Joseph TERRY Lewis TERRY Nancy L DALTON Joseph TERRY Judith CRAWFORD Mini tree diagram

Thomas TERRY1,4,2,3

17321,2,3 - 18044,4,3

Life History


Born in Virginia.1,2,3


Birth of son Lewis TERRY in South Carolina.5,6,7


Died in Louisa County, Virginia.4,4,3

Other facts


Married Nancy L DALTON in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.2


  • Family information handed down in one of the Terry lines gives us some info on the family of Lewis Terry.  Jacque Watkins reports on information she received from Terry descendants in a cousin line of my grandmother Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins.

    "... Don Johnston, and whenever I talked with him, he was matter of fact that his information was a true account from his wife's family. He stated that:
    Lewis Terry's parents: Thomas Terry (1732-1818) and Nancy Dalton (daughter of Robert Dalton and Mary Key). Thomas Terry was the son of Joseph Terry and Judith Crawford (daughter of David Crawford and Ann Anderson). Also, marriage date for Lewis and Constance 1809 in Greenville, South Carolina."
    --  Jacque Watkins, email correspondence to Orville Boyd Jenkins, September 2008

    Despite Don's certainty about this information, I can find no record of a marriage of Ann Anderson to Captain David Crawford, and details are well documented of his marriage to Elizabeth Smith in 1695.  Records report Elizabeth Smith was born in 1665 and died in 1767, which is not very likely.  (She would have been 102.)  Since David is reported to have married Ann Anderson in 1727, I suspect that there has been a transcription error, with 1767 being substituted for 1727, matching the year David married Ann.  (All I have seen are compilation transcriptions, not the original record books.)

    Even so, Ann was not the mother, but the stepmother, of Judith Crawford.  The documented dates and relationships indicate the Judith's mother was Elizabeth Smith.  Ann was not even born until 1708, while Judith was born in 1705!  Even sources reporting Ann as Judith's mother have these dates!  It makes you wonder!

    Some other family genealogies provide some details about Thomas Terry, father of Lewis (Louis) Terry.

    Thomas Terry
    Birth 1732 in Virginia
    Death 1818 in Bedford, Virginia
    Wife Nancy L Dalton Birth 1755
    --  Ramsey,

    Thomas Terry
    Birth 1732 in Virginia
    Death 1818 in Bedford, Virginia
    Joseph Terry 1714-1785
    Judith Crawford 1705-1784
    Marriage 25 Nov 1785 Pittsylvania, Virginia, to Nancy Dalton b 1755
    Son Louis Terry 1770-1851
    --  Hale Family,

    The death date of Thoams Terry is also in quesiton.  A historical compilation reports his death in 1804.  What looks like his will was proved in 1804.  The difference in county indicates that there were two Thomas Terrys confused here, one in Hanvoer and one in Fluvanna and Louisa Counties.  County names changed in that era, so that needs ot be checked.

    "OUR Thomas Terry born 1732 Hanover Co. Died 8 Oct 1804 Louisa Co.Revolutionary #S 7700, soldier of the Continental Line. Served under John Peyton's 3rd Va. Regiment.  DAR Patriot Index page 671 lists Thomas and wife Ann.  Thomas's will was of Fluvanna County but Proved in Louisa Co in 1804."
    --  Terry Family History,


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