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Nancy Ann JACKSON6,1,2,3,7

about 18441,2,3 - before 19001,5

Life History

about 1844

Born in Alabama.1,2,3

about 1864

Married Ephraim Jefferson JENKINS in Mississippi.7,12

Mar 1866

Birth of son Charles Dempsey JENKINS in Mississippi.3,5,2,8,9,10,11,12

about 1868

Birth of daughter Georgiana JENKINS in Texas.2,3

27th Nov 1870

Birth of son Jacob F JENKINS in Arkansas.13,14,9,3,15

13th Oct 1872

Birth of daughter Katie Viola JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.16,9,17,3,15,18,19,20,21,15

12th Feb 1875

Birth of son Daniel Parker JENKINS in Arkansas.3,22,23,24,25,26,27

1st Aug 1877

Birth of son John Woolfork JENKINS in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.28,9,3,29,29,30,31,9,32

Aug 1879

Birth of daughter Lillie May JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,9,5


Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.3

1st May 1882

Birth of son William Elijah JENKINS in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.5,33,9,34,29,35,36

29th Jun 1887

Birth of daughter Nancy Belle JENKINS in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.37,38,5,9,9,39,35,40,41,42,15

2nd Apr 1889

Death of Ephraim Jefferson JENKINS in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,5,12,43

before 1900

Died in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,5

before 1900

Buried in Saint Charles Cemetery, Saint Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.4


  • A McFerrin family genealogy provides Nancy's maiden name, perhaps from family sources.

    Nancy Jackson
    Birth ABT 1844 in Alabama
    Death BEF 1900 in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Parents Unknown
    Married Ephraim J Jenkins
    Birth ABT 1825 in South Carolina
    Death BEF 1900 in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas
    --  McFerrin, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/17084109/person/461693360

    A genealogy by Jana reports that Nancy was Ephraim's second wife.  His first was Sarah Greely.  Jana reports with three children from the first marriage, two of which are in the 1860 census with Sally and Ephraim.

    Ephriam [sic] Jefferson Jenkins
    Birth ABT 1812 in S.Carolina
    Death 1889 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Spouse Sarah Greely b 1816
    Mary Ann Jenkins b 1840
    Samuel Oliver Jenkins b 1842
    Margaret Ann Jenkins b 1844
    --  Jana, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/30852014/person/12317562979

    Jana gives Nancy Jackson's middle name as Ann.

    Nancy Ann Jackson
    Birth 1844 in Alabama
    Death  in Ark
    Spouse Ephriam Jefferson Jenkins
    Birth Abt 1812 in S.Carolina
    Death 1889 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    --  Jana, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/30852014/person/12317562979

    Jana generally has reliable information, though she does not document it.

    In the 1860 census in Attala County, Mississippi, Samuel Oliver is obviously Saml O from the 1860 census, and Margaret Ann matches the nickname Peggy A for the younger daughter, though the birth date in the genealogy is earlier than the age in 1860 would have indicated, not an unusual situation.

    1860 Federal Census, Attala County, Mississippi, 18 September, PO Attalaville, page 203 (scan #463), Hse #1280, Fam #1399
    E Jeff Jenkins 39 M Farmer $7375 Real Estate $14,000 Personal  born SC
    Sally Jenkins 42 M Housekeeper born SC
    Saml O Jenkins 17 M Farm Laborer b Miss
    Peggy A Jenkins 14 F born Miss
    Saml Spears 55 M Carpenter b SC
    Geo P Jackson 14 M b Ala
    Wm A Jackson 18 M Laborer in Farm b Ala

    One interesting factor in this 1860 census is the presence of two Jackson teens  in the household with them, working on the farm.  They are George P and William A.  These two were born in Alabama, like Nancy Jackson.  The ages of the Jackson boys is close to the ages of the two Jenkins children in the household.  Nancy herself was young, born in about 1844, and thus about 14 in 1860.

    I have not found the Jackson family living nearby, but these two boys are working on the farm, and living in with the Jenkinses.  This is likely how Ephraim and Nancy met.  A descendant suggests that Ephraim and Nancy were never even married.

    "Marriage to Ephraim - According to all accounts,he was not married to Nancy. Rather had an affair on Sarah and was run out of town after birth of his and Nancy's first child. Not sure if he ever really divorced Grandma Sarah or if just let everyone believe he and Nancy were really married."
    --  Donna Winstead, comment on Nancy Ann Jackson on Ancestry, 26 February 2015

    Their first child was bornin Mississippim, but then they had to leave town, and their next chidl was born in Texas.

    Before 1870, Ephraim and Nancy moved to Arkansas County, Arkansas, and was enumerated in the White River town of St Charles,  But after leaving Mississippi, probably after the Civil War ended, they first moved down to Texas for a period of time, where their daughter Georgiana (Georgia Anna) was born in about 1868.  So they got to St Charles around 1869, no earlier than late 1868.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 1 July, Prairie Township, PO St Charles, page 6, Hse/Fam #42
    Jenkins, Ephriam [sic] J 45 M W b SC [b abt 1825]
    Jenkins, Nancy 26 F W b AL
    Jenkins, Charles 4 M W b MS
    Jenkins, Georgiana 2 F W b TX

    "Ephraim met Nancy, they had an affair and Charles was the result; I heard that he was run out of Ms. along with Nancy and baby Charles.  They made a stop in Tx had another baby before eventually ending up in Arkansas.  My aunt told me that Ephraim used to go back and fourth from Arkansas to Misssissippi to visit his Ms. family, the last time he went back he told them he was not coming back to Ms again, not sure what year that was."
    --  Donna Winstead, Ancestry messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 27 February 2015

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 June, Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas, District 2, page 21, Hse #142, Fam #143
    E.J. Jenkins W M 55   Farmer SC SC SC [b abt 1825]
    Nancy Jenkins W F 36 Wife Housekeeping Ala Va SC
    Charles Jenkins W M 14 Son On Farm Miss SC Ala
    Georgia A Jenkins W F 11 Dau Texas SC Ala
    Jacob Jenkins W M 9 Son Ark SC Ala
    Katie Jenkins W F 7 Dau Texas SC Ala
    Dan Jenkins W M 5 Son Ark SC Ala
    John Jenkins W M 2 Son Ark SC Ala

    One family source reports that Ephraim died in 1899.  Nancy must have died some time before the 1900 census also. I find no record of them after the 1880 census, including death or burial.


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