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Desirée PINOT

Desirée PINOT3,1,2,4

about 18253,2,4 - about 18585,2

Life History

about 1825

Born in Arkansas.3,2,4

about 1848

Married Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3

Nov 1849

Birth of daughter Mary Francis DUMOND in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,6,7

Aug 1852

Birth of daughter Thérèse Ann DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,6,8,9,10,11

about 1858

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,2

about 1858

Buried in Saint Peters Cemetery, New Gascony, Jefferson County, Arkansas.1,2


  • In 1840, there is a Pinot family living a few doors down from the Dumont family, which appears to be the family of Desirée.  The head of household is Peter Pinot, age 40-50.  Females in the household include 1 under 5, 1 10-15 and 1 30-40.

    The latter would be his wife.  (Being French, as most of the settlers were in this former French province, his proper name would have been Pierre, written in the English form Peter in the American census record.)

    Desirée would be the oldest daughter.  We can determine this from the census information in 1860, where she is married to Caliste, and her age is given as 25.  This means she was born in 1825.  That would make her 15 in 1840, matching the entry for the oldest Pinot daughter.

    Caliste's older brother Pierre (Peter) also married a Pinot, Mary Pinot, in 1844.  There is no older Pinot daughter in this household in 1840.  Perhaps Mary was a cousin of Desirée.  The younger daughter of Peter Pinot would be only 9 years old at most in 1844.

    1840 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Arkansas Township, p 2
    Peter Pinot  1 Male Under 5  2 Males 5-10  1 Male 40-50 [Peter]
    1 Females Under 5  1 Female 10-15 [Desirée]  1 Female 30-40

    The Flynn genealogy has limited information but reports Desirée's parents.  Thanks to Timothy Merle Flynn for finding the Arkansas Gazette record of their marriage.

    Amelia Brinsbac
    Birth/Death Unknown
    Marriage to Pierre Pinot (Birth/Death Unknown)
    26 Aug 1824 Arkansas County, Arkansas, Arkansas Gazette newspaper, Tuesday, September 07, 1824
    Daughter Desire Pinot, Birth Abt 1825 in Arkansas, Death 1860 in Jefferson, Jefferson, Arkansas
    --  Flynn Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11836907/person/5063681275

    Note that this genealogy reports that Desirée Pinot Dumont died in 1860 in Jefferson, Jefferson County, Arkansas.  This seems to be an error.  We know from records that Caliste Dumond married his second wife Sarah Haga 8 May 1859, in Arkansas County.  This would have been after Desirée died.  So Desirée died probably in 1858.  They appear to have been living near Arkansas Post at the time.

    I have no information that would put them as far east as the Jefferson Community (on current Hwy 365) or Jefferson Township in Jefferson County, near Pine Bluff.  Caliste's land grants were in Arkansas and Desha Counties (Desha is south of Arkansas County).  But we do know that Desirée was buried in a cemetery in northern Jefferson County (see below).  I am not certain where the old county boundaries ran at that time or exactly where they were living at that time.

    In 1850, we find Desirée married to Caliste Dumond, living next door to Caliste's mother Felicity (Félicité).  Their location is now shown as Chester Township of Desha County.  Names around them have changed, so it appears they have moved to a different location, not just had a change of name due to administrative divisions of the county.

    1850 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 1 November, Chester Township, page 71 (141), Hse/Fam #268
    Calist Dumond 24 M Farmer $1000 Real Estate  born Arkansas
    Desira [Desirée] Dumond 25 F born Arkansas
    Mary Dumond 11 months F born Arkansas

    Genealogies tell us the full name of this daughter is Mary Francis.  After this census Desirée will bear one more daughter, Thérèse Ann, or Teresa Ann in English, about 1852, before she passes away sometime before 1859, the year when Caliste marries his second wife Sarah Haga.

    Desirée is buried in the St Peters Cemetery in Old Bogy Township of Jefferson County, Arkansas.  The entry in the cemetery list is incorrect.

    Burial Abt. 1858
    "Dumond, Desera ?  4-29-1863 Caliste"
    [Error added by compiler.  Date here is Caliste's death; Desirée died about 1858, after which Caliste married Sarah Haga,]
    --  Saint Peters Cemetery, Jefferson County, Arkansas, http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arjeffer/st_peters_cemetery.htm

    The entry is confusing, since the one date here is in the place that should designate Desirée's death, but is the date given in genealogies for Caliste's death.  I discovered that this was an addition by compilers of the list.  A photo of the gravestone appears on Arkansas Gravestones.  There is no date on her gravestone.  Here is the link to the grave photo on Arkansas Gravetones.
    --  http://arkansasgravestones.org/view.php?id=424631

    The stone has no dates, only her name and "wife of Dumond."

    Wife of

    In the 1860 census, Caliste's wife is Sarah Haga, and their marriage took place on 8 May 1859.  Desirée died before this date.  We report about 1858.  But it could have been earlier.  Her last child Thérèse (Theresa or Teresa) was born in 1852.  Being French Catholic, it is extremely unlikely that they would have divorced.

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3-4 September, Old River Township, PO Swan Lake, page 96, Hse #757, Fam #701
    Dumond, Calist M 35 Farmer  No Real Estate $1000 Personal Estate born Arkansas
    Dumond, Sarah M  F 24 born Tennessee
    Dumond, Mary F 10 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Toresa  F 8 born Arkansas
    Dumond, Edward C  [Son] 8 months born Arkansas [born January 1860]

    A memorial posted for Desirée on Find a Grave has a photo of her gravestone, but the memorial manager had unfortunately picked up the error of the death date from the St Peters Cemetery list cited above, and reports Caliste's date of death for Desirée (spelled Desira on the stone).  A correction was sent to the memorial on 4 June 2015, with an explanation and other updates.  After my updates were submitted, the manager of the memorial added much of the information from sources that I have here in Desiré's Notes.

    The revised memorial now reports her birth date as 1825, the approximate date we proposed, but changed the date of death to Unknown, rather than our proposed date of about 1858, based on other known facts, including Caliste's marriage to Sarah Haga in 1859.  They added additional information on the famlily as well.  The revised memorial is presented here.

    Desera Pinot Dumond
    Birth [abt] 1825
    Death Unknown  [Desirée died about 1858]
    Inscription:  "Spouse of Caliste"
    Spouse Caliste Dumond (1825 - 1863)
    Daughter of:
    Pierre Pinot (1800 - ____)
    Amelia Brinsback Pinot (1804 - 1859)

    Married to Caliste Dumond around 1848.

    Caliste and Desera were the parents of:
    Mary Frances Dumond Wells (15 Jan 1850)
    Therese Ann Dumond Harris (21 Aug 1852)

    Desera died before April 1859.

    [Records included in above Notes have been eliminated to limit length]

    [Daughter Mary's marriage record]

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    John Wells
    Age 23, Birth Year abt 1842
    Spouse's Name Mary Dumond
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 18
    Marriage 21 Nov 1865 Jefferson County

    Burial Saint Peters Cemetery, Jefferson County, Arkansas
    Created by 4losthistory Feb 16, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #48221820, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Dumond&GSiman=1&GSst=4&GRid=48221820&


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