850

Birth of son John Samuel Jefferson JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi.27,18

before 1864

Death of Sarah GREELY in Attala County, Mississippi

about 1864

Married Nancy Ann JACKSON in Mississippi.5,10

Mar 1866

Birth of son Charles Dempsey JENKINS in Mississippi.2,9,3,12,13,14,15,10

about 1868

Birth of daughter Georgiana JENKINS in Texas.3,2

between 1870 and 1889

Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3

27th Nov 1870

Birth of son Jacob F JENKINS in Arkansas.16,17,13,2,18

13th Oct 1872

Birth of daughter Katie Viola JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.19,13,20,2,18,21,22,23,24,18

12th Feb 1875

Birth of son Daniel Parker JENKINS in Arkansas.2,25,26,27,28,29,30

1st Aug 1877

Birth of son John Woolfork JENKINS in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.31,13,2,32,32,33,34,13,35

Aug 1879

Birth of daughter Lillie May JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,13,9

after 1880

Death of daughter Margaret Ann JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi

1st May 1882

Birth of son William Elijah JENKINS in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.9,36,13,37,32,38,39

29th Jun 1887

Birth of daughter Nancy Belle JENKINS in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.40,41,9,13,13,42,38,43,44,45,18

2nd Apr 1889

Died in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,9,10,8

after 2nd Apr 1889

Buried in Saint Charles Cemetery, Saint Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,8


  • Recorded sources like census ages indicate Ephraim was born from about 1818-1825.  A researcher has contributed the following comment, reporting a birth date of May 1812, from a family Bible.

    "EJ Jenkins was born May ___1812, (can't read the day) according to the Samuel Jenkins Bible."
    --  "rebelkit,", comment on this genealogy online, 22 February 2014

    The year 1812 to the year 1821 is a large discrepancy, 9 years.  I also note that the year 1812 could be a handwritten transposition for 1821.  This would be especially likely and easy in that era of illiteracy.

    Other age reports make birth in about 1818 or 1819.  By the 1970 census, Ephraim was reporting his age as 45, meaning he was born only in 1825.  He got proportionally younger as he aged.  Until 1880 when he was a full 10 years older than reported in 1870, at age 55.  (See below.)

    Perhaps Ephraim was really that unaware or uncertain of his birth date or age, or maybe just did not care?  Genealogies cited below also report a birth date of "abt 1812" but do not tell where they got the  information.

    1850 Federal Census, Attala County, Mississippi, 5 September, Township 12 R 5E, page 209, Hse/Fam #134
    Jefferson E Jenkins 32 M Farmer $14,500 Real Estate b SC [b abt 1818]
    Sarah Jenkins 34 F b SC
    Mary Ann Jenkins 13 M b SC
    Samuel O Jenkins 7 M b Miss
    Margaret An Jenkins 6 F b Miss

    Ephraim's father and other Jenkinses are living nearby.

    "My great grandfather was Ephraim J. Jenkins.  My grandfather was Charles Dempsey Jenkins. My father's name was John Jenkins.  I found a James Jenkins listed in the 1835 federal pension list. It stated he was 69 years old and lived in the Sumpter district."
    --  Charlie Jenkins, Roe, Arkansas, Genealogy Guestbook messge to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 26 May 2009

    One genealogy reports a child not listed in the 1860 census, John Samuel Jefferson "Tobe" Jenkins.  He is reported to have been born in August 1850 and to have died in 1916.  He should have been reported in the 1860 census, if this is correct.

    The genealogy provides no documentation.  Note that in the 1850 census Sarah is reported as one year older than Jefferson E Jenkins.  But in 1860, E Jeff is reported as 39 years old, but Sally (Sarah) is 42, 3 years older.

    1860 Federal Census, Attala County, Mississippi, 18 September, PO Attalaville, page 203 (scan #463), Hse #1280, Fam #1399
    E Jeff Jenkins 39 M Farmer $7375 Real Estate $14,000 Personal  born SC [b abt 1821]
    Sally Jenkins 42 M Housekeeper born SC
    Saml O Jenkins 17 M Farm Laborer b Miss
    Peggy A Jenkins 14 F born Miss
    Saml Spears 55 M Carpenter b SC
    Geo P Jackson 14 M b Ala
    Wm A Jackson 18 M Laborer in Farm b Ala

    The presence of the two Jackson teens in the household is very interesting because Ephraim married one Nancy Jackson in Mississippi.  These two teens were born in Alabama like Nancy, and her age is between these two boys. I have not found a Jackson family living near Ephraim and Sarah, but these two boys are working on the farm, and living in with the Jenkinses.  This is likely how Ephraim and Nancy met.

    A genealogy by Jana that reports Sarah Greely as Ephraim's wife and the mother of the three older Jenkins children.  This genealogy provides some helpful details from family sources.  This includes a first wife Sarah Greely and three children not normally reported.  Note the birth date here is 1812, like that reported recorded in the Bible.

    Ephriam [sic] Jefferson Jenkins
    Birth ABT 1812 in S.Carolina
    Death 1889 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Spouse Sarah Greely b 1816
    Mary Ann Jenkins b 1840
    Samuel Oliver Jenkins b 1842
    Margaret Ann Jenkins b 1844
    --  Jana,

    Ephriam [sic] Jefferson Jenkins
    Birth ABT 1812 in S.Carolina
    Death 1889 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Parents Samuel Jenkins b 1794, Mother Unknown
    Spouse Nancy Ann Jackson, Birth 1844 in Alabama, Death in Ark
    Charley Dempsey Jenkins 1866 - 1928
    Georgia Jenkins 1869 -
    Jacob Jenkins 1870 -
    Katie Viola Jenkins 1872 - 1855
    Daniel Parker Jenkins 1875 - 1940
    John Wilfork Jenkins 1877 - 1956
    Lillie Mae Jenkins 1880 -
    William E Jenkins 1882 - 1967
    Nancy Belle Jenkins 1887 - 1971
    --  Jana, Ancestry Trees,

    Note that Jana reports Sarah Greely as the mother of the three Jenkins children from the 1850 and 1860 census.  Some genealogies report a fourth child of Sarah and Ephraim.  One provides a family photo of John Samuel Jenkins with his wife and family and a gravestone.  But I have not found any record documenting a tie of this individual to Sarah and Ephraim.

    John Samuel Jefferson Jenkins
    Birth 19 Aug 1850 in Attala, Mississippi
    Death 24 Aug 1916
    Ephraim Jefferson Jenkins 1812 - 1880
    Sarah Sally Greely
    Married Georgia Ann Allen
    Birth 17 Sep 1855 in Attala, Mississippi
    Death 19 Oct 1895
    --  Sullivan,

    A descendant of John Samuel Jenkins suggests that Ephraim and Nancy were never even married.

    "Marriage to Ephraim - According to all accounts, he was not married to Nancy.  Rather had an affair on Sarah and was run out of town after birth of his and Nancy's first child.  Not sure if he ever really divorced Grandma Sarah or if just let everyone believe he and Nancy were really married."
    --  Donna Winstead, comment on Nancy Ann Jackson on Ancestry, 26 February 2015

    "Ephraim met Nancy, they had an affair and Charles was the result; I heard that he was run out of Ms. along with Nancy and baby Charles.  They made a stop in Tx had another baby [Georgianna] before eventually ending up in Arkansas.  My aunt told me that Ephraim used to go back and fourth from Arkansas to Mississippi to visit his Ms. family, the last time he went back he told them he was not coming back to Ms again, not sure what year that was."
    --  Donna Winstead, Ancestry messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 27 February 2015

    Before 1870, Ephraim and Nancy moved to Arkansas County, Arkansas, and was enumerated in the White River town of St Charles,  But after leaving Mississippi, probably after the Civil War ended, they first moved down to Texas for a period of time, where their daughter Georgiana (Georgia Anna) was born in about 1868.  So they got to St Charles around 1869, no earlier than late 1868.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 1 July, Prairie Township, PO St Charles, page 6, Hse/Fam #42
    Jenkins, Ephriam [sic] J 45 M W b SC [b abt 1825]
    Jenkins, Nancy 26 F W b AL
    Jenkins, Charles 4 M W b MS
    Jenkins, Georgiana 2 F W b TX

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 June, Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas, District 2, page 21, Hse #142, Fam #143
    E.J. Jenkins W M 55   Farmer SC SC SC [b abt 1825]
    Nancy Jenkins W F 36 Wife Housekeeping Ala Va SC
    Charles Jenkins W M 14 Son On Farm Miss SC Ala
    Georgia A Jenkins W F 11 Dau Texas SC Ala
    Jacob Jenkins W M 9 Son Ark SC Ala
    Katie Jenkins W F 7 Dau Texas SC Ala
    Dan Jenkins W M 5 Son Ark SC Ala
    John Jenkins W M 2 Son Ark SC Ala

    Both Ephraim and his wife Nancy passed away before the 1900 census.  Jana says Ephraim died in 1889.  We find their unmarried children, including their son Charles, together in a household in the same area of their previous residence.  But Charles, age 34, is the head of the household.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 14 June, Prairie Township, page 10B, Hse #169, Fam #173
    Jenkins, Charles  Head  W M  Mar 1866  34 Single MS SC MS Farmer Owns
    Jenkins, Lillie E  Sister W F  Aug 1879  20 Single AR SC MS
    Jenkins, William E  Brother  W M  May 1882 18  Single AR SC MS Farm Laborer
    Jenkins, Nancy B  Sister W F  Jul 1887  12 Single AR SC MS

    Living on either side of Charles are other brothers Jacob and Daniel with their families.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 14 June, Prairie Township, District 7, page 10B, Hse #170, Fam #174
    Jenkins, Jacob Head W M  Nov 1870  29 Married 9 years AR SC MS Farmer Owns
    Jenkins, Stella Wife W F Aug 1871  28 Married 9 years 4 children/3 living MS NC NC
    Jenkins, Nancy Dau W F  Mar 1892  8 Single AR AR MS
    Jenkins, Viola Dau W F  Feb 1894  6 Single AR AR MS
    Jenkins, Leona Dau W F  Mar 1898  2 Single AR AR MS

    I have not found any info on Ephraim's death and burial.  I got a message from Donna Winstead in his family line about that.

    "I saw your info on Ephraim, was wondering if you are related to him?  He is my 3rd great grandpa, my line comes from his first marriage to Sarah Greely.  Wanted to see if you have any more info on him like where he is buried?  His is quite a story!"
    --  Donna Winstead, Ancestry messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 26 February 2015

    "I don't have any other info about his death, he lived in Prairie County but according to the info I received he died in Arkansas County which is right by Prairie County.  Someone sent me a pic of his tombstone but was such a bad one couldn't read it. If you need info on Jenkins or Burrells let me know they may be part of my family and can provide you with info."
    --  Donna Winstead, Ancestry messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 02 March 2015

    "Edith Jenkins Sweeten ... did give me a copy of ... the last will of E. J. Jenkins and I also know where he is buried, here in the St. Charles cemetery under the big ceder tree.  His tomb stone is still there but needs to be repaired I am going to get my husband to try and to fix it but his wife's is not there anymore."
    --  Michelle Simmons Jenkins, Facebook messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 28 September 2015

    As Michelle Simons Jenkins says, Ephraim Jefferson Jenkins is buried in the St Charles Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas.  His grave was found there in a survey of area cemeteries for this genealogy in May 2017.  His stone is the only one with the name Jennkins (spelled Jinkins) in that cemetery.

    Gravetone of E J Jenkins
    E J Jinkins  Died Apr 2, 1889
    St Charles Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas
    Photo by Orville Boyd Jenkins 12 May 2017


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