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Thomas Walter QUAID

Thomas Walter QUAID1,2,3

18151 - 7th Jan 18601

Life History


Born in Washington City, DC, USA.1

about 1836

Married Emily Ann Meese MOORE in Brownsville, Lafayette, Mississippi.3

8th Aug 1837

Birth of son Benjamin Walter QUAID in Lafayette County, Mississippi.4,5,3

12th Apr 1839

Birth of son Elihu QUAID in Brownsville, Lafayette, Mississippi.4,6,3

about 1845

Birth of son William Riley QUAID in Lafayette County, Mississippi.4,3

28th Feb 1846

Birth of son Simpson QUAID in Lafayette County, Mississippi.4,7,3

29th Jan 1848

Birth of son Charles Hugh QUAID in New Salem, Rusk, Texas.7,8,4

14th Feb 1853

Birth of son America Jane QUAID in Texas.4,9

14th Feb 1855

Birth of son Young Harrington QUAID in Griffin, Cherokee, Texas.7,10

Aug 1856

Birth of daughter Emily Jemima QUAID in Texas.7,4,11,12

12th Aug 1859

Birth of son Thomas QUAID in Griffin, Cherokee, Texas.7,4,13,14,15,16,3,17,18,19

7th Jan 1860

Died in Griffin, Cherokee, Texas.1



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    "Quaid Family"
    Article on T W Quaid family, Rusk County, Texas

    "Tax records for 1846 show that T W (Thomas Walter) Quaid was a  resident of New Salem in Rusk County.  He had an original land grant of 480 acres.  T W and his wife Emily Moore came from Brownsville, Mississippi, Lafayette County.  Upon arriving in Texas, they had four children with them:  Benjamin Walter, Elihu (Eli Hugh), William Riley and Simpson.  Emily's parents came with them.  Her father was Silas.  Her mother's name has not been completely authenticated.

    "The Quaids stayed in Rusk County until 1880.  T W belonged to the same Masonic Lodge as Sam Houston.  Three Quaids and six Moores enlisted in the Confederate Army.  LDS records show that T W died of suicide in 1860.  Details of his death are not known at this time.  After his death, Emily and the children moved to Cooke County.  Elihu stayed in New Salem."

    "[The author, Glen Quaid's] line derives from Elihu.  He married Martha J Barron on July 19, 1866.  After Martha died, he married Nancy Fletcher on July 8,1874.  Nancy was born in Franklin Co, Illinois, in 1851.  She died Dec 11, 1927.  Elihu died October 9, 1907, in Johnson [Johnston] County, Oklahoma.

    "The line descends from Elihu, to John Savanna, Edgar Garland, Jack Quaid and myself. ...

    "The movie actors, Randy and Dennis Quaid, are descended from Elihu's brother, Benjamin Walter.  The line runs:  Benjamin Walter, John Thomas, William Jesse, and their father William Rudy."

    Three photos accompany the article with details of members of the family.

    Eliihu Quaid, son of T W Quaid b 1839 Brownsville MS, died Oct 9, 1907.  Shown with 2nd wife Nancy Fletcher.
    Rev Thomas Quaid, son of T W Quaid b Aug 12, 1858 Griffin TX, Cherokee Co, died Jan 20, 1938 Milburn, Okla, married to Parthena Ann Knapp Chisum.
    Lenore Victoria Anderson Moore Quaid b Rusk Co July 20, 1853, died 1936 in Como TX, Hopkins Co, married to John Savannah Quaid.

    --  By Glen Quaid, Publication name and date unknown;  Original scan posted by T R Fincher on 27 Mar 2015; accessed 9 April 2016


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