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Mary Frances BELL6,1,6,7,2,3,4

about 18621,2,3,4 - 19341,5

Life History

about 1862

Born in South Carolina.1,2,3,4

1st Feb 1879

Married George Bartley CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.26,4

31st Mar 1880

Birth of son Howard Samuel CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.8,2,6,9,4,10,11,12

3rd Dec 1883

Birth of daughter Emma J CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6

27th Dec 1885

Birth of son Clyde Henry CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.7,13,6

22nd May 1888

Death of daughter Emma J CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.6

23rd May 1888

Birth of son George Carl CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.8,7,12,6,14,15

10th Nov 1890

Birth of son J Thomas CHRISTIAN in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.8,12,16,7,17,6,18,19

24th Apr 1893

Birth of daughter Ruby Lee CHRISTIAN in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.1,20,5,21,16,22

28th Jul 1896

Birth of daughter Sybil CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.21,7,23,24

22nd Jun 1899

Birth of son John William Clemeit CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.8,2,21,9,16,12

about 1903

Birth of daughter Mary Odessa CHRISTIAN in Bryan's Mill, Cass, Texas.2,21

8th Jun 1904

Death of George Bartley CHRISTIAN in Cass County, Texas.25,6


Died in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.1,5


  • 1880 Census, Cass County, Texas, 10 July, Precinct 3, page 59, Hse/Fam #559
    Christian, Bart  W M 23 Farmer MS England MS [b abt 1857]
    Christian, Francis [Frances?]  W F 18 Wife  Keeps House  SC SC SC
    Christian, Samuel  W M 3 months, born in Feb 1880 (census date was June) Son TX MS SC
    Christian, Peter  W M 9 Brother TX England MS

    In the 1900 census Francs is listed under her first name Mary.  LIkewise her husband George Bartley, who normally goes by Bartley or Bart.  Note also that the enumerator has George Bartley's middle initial as D.

    1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 9 June, Precinct 3, District 22, page 8B,  Hse/Fam #135
    Christian, George D [should be B for Bartley] Head  W M July 1853 46 Married 22 years MS England Ala Farmer Owns
    Christian, Mary Wife W F Apr 1863 37 Married 22 yrs 9 children/8 living GA GA GA
    Christian, Howard Son W M Mch 1880 20 Single Farm Laborer TX MS GA
    Christian, Clyde Son W M Dec 1886 13 Single Farm Laborer TX MS GA
    Christian, Carl Son W M Oct 1888 11 At School TX MS GA [reported as a Dau in 1910]
    Christian, Thomas Son W M Oct 1890 9 TX MS GA
    Christian, Reuben Son W M Sept 1892 7 TX MS GA [Matches later dau Ruby 1910-1930]
    Christian, Siver [Sybil] Dau W F May 1895  5 Single TX MS GA
    Christian, John Son W M June 1899  1 Single TX MS GA

    The child whose name looks like Siver must be the same child called Sybil in the 1910 census, when the widowed Mary Christian appears in Abilene, Texas with her children.  We know Mary's daughter Ruby married Walter Watson in Abilene.  Walter registered for the WWI draft in Abilene, reporting a wife and 2 children.  They are all later in Phoenix, Arizona.  No name for Ruby appears in the 1900, where she appears as a son named Reuben.  The daughter names Siver is 5 in 1900.  In 1910 Ruby is reported as 17, making birth about 1893, matching Reuben.

    Howard on the 1900 census list matches Samuel in the 1880 census.  Howard is also later in the family group in Phoenix.  The report of children born and living shows one child has died.  This child appears in a Find a Grave memorial and in some genealogies as Emma J, born 1883 and died 1888.

    Mary's husband Bartley died in 1904.  Mary is a widowed head of household in the 1910 census enumeration.

    1910 Federal Census, Taylor County, Texas, 22 April, Abilene Ward 1, District 164, Sheet 11B, 725 Pecan St, Hse #216, Fam #219
    Christian, Mary Head F W 47 Widow 9 children/8 living SC SC SC No Occup Renting
    Christian, Carl Dau F W [should be Son M W ] 21 Single TX MS SC [Matches Carl, Son in 1900]
    Christian, Ruby F W Dau 17 Single TX MS SC [Matches Reuben, Son in 1900]
    Christian, Sybil F W Dau 13 Single TX MS SC [cf "Siver" age 5 in 1900, b abt 1895]
    Christian, William M W Son 11 Single TX MS SC
    Christian, Odessa F W Dau F W 7 Single TX MS SC
    Dyar, Jimmie Nephew 14 Single TX SC SC

    Until I found the 1910 census, which was diligently hiding from me, I thought "Siver" must somehow be Ruby Lee shown in the genealogies.  But Ruby and Sybil are both listed in the 1910 census.  Due to the phonetic similarity of Siver to Sybil, this clarified that name in the 1900 census as Sybil. Further comparisons revealed that Reuben, the son of 1900, matched Ruby in 1910 and later.  So in 1900 Reuben was Ruby, and Siver was Sybil.

    Genealogies I have seen have only Ruby Lee.  And all genealogies I have seen lack the 1910 census for this family.  So I think they have also combined "Siver" and Ruby Lee, leaving out Sybil.  Many reference only 1 census, so they do not have the whole picture.  I have not found Sybil after 1910.

    In 1910, the child reported in the Ancestry transcription as daughter Corah matches the son Carl of 1900.  The actual name written there is Carl.  The transcription is wrong, but that child was reported as a daughter.  I have confirmed Carl in later records as George Carl.  It looks like a similar thing happened in reverse with Ruby, who matches the Son "Reuben" reported in the 1900 census.

    In 1920 the family shows up in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mary Frances and her younger children William and Mary are in a household enumerated with her oldest son Howard as Head of the Household.  They are living in an area called Alkire, while her daughter Mary Watson is in Phoenix proper.

    1920 Federal Census, Maricopa County, Arizona, 15 January, Alkire Precinct 56, District 134, Page 11A, 1743 Grant St, Hse #220, Fam #231
    Christian, Howard Head Owns Free & Clear M W 38 TX MS SC House Carpenter
    Christian, Mary F Mother F W 57 Widow SC GA GA
    Christian, William Brother M W 20 Single TX MS SC Farm Laborer
    Christian, Mary Sister F W 17 Single TX MS SC

    In 1930, Mary Frances is enumerated in her daughter's household.

    1930 Federal Census, Maricopa County, Arizona, 4 April, Phoenix, District 8, page 4B, 136 N 6th St, Hse #99, Fam #110
    Watson, Walter E Head Rents $30 Has no Radio M W 40 Married at 20 TX US US Repairer [?], Dell Hospital
    Watson, Ruby Wife F W 36 Married at 16 [mar abt 1910] TX MS SC [b abt 1894]
    Watson, Clifton Son M W 18 TX TX TX [b abt 1912]
    Watson, Mary L Dau F W 14 TX TX TX
    Watson, Effie Dau F W 10 AZ TX TX [born after the 1920 census in Phoenix,]
    Christian, Mary F Mother[-in-law] F W 67 SC GA GA [b abt 1863]

    From the birth information for Mary and Effie we can tell they moved to Phoenix between 1916 and 1920.  It was actually between 1918 and 1920, because Ruby's husband Walter registered for the WWI draft in Abilene, Texas while they were still living there.  In 1910, Ruby was in Abilene with her mother and siblings.  By 1918, they had two children reported as dependents by Walter in his registration.

    Some genealogies report that Mary Frances died in Phoenix in 1934, but I have seen none that have any documentation.  I have not found a record.


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