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Lucretia FRANKLIN2,3,6,7

also known as CREASY4

also known as CRESSA5

also known as CREORY5

17501,2,3 - after 17942

Life History


Born in Pendleton District, South Carolina.1,2,3


Birth of son Henry GREEN in South Carolina.8,9

about 1770

Married Meshack W GREEN in South Carolina.6,6


Birth of daughter Elizabeth GREEN.2


Birth of son Thomas Ross GREEN in North Carolina.2,3,6,10

about 1781

Birth of son Daniel John GREEN in Pendleton District, South Carolina.11,12,13,14,15,16


Birth of son John GREEN in Rocky River, Pendleton, South Carolina.17,18

about 1785

Birth of daughter Francy GREEN in South Carolina.16

about 1794

Birth of daughter Mary GREEN in Pendleton District, South Caroilina.19

after 1794

Died in Pendleton District, South Carolina.2


  • "Isom Franklin is living in Greenville SC in the late 1700's.  His land is well into Cherokee territory, and is associated with Henry Sizemore, Meschack Green, Gardner Green, Thomas Franklin, and Ephraim Franklin.  I believe Isom's daughter to be Lucretia Franklin that married Meshack Green."  (Troy Sims is a genealogical researcher on the Green familiy line among the various Native American tribes of Virginia and the Caroinas, and a descendant of Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin of Pendleton District, South Carolina.)
    --  Troy Sims, Ancestry Discussion Group, 22 September 2011

    The early Ancestry One World Tree (requires subscription) represents several genealogies with various information on Lucretia and her family.

    One Ancestry Trees, compiled by Jess Headley, reports on the parents of John Green.

    John Green b  1784
    Father Meshack GREEN b: 1720
    Mother Lucretia FRANKLIN b: ABT 1755
    --  Jess Headley,

    Different sources associate Lucretia's birth with either Guilford County, North Carolina, or Pendleton/Anderson County, South Carolina.  Anderson County was one of the counties formed out of the old, larger Pendleton District, but not until 1826. Pendleton District would be the place of birth, as well as the place of death.

    I found a reference to a Lucretia Franklin born in 1750 in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index that is close to the other reports of Lucretia's birth date.  But this appears to come from a source in Boston.  This might indicate that Lucretia, or her family, originally came from Boston.  The birth place is not given in this information.  This source reports other Franklins as born in South Carolina.

    American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
    Lucretia Franklin
    Birth Date 1750
    Reference:  Genealogical Column of the " Boston Transcript" 1906-1941. (The greatest single source of material for genealogical data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index): 10 Dec 1924, 2492; 13 Apr 1925, 2900, Volume 58, Page 46

    In the will of Meshack W Green, written 19 March 1798 and probated 24 January 1799, the transcription spells his wife's name as Creory.  This could be a misreading of the name (nickname) Creasy on the handwritten marriage certificate.  No marriage date is given there, but birth places of the two are Meshack SC and Creasy (with no last name) NC.  This marriage certificate also gives a nickname or alternate name for Creory as Cressa.  These are all obvious nickname short forms of Lucretia.

    Various sources have quite varying dates of birth for Lucretia Franklin, wife of Meshack Green.  Ranges vary from 1706-1775! Though the name is the same, the information obviously represents two or three generations of persons.  Some sources indicate Creasy was Cherokee or part Cherokee.  Details are hard to get.  Substantial reference is also found to the claim that Meshack Green was Cherokee or part Cherokee.  Green is a big name among Eastern Cherokees, I am told.  There is indication of some connection to the Gardner Green line in Indiana.

    A descendant, Sheri Horton, contributed these family comments:
    "Regarding Meshack Greene m Creasy (Franklin ?) Daughter Nancy Anne Greene married Jonathan Horton son of Abraham and Martha Brissels Horton.  Jonathan of Quaker faith was excommunicated from the church for marrying out of the faith leading me to believe that my gggggrandmother Nancy Anne Greene was of Cherokee descent.  Jonathan and Nancy's son John married Susan Grider and the family moved to Washington Co Mo.  John, a soldier in war of 1812, had a land grant.  The family remains in the Washington and surrounding counties."
    --  Sheri Horton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 19 October 2010

    Sheri continued working along various lines for more information about the Cherokee connection.  In May 2014, I got a note from Sheri celebrating her discovery of finding documentary evidence of Meshack and his wife being fullblood Cherokee.

    "I just got my card from the Northern Cherokee Nation for proving John Horton, wife Nancy Anne Green daughter of Meshack Green(e) . I found therm on the Emigration rolls of 1817-1835 That Meshack, Creasy, and Nancy Anne were full Cherokee!  Happy Happy Happy Dance !!!!!  They are recognised by the state of Missouri and are working on Federal recognition."
    --  Sheri Horton, Ancestry Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 10 May 2014

    Thanks to Keith Henderson of Alabama for finding Meshack's will.  His information come to me from a distant cousin, Glenda Pool, through another cousin Butch Mixon, both working on this and related family lines.

    Wife Creasy Green
    Sons Thomas Green, Daniel Green, Henry Green, Joney Green, John Green
    Daughters Nancy Green
    Other Heirs John Caldwell [Cadwell], Elizabeth Smith, Issac Horton
    Land Location  waters of Coxes' Creek
    Executors wife Creasy Green, son Thomas Green
    Witnesses George Anderson, Lemiel Thomason, Moley Anderson
    Date 19 Mar 1798. Probate 24 Jan. 1799
    Recorded 24 Jan 1799, Bk.C, p 151, Roll 242
    Anderson County, South Carolina

    A A Smith adds some detail and corrects the transcription of John Cadwell's name from her copy of the original handwritten will.

    "Meshack Green's will:  Meshack Green gave land to John Cadwell, not Caldwell in Pend. Dist. SC. My John Cadwell was living there in 1800 close to Creasy Green. John and his wife, Mary, moved to Christian Co. KY in 1806 (tax list). John and Mary had children: William, b 1790 NC, Daniel, b 1794 NC, Moses, b 1796 NC, John G., b 1800 SC, Nancy, b 1802 SC, Chloe, b 1804 SC, Sally, b 1806, Jane, b 1808. Their daughter, Nancy Cadwell, married John Kesterson in Christian Co. KY in 1819. They had a son, Harvey W. Kesterson, who married Charlotte Casteel in Pike Co. IL. They were living in the Cherokee Nation in 1860. We believe there was Indian blood in both the Cadwell and Kesterson families. Kestersons were from Northumberland Co. VA to Fauquier Co. VA to Green Co. TN to Christian/Caldwell Co. KY to Pike Co. IL. I just wonder if Mary was a Green (John Cadwell's wife)."
    --  A A Smith ( aasmith589), Comment on, 4 July 2014

    Dates provided by Glenda Pool and some other genealogies are too late to account for the reported birth dates of some of the children.  There is a great discrepancy in reported dates of birth and marriage for Meshack and Lucretia Green.  I have rationalized and adjusted the dates showing in my genealogy to some extent, based on analysis of the conflicting sources I have found.

    None of these sources have parents for either Meshack or Lucretia.  Some of these state that one or both of them are full-blood Cherokees.  One source states that one of their sons is a full-blood Cherokee (but lacks full information on all the children), which would mean they both had to be full-blood.

    But few of these genealogies provide full sourcing information, which makes them generally unreliable.  The internal consistency and amount of total detail then becomes a major factor in determining possibilities.  Why can't people tell you where they get their information?


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