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Thomas Edward TUGMON

Thomas Edward TUGMON1,2,3,7,8,4,5,6

22nd Jan 18871,2,3,4,5,6 - 2nd Apr 19642,7,6

Life History

22nd Jan 1887

Born in Bonita, Montague, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6

9th Sep 1920

Birth of daughter Maude Evelyn TUGMON.7

29th Jan 1926

Birth of son Thomas Lee TUGMON in Wheatland, Platte, Wyoming.7,6,9

31st Oct 1941

Death of son Thomas Lee TUGMON in Wheatland, Platte, Wyoming.7,6,9

2nd Apr 1964

Died in Wheatland, Platte, Wyoming.2,7,6

after 2nd Apr 1964

Buried in Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Platte County, Wyoming.7,6

Other facts


Married Della Mae HODSON


Birth of daughter Mary TUGMON


  • 1900 Federal Census, Montague County, Texas, 8 June, Justice Precinct 2, District 48, page 6B, Hse/Fam #111
    In grandfather's household:
    Tugman, Thomas Head W M born (no month) 1837  63 Married 44 years Immigrated to US 1849 Naturalized Ireland Ireland Ireland Farmer Cannot read or write Owns
    Tugman, Margrett Wife W F Feb 1839  60 Married 44 years  8 children/5 living Immigrated to US 1850 Not Naturalized Ireland Ireland Ireland Can read and write
    Tugman, John H Son  b Feb 1861  39 MO Ire Ire Farm Laborer Can read and write
    Tugman, Ella Dau-in-law Oct 1863  36 Married 19 years  8 children/5 living Ind Terr -- -- Can read and write
    Tugman, Thomas grandson Jan 1887  13 TX MO IT Farm Laborer Attendeed School Not reported whether can read and write

    1902 Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Dawes Census Cards for Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914
    Mississippi Choctaw Indians, Census Card Number 1323
    1 Tugmon, Ella 38 F 1/2 blood Father Ben Bohannon (dead) Claim Choctaw  Mother Thirza Bohannon (dead) Claim Choctaw
    2 Tugmon, Frank Son 17 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    3 Tugmon, Thomas Son 12 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    4 Tugmon, Georgie Son 10 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    5 Tugmon, Freddie Son 4 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    6 Tugmon, Renie Dau 2 F 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    Tribe Mississippi Choctaw
    Registered 28 January 1901
    Decision Rendered 18 Oct 1902
    Enrollment Claim Rejected 3 Nov 1902
    Confirmed by Secretary of the Interior 9 Jun 1903
    Notice of Departmental Action Mailed to Applicant 17 Jul 1903

    Frost-Tugman Marriage

    Ella Bohannon and John "Jack" Tugmon are my Grandparents.  My father was Tom, the second son of Jack and Ella.  He came to Wyoming in 1910 and remained here until his death.  I met Fred and Della as a young teen on a trip to California with my parents.  They were at Zane's house.  I don't know if they lived there or were visiting.

    My father was 6' 2" tall and I was shocked at how small his brother Fred was.  My father told me he was about the size of his father.  My mother's name was Della the same as Fred's wife.  I was a late life child, my parents were more the age of most people's Grandparents.

    I live in Wheatland, Wyoming, were I was born and where my parents are buried.  Also buried here is my sister and brother, both of which were much older then me.  My brother died at 15 years of age before I was born.  I know quite a bit of history on the family and will gladly share what I know for sure and what I certain is fact and any rumors.  There are many rumors.

    I can tell you that I highly doubt that Rachel Tugman and William Frost are related as Thomas Tugmon and Margaret Manning, Jack's parents, were both from Ireland and immiagrated about 1850.  By the way, Jack was the common nickname for John and part of the family spell the name TUGMAN and part TUGMON.  My father spelled his name Tugmon as did his brother George.

    The two different spellings are confused in some of the other offspring of Ella and Jack.  Their children's names were Frankl, Thomas, Geoge, Bill, and Renie.  They had other children that died in childhood but I can't find there names.  I went with my Father to Oklahoma a couple of times and on one visit we visited his sister's grave.

    She had died as a child and my father years lated bought her a headstone and he wanted to see it.  I think we were in Caddo but I'm not sure and I haven't had time to verify here name of grave location as yet.  My father's father, Jack, is buried in Stringtown.  I visited his grave with my father once.

    We were visiting his neice Jessie Snow at the time.  Jessie was his sister Rennie's daughter.  Rennie died a few years back and I can send you more about her if you like.  Ella Bohannon was Choctau Indian.  My father didn't know where she was buried or exactly how she died.

    There is rumor she died in Arkansas with hydophobia.  But I am beginning to not believe it because there seems to be no record of any such happening and that would have made the papers in the town and county and possibly even the state.

    --  Mary McCartney, 15 September 2002, on a discussion board, through the research of Joyce Kelso, originally posted on Ancestry 28 August 2013, accessed 28 March 2019

    U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Thomas Edward Tugmon
    Age 53
    Birth 22 Jan 1889 Montague County, Texas, USA
    Residence Wheatland [Platte County], Wyoming, USA
    Contact Mrs Ernest Marshall, Wheatland, Wyoming
    6' 1" 240 lbs Blue Eyes, Black Hair, Ruddy Complexion
    Registered 25 April 1942 Wheatland, Platte County, Wyoming
    Signed with an illiterate scrawling all-caps

    Thomas Tugman's Parents

    I am a direct decendant from one Thomas E Tugman born about 1890.  He married a Della (do not know maiden name).  He had three children Evelynn Tugman, Thomas Tugman and my mother Mary Tugman.

    My great grand father was a Tugman, all I know.  Only hint I have is apparently he married a [Choctaw woman].  She was my grandfather's mother.  He told a story that one day when he was very young a man came rideing in and tried to rape my great grandmother.  She killed him.  Great grandfather took the fall for the murder, because he felt that during this time they would have killed his wife, even if she did kill him defending herself from his advances.

    I know that they are the Oklahoma line of Tugmans.  My mother can remember going to Oklahoma to visit his family as a kid but she does not recall any names.  She also can remember my grandfather telling stories of visiting his mothers side of the family on the Reservation.  I asume the Oklahoma Chacktaw reservation.  But not certain.

    Grandfather was a halfbreed that looked white and he did not realy talk about the Indian side, because of the trouble he had seen it bring on people.

    --  "mandayven," 28 May 2009, on a discussion board, through the research of Joyce Kelso, posted on Ancestry 28 August 2013, accessed 28 March 2019

    Thomas Edward Tugmon
    BIRTH 22 Jan 1889
    DEATH 2 Apr 1964 (aged 75)
    BURIAL Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Platte County, Wyoming, Row 55, Block 4W, Lot 98
    Spouse Della Mae Hodson Tugmon 1901-1994
    Daughter Maude Evelyn Tugmon Stanker 1920-1987
    Maintained by Kathy and Bob Stanker, Originally Created by Lostnwyomn 22 Jul 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial 94032387,

    Tugmon Burials Wheatland Ceremony
    Tugmon Della  Mae       (Hodson) Spouse Thomas E  Row 55 Block 4W       Lot 98 Space 2  b 08-11-1901 d 11-12-1994
    Tugmon Thomas Edward Spouse Della  Row 55       Block 4W Lot 98 Space 1  b 01-22-1889 d 04-02-1964 WWI
    Tugmon Thomas Lee                       Row 55  Block 4W Lot 98 Space 8  b 01-29-1926 d 10-31-1941
    --  Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Wyoming,


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