Francis BRINSBACK Félicité DUMONT Mini tree diagram



Life History

between 1830 and 1835

Birth of daughter Francis BRINSBACK in Arkansas County, Arkansas

before 1862

Death of Félicité DUMONT in Arkansas.1




Death of daughter Francis BRINSBACK


Died in Arkansas

Other facts


Married Félicité DUMONT


  • The name Brinsback and related names appears in a history of the Arkansas Territory and River.

    Besides those heretofore named there were the following:  Charles Refeld and Albert Berdu, of 1800, two miles from the Post; Athenas Racine, of 1801, on the prairie six miles above; John Bartran on the bayou near Vaugines; Samuel Treat, in1802, two miles from the Post; Michael Petersel, 1800, on the river; Michael Wolff, 1801, on Bayou Hunt; Joseph Greenwald,1793, five miles away; William Bassett, 1799, at the Post; Andrew Fagot, 1798, at same place; Jean Baptiste Dernissee, on the river from 1800; Jacob Bright, Martin Serrano and Peter Jordalles all had possessions near the Post dating back to 1795, while John Lavergne, one mile north, antedated them two years.

    In the same category were Jean Lavale, Pierre Pertuis, Alexis and Jean Jardales. About two miles from the Post on farms antedating 1800 lived Christian Pringle, Francis Gimblet, John Hadsell and George Leard.  John B. Cathoit moved to the neighborhood six miles northeast in 1803 and in the same year John B. Minard settled on the bay below the village. George Kepleron the lake, with Christopher Coffman above and Lavergne below him; in 1803 Pierre Perti lived three miles east and in thesame year Charles Bogy on River Grues.

    In 1802 John B.Dardenne was found on the river above the Post; Madame Francis Valliere had a farm in 1802 and two miles below the Post lived Etienne Vasseau, in the same vicinity as lived Baptiste Placide. Near the Post Mary Dernisseau had possession in1802, and contemporary with her was Christopher Kaufman on Kaufman's bayou.  (The spelling is Coffman at one place, and Kaufman at another.)  Of about the same time was John Languies, while in the year before James Davis, Samuel Brown and George Duval settled on Crow Creek.  Raphael Brinsbeck had lived two miles east of the Post since 1793, while Francis Vasseau for the same time had lived on the river.

    Four miles below, Jacob Goris, 1793; five miles out, Elisha Winter, 1799; and Anthony Wolfe, 1796; six miles out, Michael LaCourse, 1796; four miles below, Joseph Bogy, 1792, and Elizabeth Pertuis, 1792. Fifty miles up the river lived Michael Bonne, from 1801, and fifty leagues above was the home of Louis P. Levy, 1801; thirty miles above lived Peter Dervsier, 1800.
    --  "The Arkansas River," All Arkansas History and Pioneers,


  • 1. Grand Prairie Historical Society Bulletin

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