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Talitha A BEARDEN2,8,6,9

also known as Talitha GREEN1

18091,2,3,4,5,6 - about 19035,4

Life History


Born in Jackson County, Georgia.1,2,3,4,5,6

about 1836

Birth of son Ansel WRIGHT in Georgia.2,11


Resident in Subdivision 33, Gilmer, Georgia.2

between 1860 and 1880

Residence2 in Tunnel Hill, Whitfield, Georgia.1,7,6

15th Jun 1862

Death of son Ansel WRIGHT in Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia.10

before 1870

Death of Daniel GREEN in Whitfield County, Georgia.12

about 1903


Other facts


Married Daniel GREEN


  • 1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, Ancestry.com, 9 November, Subdivision 33, Gilmer, Georgia, Hse/Family #1204
    Daniel Green 40 M Farmer  SC
    Telitha Green  41 F GA
    Ansell Wright  13 M GA

    Talitha Bearden's name is spelled in sources as Tilitha, Telitha, Telithia.  The 1850 census has Telitha.  1870-80 have Talitha.  One source reports her second name as Tabitha, but this appears to be due to a mistranscription in Ancestry.com of Talitha's entry in 1870.  The census has Talitha, but Ancestry has Tabitha.

    It appears the genealogy reporting the name as Talitha Tabitha has used this erroneous transcription as a second name for Telitha.  This matches the Ancestry birth year for Tabitha as 1811, based on the reported age of Talitha in 1870 as 59.  Her name in 1880 is Talitha A.

    "Tilitha Tabitha Bearden" -- an error due to mistranscription in Ancestry.com of Talitha as Tabitha in 1870.
    --  Ancestry World Tree, http://awtc.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=*v109t0058&id=I3090

    1860 Federal Census, Whitfield, Georgia, 27 June, Tunnel Hill District, page 22 Hse #161, Family #151
    Daniel Green 49 M Farmer  $100 real estate $600 personal  born SC
    Talitha Green  51 F  GA
    Ansell Wright  25 M  Farm Laborer  Alabama
    Mary Wright  22 F  Alabama
    Winney Bearden 67 F North Carolina

    In the 1870 and 1880 censuses, our Talitha is a widow living with family members in Whitfield County, with a post office address of Tunnell Hill.

    In 1870, she is age 59, living in a separate house next door to her younger brother Andrew, age 35, a son of Jacob Bearden and Winifred Flanagan (also konwn in some sources as Winifred Smith)..  Talitha is listed as in a separate house (#55), but with the same household/family as Andrew (#52).

    1870 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 7 August, District 27, PO Tunnel Hill, page 46, Hse #55, Family #52
    Andrew Bearden, age 35
    Talitha Green  59 F GA (would make birth in 1811)

    In 1880, at age 71, she is found in the household of a William L Bearden, age  and his family.  This census reports her as William's aunt.  This William L would not then be her brother William Newton, but it is not clear who his father is.  In 1860 William was in the household headed by a Fanny Bearden, age 40, where Richard Bearden was living, and other Beardens are close to the age of Fanny, but some that could be the children of Fanny.

    1880 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 19 June, District 192, PO Tunnel Hill (Military District 1049), page 30, Hse/Family #10
    - page 29 -
    William L Bearden W M 38 Farmer Cannot Write GA GA NC
    - page 30 -
    Telitha A Green  W F 71 Aunt Widow At Home Cancer on Face GA GA NC

    Fanny is likely the wife of one of the brothers of Telitha and Andrew.  Incidentally, the 1880 census reports that Telitha has a cancer on her face.  Talitha Bearden, sister of Winney Ann Bearden who married Toliver Green, is shown by some as the wife of both Ansel (Ancel, Ansell) Green and a Daniel Green in turn.

    Several family sources report that Telitha (Telithia) married a Daniel Green.  Those sources commonly consider this Daniel a brother of Toliver Green.  Most have no Daniel in that generation.  There is one indication that Ansel Green was Daniel's father.

    There is some confusion about the father of Toliver Green.  The Green family in Oklahoma did not know the name or any information about the father of Toliver.  Some sources report Daniel (or Daniel John) to be the name of Toliver's father.  But the age difference seems not to match here for this to be the Daniel Green who married Telitha.

    The 1850 census gives the name of Talitha's husband  as Daniel Green, and the name of their son as Ansell Wright Green.  At that time Daniel was age 40, and Telitha age 41.  That would mean approximate birth years of 1810 for Daniel and 1809 for Telitha.  It appears that the Daniel (or Daniel John) who was reported as Toliver's father is a different Daniel Green from the one who married Telitha Bearden, and whose son was named Ansell.  Further, some sources report that the name of the wife of Daniel Green, father of Toliver and siblings, began with an M, but they have only the initial, and no maiden name.

    "1842 in Gilmer Co., GA, Telitha's brother, W. "Wiley" Bearden, sold land to another brother, Jacob P. Bearden, and to a cousin who also his bro-in-law, Daniel Green (Deed Book F, Pg. 28)"
    --  Irene Keller, Researcher comment, https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/84762133/person/36530839094/facts

    Confusion is the order of the day on these names and individuals.  Some sources have the name Ansel (Ancel) Green as the father of Toliver, and others give Daniel Green.  The most common name is Daniel.  I have some confidence in the sources reporting Daniel.  Also sources reporting Ansel as the father sometimes report Daniel as the name of a brother of Toliver.

    One source shows an Ansel Green (b 1781 d 1857 Hall Co GA) as married to Sarah Bearden, and Daniel (no dates or places) as his son, along with Toliver (b 1817 m Winney Ann Bearden).  This source has no dates or places for this Daniel.

    This date given for the birth of Ansel Green is the same date (and place) I have for the birth of Daniel for several other sources.  This made me consider that Ansel and Daniel were the same person.  Other family sources, however, give the name of Toliver's father as Daniel John, which makes it seem unlikely that he also has a name Ansel.  Ansel could be a cousin of Daniel John that I have not been able yet to clearly identify.

    However, there is an older Ansel Green in Gilmer County, Georgia, in the 1850 census:  Ansel Green, age 60, a widower with several children in the home.  This would make his birthday in about 1886.  matches an Ansel Green who fits this description in several other sources that tell us Ansel married Sarah Bearden, a younger sister of Telitha Bearden Green.

    Ansel's children in that 1850 census were:
    John 25
    Emily 18
    George 15
    Abner 12
    Joanah 10 and
    Isaac 9.

    My analysis of sources indicates that Daniel was the father's name, and I cannot find any evidence of a brother of Toliver named Daniel.  The Daniel who is reported in 1850 as the wife of Telitha Bearden, however, is of the right age for the generation of Daniel and his known siblings.  The birthplace of this Daniel in South Carolina matches the birthplace of Toliver Green, who married Telitha's sister Winney.

    One source seems to help in this uncertainty by reporting that the husband of Telitha (which that source spells Tilitha) was Ansel Wright Daniel Green.  This is an understandable solution to the confusion, but the source of knowledge for this name is not given in the source genealogy.  But this name is also the same genealogy that reports the erroneous name Tabitha Green, born 1811, (from the 1870 census for Talitha, giving here age as 59).

    This calls into question the validity of the combined name for Ansell Wright Daniel Green.
    --  Ref http://awtc.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=*v109t0058&id=I3090

    A source from 2014 came up in a search in 2017.  It provides some coherent details from a researcher named Reita Parks, about a later member of this same Bearden lineage, also named Talitha Bearden.  Reita references Find a Grave memorial #76780925 for this Talitha, born in 1848.  The marriage details in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, match our Talitha's family.  Her death occurred in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1933.  I will include Reirta's great info here in toto, hoping it might provide some clues that would lead to a firm connection with our Talitha and clarify some of the mysteries about her and her family.  --  OBJ, 7 July 2017

    About Talitha Bearden-b-1848

    Well, it took me 15 years, but I found our Talitha Bearden, daughter of Washington Wiley & Cynthia Butler-Bearden!

    Talitha Bearden-b-07-28-1848 in ( I think Tunnel Hill, Whitfield Co., Ga.) Ga-D-02-21-1933 in Rogers, Benton Co, Arkansas, buried at The Alpine Cemetery in Rogers, Benton Co., Arkansas!  There is no headstone picture for her, yet (can't request one, because I am not a member of Find a Grave)to get one!!!  Her Memorial # is: 76780925!

    Talitha married James Andrew Langston-b-04-19-1837 in Ga.-d-06-17-1920 in Rogers, Benton Co., Arkansas, also buried at Alpine Cemetery, his Memorial # is: 14548465!
    Son of: Not listed!

    They were married on 04-19-1863 in Gilmer Co., Ga.!  The only child listed for them on their memorial's is:
    (M)-William Marrion Langston-b-11-09-1871 in Tunnel Hill, Whitfield Co., Ga.-d-11-09-1961 in Carroll Co., Arkansas, also buried at Alpine Cemetery, his Memorial # is: 28642851!

    Mimmie Regina (Noblin) DeVault-(birth name DeVault, changed to Noblin by her grandmother)-b-05-25-1878 in Clairborne Co., Tennessee-d-07-26-1949 in Carroll Co., Arkansas, also buried at Alpine Cemetery, her Memorial # is: 28642877!
    Daughter of: Henry Clay DeVault-b-01-12-1844 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee-d- Not listed & Malissa C. Noblin-b-08-05-1857 in Dunbary, Stokes Co., North Carolina-d- Not Listed!

    William & Mimmie were married on 12-09-1894 in Carroll Co, Arkansas!

    Their known children listed on their Memorials are:

    1-(F)-Lora _______Langston in Green Forest, Carroll Co.,

    2-(M)-Ray Donald Langston-b-11-14-1900 in Green Forest, Carroll Co., Arkansas Also buried at Alpine, his Memorial # is: 28642917!

    3-(F)-Laura Lena Langston-b-10-27-1905 in Green Forest, Carroll Co., Arkansas!

    4-(F)-Verba Marie Langston-b-10-27-1917 in Green Forest, Carroll Co., Arkansas!

    & 5-(M)-Roy Frank Langston-b-07-16-1920 in Green Forest, Carroll Co., Arkansas, also buried at Alpine, his memorial # is: 28642975!

    --  Reita Parks, Bearden, GenForum, http://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/bearden/2145/


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